so if the castor clones are like the Leda clones brothers then not only was the thing w Krystal in the first episode like inbred af but Gracie is not only pregnant with her fathers child but she was also like married to its uncle. So that babies like her child, her sibling and her niece/nephew all rolled into one wth???

Age of Ultron character summary:
  • Ultron:great voice absolutely pointless lip motion extra points for quoting the bible
  • Clint:yes that is what hawkeye is woohoo
  • Clint's wife:cheese with extra cheese and cheese on toast cheesy fries
  • Steve:none of that bullshit from the other avengers movie, finally resembling character from own movies
  • Tony:yes good argue with steve 24/7 but where is the love afterwards more steve love besties 5ever
  • Thor:gold star for hitting up old science friend and taking responsibility while keeping it real
  • Bruce:is leonard hofstadter from big bang theory for absoluetly no reason haha the dork that chicks dig hahaha actual anime protagonist falling right onto black widow's cleavage
  • Natasha:any katherine heigl movie character
  • Wanda Maximoff:angel
  • Pietro Maximoff:too hot hot damn. irresistable post-soviet oligarch sportswear swag with matching accent. also very much alive through sheer amazingness
  • Maria Hill:quality. coughing "testosterone" alone deserves a clapback

fun fact: the whole concept of lighting design needing to not overshadow other design elements and “it fails if people notice/comment on it” first came to be because the first lighting designer was a woman that knew the importance of getting the job done real well while not overshadowing or drawing attention from the other aspects

so like the whole concept of lighting design in theatre is literally based off how women have to be really awesome but cant overshadow dudes w/o hurting their feelings

I said I wouldn’t but then I did… :/ cinnamonskull

Eren always asks the kids to take off their shoes at the door. Levi would never do so in his own home (the memory of a cockroach running over his foot in the middle of the night is still burned into his skin). For the Jaeger home, however, Levi will make an exception. He slips off his sandals and places them next to Izzy’s and then he notices the large running sneakers next to him. 

“Whoa, your Dad has big feet,” he observes aloud, lining his heel up next to it.

“Yeah well, you know what they say about men with big feet,” Eren says coming around the corner and surprising Levi. 

Then the realization of what Eren has said slowly occurs to him and heat pools in his belly as contemplates what else might be large. He feels his cheeks flush as he takes a hesitant step forward.

“No, Eren, what do they say about men with big feet?” he asks, tilting his pointed chin up, lips parted slightly.

“Big shoes!” Eren finishes brightly and beams, leaving to finish drying dishes.

Levi scowls.

Later that night he can’t stop thinking about the sheer size of Eren. Big feet means big hands. The thought of someone with those large hands wrapping them around his waist and pawing at his chest, gripping his chin to kiss him, has Levi a little weak in the knees. 

He imagines Eren running those hands down his thigh, caressing his calves, and rubbing his thumb against the arch of Levi’s foot before carefully taking his toes in his swollen mouth. Levi can feel how hot his mouth is against him and he squirms as Eren’s tongue tickles him and then there’s a different kind of searing heat as Eren presses into him and–

“Damnit!” he mutters, shooting upright as he wakes.

He’s made a mess in Izzy’s Tangled sleeping bag. 

Embarrassed, he sneaks down to the Jaeger’s laundry room. He’s just finished adding detergent when a light flicks on

“Shit, shit,” he hides grabbing a towel to cover himself.

Eren looks from Levi to the washing machine and wordlessly pulls out a clean shirt from the dryer. Levi tugs it on avoiding eye contact out of sheer mortification. It hangs on him, the hem reaching mid-thigh.

“Why don’t you head back up to bed?” Eren suggests. “I’ll get these in the dryer for you.

He never asks any questions, he just takes control and Levi pads quietly up the stairs, holding the borrowed shirt to his nose. It’s clean and it smells like Eren.

Jemma jumping out of a plane so her friends and colleagues did not die was brave.

Jemma taking the brunt of the grenade with the dude in 1.11 was brave (especially as she didn’t know it wasn’t an actual will kill you grenade instead of a paralyses grenade).

Jemma at the Hub when Hydra rose was brave.

Jemma saving Fitz’s life was brave.

Jemma infiltrating Hydra, while fully aware that her lying skills were not good, was brave.

So why do people use Jemma threatening Ward, who was handcuffed and on his way to a life sentence if not the death penalty, as her being brave?