The Dark Knight;

OMG! OMG OMG!!!!!! okay…IF i had to pick a movie….i would pick this one BUT i like them all equally but just what i like from all three are different. seriously i love this trilogy so much it might be my new fav trilogy o: but not that i really had an official movie trilogy. like it was lotr but even that i wasnt like a super cray fan but THIS!!!anyways….so batman begins was more ya gotta do something to achieve it but this one was sooo @_@ >_< D: :D EVERYHING! so many mixed emotions! So…basically this movie is way too long to explain the plot BUUT i shall talk to you about the characterss.

lets begin with Harvey. Alright. Tbh, he is a hmm..it sucks for him ): all of the villians it sucks for them! like its sad ):  so batman tried to make him that OFFICIAL beacon of light by calling him a white knight. and in the beginning hes all perfect and crisps and has this perfect life fighting for whats right in the perfect way (wise crack said hes a christ figure BUT i personally disagree..but bc thats not how i view christ but if i discuss that ill go on another tangent so i will pause that LOl ._.) but nobody can (btw this is all MY interpretations soo yeah just throwing that out there heh) be that perfect. humanly not possible so when he gets burned…it signifies the dark side thats been in him and thats why they called him two faced before. bc there is that dark side to him from the beginning (which is natural as a human) and now he banks on “chance/luck” bc its “unbiased” but i feel like Nolan is trying to tell us that its not right to bank life on luck and purely luck. like ohhh you got lucky. but no bc its not practical on how it plays out. 

Okay seriously.Idk why but i really like the joker. and i dont think hes that crazy _. like i can in a way understand where hes coming from and tbh theres so much truth to wat he says! Firstly, he understands the mind of a human. Like the core, animal instinct. thats why he challenges these “moral” people bc he knows that when a situation occurs, theyre ugly side WILL come out. Thats why he makes them play games liiiikkkkeeee the two ships (but thats hope in humanity that we WILL do the right thing). Like, its crazy to me how the joker is able to see how certain people place so much importance on specific people. For example, at the hospital, he was explaining to harvey that if 5 people are killed from a trainweck its not a big deal but when someones about to shoot down the mayor, the whole town goes crazy!our prioroties and views on people…hmmm… and hple have to learn to think outsie the box (BOLANS MESSAGE IN LIKE EVERY MOVIE I FEEL LIKE) Secondly, he lives life meaninglessly. and thats why he gets bored of humans. he knows how they function and work, he realizes money is not of importance and we prioritize t so much, chases after batman bc hes so different(mob lords are the same). no matter what there is a level of understanding and respect for the joker…

Aite seriouslyIt was crazy to see him so messed up bc of the joker…like he doesnt understand him bc yeah the joker isnt your normal guy but i feel like thats what the joker is arguing! that its not as simple as that. idkk i gotta remember more about batman i forget. OHHH!!!!!OMGGGG so much more respect for batman err bruce :) he pretended to be this rich good for nothing billionaire when really he wanted to save the city. and TILL HE DIED he made sure that Harvey was the good guy and that batman was bad AND that nobody knew of his good deeds or even bruces good deeds. that last line was so beautiful! “ Because he can take it, because he’s not a hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight. “ and it wasnt batmans point to know who exactly batman is..its the fact that he can be ANYONE! that anyone can have his mentality and to not loose hope!gah :’)