“It’s not like it’s my job to keep people entertained with the Meowth, but eh…they seem to like the company. It’s kind of different seeing as all I get is either Team Skull or ten year olds.”


“…Everyone get off my property, immediately–”

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@caitthepiemaker and I have been talking about Bitty’s love for Thanksgiving and how y’all need to cool it with these ‘it’s practically Christmas’ posts because Y’ALL.


  • like I get there’s the whole commercialism thing and maybe in other regions it’s being phased out? But in the South that’s not part of your Thanksgiving really?
  • it’s food and family and making recipes written down on index cards that get pulled out of the tin once a year
  • it’s telling stories about Thanksgivings Past even though you tell the same story every year. 
    • “do you remember when the collard greens in the pressure cooker exploded and ended up on the ceiling?”
    • “Don’t let cousin Jo touch the biscuits. You remember the Baking Soda Fisasco of ‘09”
    • “Remember the time that woman promised to bring the turkey and turned it into a casserole– bless her heart– and you had to drive all the way to Athens to find a Walmart open and convince them to sell you just the turkey from their pre-cooked meals?” 
    • ((True stories from my fam))
  • So when Bitty goes to college he has planned for this from the very beginning. Freshman year was an improvised turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and fetta cheese, but after he moves into the Haus there’s nothing to hold him back.

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okay but twilight is so underappreciated like all the cullen’s back stories about when/before they were vampires way before bella’s time are amazing and all the wolves legends are too like why can’t people see it’s more than just a romance and it’s also about bella figuring out her purpose in life because honestly that’s more what it is than anything else.. bella finding her own personal worth apart from taking care of her mom or even finding love

okay but i love that au where two people have to share a bed and they’re like ‘haha totally platonic!’ because wendy moira angela darling is such a cuddler. doesn’t matter if she starts out on the opposite side of the bed, by morning she’ll be snuggled into the other person’s side because at some point in the night her subconcious was like ‘this thing is warm and i want to curl into it’ and surprise wendy that Warm Thing was another person whoops


Okay so I lived next door to this band since I was like 2 and when I was 7 or 8 i saw them because they came to our house for my sisters party and these two guys had GIANT ASS FUCKING MOHAWKS one was red and the other was black and I thought it was cool because those were my favourite colors..And there were a lot of adults and even other teenagers that we’re looking at these guys like they were terrifying!! And I didn’t think anything of it, I thought they were pretty cool and I wanted a cool leather jacket like theirs too! (And little fact you should know, I had just learned to braid hair the day before and I wanted to practice.) So I went up to these guys with no hesitation, (Little me in my purple dress that I like never took off in pigtails) and asked ‘can I braid your hair?’ AND THEY SAID 'OF COURSE SWEETHEART!’ And they both got a cup of water and poured it on their hair and say down right in front of my with their backs turned. AND THEY FUCKING LET ME BRAID THEIR HAIR!! No not separately BUT I BRAIDED THEIR HAIR FUCKING TOGETHER BECAUSE I LOVE RED AND BLACK and they just sat there and didn’t even complain… Even when I messed up a few times…. Or got distracted by the spikes on their vest and jacket. AND WHEN I WAS DONE I WAS SO HAPPY!! (I did it three times and the last one they were done separately) AND THEN I WENT IN FRONT OF THEM AND SAT DOWN RIGHT BESIDE THEM AND GAVE THEM A BIG HUG! And then the guy with red hair asked me 'do you want me to braid your hair?’ AND I SAID YES AND HE BRAIDED MY HAIR LIKE PERFECTLY!!! But after that the guy with the black hair said 'do you want something cooler?’ And I said sure ….. AND HE GAVE ME A MOHAWK WITH BRAIDS ON THE SIDE!!! And then we walked around the party when I was on the red haired guys shoulders and it was awesome. Oh and he let me wear his cool spiked vest he had on.
And now every time I pass by their house and they are outside I yell 'CAN I BRAID YOUR HAIR?!?!!!’ And they yell back 'ONLY IF YOU GET ANOTHER MOWHAWK!’

So yeah I had a pretty punk rock childhood memory

Calfreezy imagine

Fluffy freezy imagine

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“Hey guys it’s y/n and today I am joined by my boyfriend, Cal!” I did my intro to the YouTube video I was recording.

“Hi guys” Cal said waving.

“What are we doing today babe?” I rhetorically asked, since I already knew.

“We will be doing those cliché couple compatibility tests!” He mocked enthusiasm and I rolled my eyes.

“It’s basically like the newlywed game where there are questions and you answer for the other person.” I explained, grabbing my whiteboard and marker.

I was sat to Cal’s left, since he’s right handed and I’m left handed. (True story.)

“Okay so first question: favorite place to be kissed.” I read out, wiggling my eyebrows at Cal.

We wrote our answers down and then he guessed first.

“I said nose.” He said.

“You’re correct.” I said and he leaned over kissing my nose.

“You’re cute, I said corner of mouth/cheek.” I showed him the board.

“That’s right, now please demonstrate for the people who don’t know what you’re talking about.” I kissed the corner of his mouth and he turned to kiss my lips.

“Can we finish this later?” He asked.

“Sure.” I reached up to shut off my camera.

He pulled me to sit closer to him and kissed my nose repeatedly.

I kissed him back and we laughed together.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too Calsqueezy.” I said.

“Nope not anymore bye.” He stood up and left the room.

“Fine I’m going to hang out with Simon!” I called back.

“Hell no. Not that frisky fuckboy.” He came back and picked me up.

“I was joking.” I was full on laughing now.

“Good. You’re mine.” He kissed me.

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There was a sunflower sitting on my desk. When he turned around to look at me, he put his hand on the stem and crushed it. Alarmed, he looked at it and said, ‘I’m sorry!’
He said he was sorry. To the flower. He apologized to my flower for hurting it.
—  Writing Prompt 36
Story time..

So today I was at gymnastics and I usually train with people my age however some of the younger kids had a competition today so my team had a little girl around seven or eight training with us. Anyway so we were all quite hot so we stood outside. There were two women (a couple) holding hands walking down the street. This girl turned to me and said ‘I know what that is sometimes girls like girls and boys like boys and that’s fine. Did you know some people don’t like that? Like older people sometimes. That’s really sad because if any of my friends or family were gay I’d feel so lucky, because it means you’re really special and blessed by God’
I literally almost cried

Does it ever hit you like a punch to the gut that at any given time, any day or night of the week, anywhere in the world, there are people on tumblr blogging about the fact that they’ve seen love between these two boys??! People of different languages, different cultures and multitudes of backgrounds are talking about those two boys and how they believe their love to be true. It’s amazing if you truly think about it.

We all know the importance of her saying ‘the thing’. We know how much they have made Captain Swan parallel Snowing. What I really love about this scene, is how it’s literally putting Captain Swan in the forefront of the show now, with Snowing right there behind it.

I know some people have been unhappy with how Snowing was pushed to the background for Captain Swan. But I love how this is clearly honoring them.

The fact that Snowing was the first TRUE LOVE couple we were introduced to. They set the baseline, and the very high standards, for every True Love couple we’ve come across since. Their story has been told to us so that their daughter, and her path towards finding True Love, could follow in their footsteps.

This scene had Snowing giving their nod of approval after Rumple asks Emma if she’s sure about going to the Underworld to get Killian back. It has them walking behind her hand in hand, choreographically shot on either side of her, as she declares the very theme her parents introduced to us…

“If you love them and they love you, THEY WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU.”

Okay so here’s a story for sixpenceee. Not too scary or creepy but pretty weird.
We moved to the house we currently live in when I was in preschool (I’m now a sophomore in college). I HATED it. I cried constantly and said I wanted to go home, to which my dad always responded “this is your home.” My parents have told me that all of a sudden I stopped being so mad about living there. I told them I had a friend. I would sit under the kitchen table and seemingly laugh and talk to myself, and whenever my parents asked about it I would say I was talking to my friend. I don’t think i ever gave a name or anything I just remember that he was a boy. My sister was born a few months after we moved in, and we played with him together. Eventually we stopped, but I’m not sure why. My brother was born three years after my sister. I had forgotten all about the little boy by that time. Until one day I found my two siblings under the table, laughing at something. I asked them what they were laughing at and they told me their friend had told me a joke and I was really confused. I said something to my mom about it, who looked confused too. She told me I had done the same thing when I was younger, and when she asked them about what he looked like they have him the same description I had given her years ago. She had lived in the house with her parents and siblings before we had moved in, so she called her mom and asked her about it. And she said my moms younger siblings all had an imaginary friend they played under the table with as well. All fitting the same description. Different members of my family have been playing with the same ghost boy for over 30 years.