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sO I have some art that's coming along for OTI ( very slowly though because school and other things have been a bit) but,, it involved the one scene at Keiths apartment and one question for the scene: where exactly was Keith laying down and could he see lance out the couch? ( hopefully you enjoy it once it's actually finished ah,,)

oh my GOD im gonna die i just fucking know it

okay sO let me get out the handy dandy drawing of keith’s apartment for this. i’ll draw some stick men (colour coded, of course) to indicate these two dense boys.

they look like they’re dead and this is a crime scene holy shit. i never said i was good at drawing ok the actually good stuff is all bronwyn’s doing lmao

anyways, yeah bc the couch is lowered, keith could totally see him :)

the boy lives in a fucking pig sty ok (altho i’d like to imagine it was MARGINALLY cleaner when lance was over bc otherwise lance would have peaced tf out of there lmao). most of the mess in the picture is just to give you an idea of the disaster that is his place, so feel free to change it up however you please :)



Hanakotoba in RWBY

We’ve had two very significant flowers in this weeks episode. Namely the Kuchinashi (gardenia) and the Kuroyuri (basically a black lily)

Many are now searching for their meaning and possible hints for the next episode in those flowers and I felt like I should put this together as a bit of an over view and what my theory is. 

Note: I think it is important to point out that RWBY also plays heavily into colour symbolism so I will get into that as well. 

First the Kuchinashi:

In Hanakotoba it means “Secret Love”. It’s primarily white with a yellow center. Kuchinashi can also be translated as “no mouth”, or more loosely “unspoken”. 

Knowing RT the next episode will be focused on romance, probably sinking one ship and supporting another. For this, keep the colouring in mind. 

Ren and Nora are headed that way.

Then Kuroyuri:

In Hanakotoba this flower means “Love, Curse”. It’s a lily but unlike the more widely known white lily it’s purple with a yellow and green center. 

Jaune, Ruby and Qrow are headed this was.

As I said, Chapter 10 will probably focus on romance, so again I find the choice of flower interesting. Not even just for the names but for the colours as well.

I would also like to point out that Ren’s motive is the Lotus. In Hanakotoba this flower means “far from the one he loves” and also symbolizes Purity and Chastity. The first is most important for this.

First, Kuchinashi. We know for a fact that there is one secret love in this team, namely Nora’s crush on Ren. It’s been around since Volume 1 and has fueled an incredibly popular ship in the FNDM. Only, Nora’s oh so secret love isn’t particularly secret anymore. Even someone as oblivious as Jaune has picked up on it. So I don’t think it’s actually about her, but about Ren. Again, note the colour of the gardenia.

Kuroyuri is also an interesting one because “curse” can and probably does in a way reference Qrow and his Misfortune Semblance. He brings those around him bad luck so it wouldn’t be strange if he views himself as a curse. And that this “curse” could have some bad consequences for Ruby and Jaune. 

It could also reference Jaune and how he views his loss of Pyrrha. He finally found someone who believes in him, who supports him, who loves him for who he is and as soon as he realizes this…she dies. This must feel like a curse to him. Not to mention that Weiss, who he had a crush on first, a) rejected him repeatedly and b) was taken away around the same time Pyrrha died. Double whammy.

But at the same time Kuroyuri also means “Love”. And again, keep the colour in mind. 

So, in Chapter 9 Team RNJR separate, which sets up a whole new story line with these two groups. A story line, if I wrote it, that would combine all three flowers mentioned here. The gardenia, the black lily, and the lotus. 

Ren is on his way to a village named after the gardenia, which symbolizes “Secret Love” and is white with yellow. Jaune is represented by white and yellow.

Jaune is on his way to a village named after the black lily, which symbolizes “Love” as well as “Curse”. Jaune’s love live appears pretty damn cursed. The Kuroyuri is purple with a touch of green. Ren’s eye and hair colour has been toned down to a more purplish hue than the former bright pink and he wears green. (Note, purple could also reference Tyrian showing back up because his venom is purple but it doesn’t mean this is mutually exclusive. Would actually make for nice drama)

Ren’s name is derived from the lotus, which means “far from the one he loves”. He ain’t far from Nora at all. 

In short, unless RT is fucking with a real bad or just didn’t think their usage of flower through, Martial Arcs seems to be gearing up towards possibly becoming canon. 

Hey Lover

Ella. I am so sorry. I actually did not want to tell you about this until the 20th but I’m so bad at keeping secrets.

Congratulations for winning the “I’d Buy the Physical Book” - EreriFicAward

You deserved it!!! <3


So okay. Let’s talk about the book. That’s what I had in mind for the cover (I tried so much shit but liked this waaaay better than all the other covers I did). I still hope that you don’t mind the light pink colour.

The book has 665 pages (Pff actually it was 666 but I had to change some stuff for it to not stay at 666 pages. Like what the fuck Hey Lover. You can’t do that); A5 paper size; Hardcover; 80 g pages; 50 mm (book spine)

Let’s look inside the book:

Every message between Eren, Levi, Jean, etc. has this 10 percent grayscale so it would distinguish from the rest of the book. Oh yeah and the right and left messaging thingy. ;) That was a pain in the ass. They message sooooo much. Duh. But oh my god. This took me some time…

Just look 

Every chapter starts on a new page with the chapter number and title:

The application:

Oooooooh almost forgot to mention. Levi’s not 39 years old in this book. He’s 31. (Eren’s 21) A small little puppy wasn’t that happy about the huge age difference at the end of the fic. So. Instead there being a 18 year difference… it’s just 10 years now.

Okay that’s it for the time being. More to come after the 20th when the actual book arrives ;)

I’m so excited.

Do you already hate me Ella? <3

Read Hey Lover on AO3 for free

Like seriously do it.

Soulmate AUs

okay so there are all these soulmate aus that are all really cute and shit like holy FUCK
but what about polyamory?
like the one where you have your soulmates name on your body
but hey you just pop out with two or more names on you
and your parents are just like “UHHH well youre in for some fun times”
or the one where you feel eachothers emotions
or like your eye changes colour to correspond with your soulmates emotions
wouldnt that be so confusing???
what about timers???
youd be so happy when you find your soulmate but then you still have another timer or something and youre like
im just
soulmate ot3s yo
what about for the thing i said earlier with you having two soulmates that arent eachothers
what if those two hated eachother and got into fist fights all the time
but it was the au where you felt the pain of your soulmate?!???!


Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

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Hii can I just say how happy your tags make me feel? On art for example. You're so entheusastic and positive and complementing. And I can't help but imagine the artists smiling so much because of it. I get like this second hand happiness from your tags or something. Also on prompts or headcannons. You're always spreading happieness to the writers and encouraging them. They must feel so proud of themselves and valued!! You've inspired me to try and do the same! Keep up the amazing work!!! Xx

Aaww Pumpkin ;-; ♥

The way I see it, giving content creators love is the base of fandom? It’s like giving water to budding flowers, I mean? Art is hard! And I’m talking about any kind of art! Writing, drawing, cosplaying, moodboards making, gif making, it’s ALL art, and it takes time and strength and courage to create. And they do it for free!

I really think it’s the least I can do. I just want artists to know their content has been fully appreciated, that all the time spent on it was worth it because at least one person got excited. Artists need that love to get motivated. A happy artist is a creative artist, most of the time, so it’s reall a win-win situation.

You just can’t go wrong by giving love to content creators. It’s actually sad how little recognition they get sometimes, so if I can do my part to make it change a little, I’m happy to do so ♥

Also yay spread the love!!!!!

Nonbinary Baekhyun

- Makeup everywhere
- All types of clothes
- what are gender roles?
- what’s a gender?
- Going shopping with him, and him literally falling in love with any clothing
- “Baekkie you have that shirt already”
- “Okay but do I have it in this colour?”
- Not giving two shits what people say about him
- Uses neutral and he/him pronouns
- Wants to try bras on
- “WTF how do people do this? This is so uncomfortable”
- Wears them anyways cause he likes them
- especially the lace ones
- Sweatpants and sweaters are a constant
- Likes to wear thigh high socks all the time
- Actually has a collection of them
- Is an inspiration to lots of fans
- Cries when a fan tells him that he was the reason they came out to their parents
- Has lots of love
- Loves his body with and without abs
- but loves his body more without abs
- What are stereotypes?
- Likes long hair sometimes so wigs
- like the feeling of wearing a long dress
- is loved by exo very much

Scrapbook tutorial!

Okay so my inbox is full of questions about my scrapbook and i’ve been putting off making this post but here goes! Keep in mind i am poor as shit so everything is as cheap as possible.

First off as a base for my scrapbook I use just any old novel. Then I stick coloured paper over the pages and what not

Most of the pages had to be ripped out otherwise the book wouldn’t be able to close.

Because my old scrapbook is full I’ll be starting on a new book for this post. Its hardcover which I think Ill prefer.

I start by searching Pinterest for aesthetic posts which match the character. Its nice to have a strong colour scheme in mind.

Because I do this a lot I also keep lots of Pinterest boards full of images I might want to use for future pages. This also means that if I’m ever in a situation where I have free printing I can just print a whole lot of these out to use later.

Im low on printing ink at the moment so I only have 17 images for Keith but I usually get about 30. I print so many pictures because the ones I don’t use will probably be used for other pages later. I like to have at least one aesthetic board in there because aesthetic boards are fun!

Then I cram them all onto a word document to print.

Side note: I always seem to print the images too big so fair warning there.

I then go through all of my collected stickers, pictures and cutouts and pull out anything that will fit the character Im currently doing. As you can see I have accumulated quite a bit.

Side note: As tempting as it is to just always use printed out media if you do that then there will be no texture to the finished piece and it will look flat. To avoid this I buy lots of foil stickers and acrylic scrapbooking cutouts to add texture.

I then go through all the scrapbooking paper I’ve bought in the past and pick out prints that suit my character. Again I try to use a few textured prints to add a bit of dimension. A lot of the paper I steal from school art rooms and stuff.

Side note: Wrapping paper is a super cheap alternative to regular stuff.

Next I use the patterned paper to create a base on a page of the book I am using.

I had a lot of trouble with Keith because a lot of the stuff I have is more vintage or ornamental rather then bold and dark. But I think I did okay.

Then I start adding images. First I stick down the more patterned or simple images that I don’t mind partially covering up.

Then I add images by size, starting with the largest and working my way down to the tiny little stickers until the whole page is full. I end up shuffling the picture around a LOT because I want to keep the page looking balanced.

I also like to keep my pages quite linear and avoid having images on an angle just because I prefer it that way.

Side note: Its also good to cutout some of the images you collect just to make it more interesting.

Finally I use a white gel pen to write quotes and draw little doodles over some of the pictures. Theres no rhyme or reason to how I do this, I just go for it!

My gel pen ran out of ink the other day and I need to pick up another so I haven’t done that on the Keith’s page yet.

Side note: I get my Gel pens from Kikki-K because theres a store by my grandparents house but Im pretty sure thats only a New Zealand store. I don’t know any alternatives but Im sure there are some. Try those fancy designer stationary shops, they usually have reasonably priced pens and odds are they have white gel ones to go with black paper note books cos rich people love that shit.

And thats it! I hope this was somewhat helpful.


Okay okay okay so to those who are wondering, I’m writing this while drawing in the hospital right now. There are maybe like two people who should know the reason why. Please don’t ask, the issue is almost resolved and I think we’ll be fine~

Anyhoo, I’ve got my laptop and my drawing tablet here, and @thescribeofscribbles and I are talking as I attempt to complete a piece ahead of time for klance week, because I’m a little shit like that.

So I’m getting Keith’s hair colour via colour select on Krita, and this popped up.

Do you see that colour select triangle in the corner? Do you know what it means?

Keith’s hair is fucking purple.


If you want to test it out for yourself, the hexadecimal code is #282429. I repeat, this is not a drill. Keith’s hair is actually fucking purple.

Galra Keith confirmed.

hogwarts au

i couldn’t help myself, feel free to add to this

  • octavia spikes bellamy’s pumpkin juice with liquid luck so he finally plucks up the courage to ask out clarke griffin and unbelievably she says yes (he only finds out later that octavia is a smug child who didn’t do shit).
  • clarke needs a study buddy for history of magic. who better? “clarke stayed focused!” “but bell this is boring” *indignant spluttering* “clarke the goblin riots of the 18th century-” “let’s make out” “okay” 
  • clarke saving her chocolate frog cards for bellamy
  • bellamy enchanting the flowers in clarke’s hair to blue to bring out the colour of her eyes
  • amortentia to clarke smells like the log fire in the gryffindor common room where bellamy reads late at night, the chocolate frogs he shares with octavia and the pages of books in the library 
  • amortentia to bellamy smells like clarke’s hair and the greenhouses they make out behind and the firewhisky they drink to get buzzed 
  • (bonus if they aren’t dating and can recognise each other’s scent and suddenly realise how screwed they are)
  • “bellamy we can’t be here, this corridor is forbidden! i’m a prefect and -” “let’s make out” “okay” 
  • clarke has to repair bellamy’s glasses every hour 
  • also has to summon books out of his hand
  • he keeps all of her drawings of thestrals and unicorns (permanent sticking charm on his four poster) 
  • secret meet ups in the room of requirement (”we need a place to make out, we need a place to make out, we need a place to make out”) 
  • MOVING PHOTOGRAPHS (attack hug, yule ball dancing, oh the possibilities)  
  • clarke fussing over bellamy in the hospital wing after yet another quidditch injury (he pretends to moan but secretly loves it) 
  • clarke wearing bellamy’s gryffindor scarf with her slytherin robes when he’s playing ravenclaw or hufflepuff
  • but trash talking him whenever slytherin are playing 
  • snowball fights in the grounds during winter 
  • bellamy gives clarke an old snitch for her birthday and she’s getting so frustrated because obviously there’s something in it but hello, flesh memories, she gets so mad until he finally touches it with his bare hand and wow, there’s a ring in there. 

Okay so I was tagged for this get-to-know-you thing by @jordygurl-fangirl here goes then:

Name: Jamie

Family name: double 0 (nah I’m not gonna say bc privacy man, the ones who know me will get it)

Gender: disappointed

Star sign: Taurus

Height: idk man like 160cm

Age: 16 but born 00 soooooooooooo

Hogwarts house: okay so it’s equal between Hufflepuff and Slytherin(how that works idk)

Favourite colour: uhhh Gay?

Hours of sleep I usually get: it depends either it’s like 2 or it’s 14, no in between

Lucky number: 5

Last thing I googled: Vermilion vs Scarlet

Favourite fictional character: well if games included then definitely Ghirahim (have you seen how fancy that dude is like holy shit) but if not then Pidge

Favourite artists: okay so besides @keithmulletson and @scar-of-regret (I like die okay these two) but like else? Rob Gonsalves. I could stare at his art for HOURS

Dream Trip: this is like a really weird thing but I wanna climb the mountains in Himalaya and blast music on the top and sing along to it and then lie down and watch the stars at night

Dream job: traveling the world helping people in need and being an inspiration to people. OR being a script writer for games

Follower count: 1012

Posts: Sometimes mine, sometimes not. The content here was originally only TMR but now it’s mostly everything. But like you’ll see a shit loads of Voltron.

Most active followers: according to the activity thing it’s @spacepopsshiro @jordygurl-fangirl @my-life-is-a-book-half-unread and @bork-mark (if I haven’t talked to any of you feel free to hit me up anytime!)

When did my blog reach its peak: Probably around August 2015 back when I was still a TMR blog

Do I get asks on a daily basis: not anymore (sadly!)

Why did I choose my URL: because I was talking to a friend about changing my URL from Slaynewt and she told me that I was like a devilsgeek (dunno what this is but it works?)

Countries I’ve lived in: Sweden and Australia

Favourite Fandom: okay listen I love the voltron one but DAMN PEOPLE FIGHT. So probably Stranger Things cuz y'all are nice af

Languages I speak: Swedish, English and I tiny bit French and Italian (I know a bunch of words in Amharic but I still don’t understand the structure so I wouldn’t say I can speak it)

Favourite movie: okay this will be different every time you ask me but right now winter solider

Favourite show: Voltron or DRAMAtical Murder(anime)

Last article I read: inflammatory food and how it can affect your mental health

Last thing I bought online: gaaaaaaaames (I’ve spent too much for my own good on this)

Last person I dreamt of: Cadyn (looong story about who that is)

A recurring dream: me failing English nationals in SIXTH GRADE

Fears: awkwardness (but like think of it is there really anything worse?)

How would my friends describe me: Uhhh that’s a really good question? You guys who know me, what would u say?

If I had money to spend what would I buy first: okay idk if this is a valid answer but I would save it? If I have to spend it tho I’d probably buy thoSE GODDAMN JACKETS me and @keithmulletson have been talking about. And a bunch of cosplay shit.

Shuffle your music library and list the three first: Right Hand Man(Hamilton) Somebody Else(The 1975) and Shape Of You(Ed Sheeran)

Aaaaa and that’s about it?? I’ll tag some people too then I guess (all of you mentioned above in any answers) @hellohiimnice @allthesekittens
@gaybiknowsmagic and I’m too tired to think of any more but feel free to do it anyways bc like I wanna get to know you

Coloured pencil rehab (how to fix every coloured pencil problem you've ever had)

Okay so listen here you little shits:

Firstly, you need to sharpen your pencils with a cosmetic sharpener. You just do. Even if it’s one dollar from e.l.f., it’s still going to serve your coloured pencils better than any traditional sharpener ever will. Why, you ask? Because colored pencils have soft wax-based leads, much like eyeliner would, and just handles it better in general. Not only that, but the point-shape it produces leads to more control, less breakage, and less sharpening. Just trust me, and get the damn eyeliner sharpener.

Secondly, when sharpening your pencils, don’t twist the pencil, twist the sharpener. This is the main reason behind why whenever you’re sharpening your pencil (of any kind) that the lead repeatedly just falls out, until all you have left is an itty bitty pencil stub.
This happens because when you twist the pencil, it is putting extra stress on the core that can often cause it to snap without good reason (so just twist the sharpener instead. Trust me, it’s magical-the pencil even looks better and sharpens with less effort)

And thirdly, if the internal lead really is snapped, WE CAN FIX THAT TOO.
Remember what I said about coloured pencil leads being soft and waxy?
Well, wax melts, meaning you can refuse those broken pieces.
Microwave that sonovabitch. Bake it. Leave it in a hot car. Whatever.
(Though primarily on lower settings or for very short amounts of time- and if your pencil has a metal eraser-end-thingy, don’t microwave it. It could ark, and that’s v bad.) ((and this doesn’t work 100% some brands are just satan))

Thank you my amazing love @shit-to-kinda-okay for tagging me in this ❤ I’m sorry that it took so long because lately I haven’t been feeling well or I don’t feel confident sharing my personal things.

Relationship status: Single, and probably have to say that I was in a relationship so it’s done.

Favourite colour: I love blue and lilac 💙

Pets: Do not have any :(

Last song I listened to: “Scared To Be Lonely” by Martin Garrix FT. Dua Lipa

Favourite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries (and My Mad Fat Diary, GOSH, I want them both back)

First Fandom: Jedward?? And One Direction (I’m still in 1D Family haha)

Hobbies: singing (I do this everyday), dancing, writing (stories, songs, poetries), studying languages, Photoshopping and so on.

Favourite book: I don’t have any, but maybe “Girl Online” by Zoë Sugg

Worst thing I have ever eaten: Tomatoes and broccoli and pineapple! Most of the vegetables, pardon me. And I don’t eat berries but I wouldn’t say they are the worst things ever I have eaten.

Favourite place: London or Helsinki!!! Tagging @babyshawwn @teen-mendes @lovethatmendeskid@shawnsleo @starrynightshawn 💙 sorry if you have done this already

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hihi my name is zoey and my fave character is neville bc he represents all the unrecognized potential i feel in myself !! congrats on the milestone btw \^~^/

name aesthetics: Starry nights, being breathless, moving along crowded corridors, proud smiles + arms around shoulders, earphones tied in a knot, coffee stains on work, the break of sun after rainy days 

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comments/advice: the green colour scheme of your theme is so pretty!!! im also in love with your icon, amazing blog!!!!!