by the nape of my neck

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otayuri week: day seven - soulmates

rated t - countdown soulmates - missed connections - angst w/ happy ending - read on ao3

Everyone has a counter that ticks down the hours until you first meet your Destined; your soul mate. Yuri Plisetsky has been actively ignoring his timer for the last eight years. That is, until it’s dwindled down to zero behind his back, and he has no idea how or when he met his Destined in the bustle of St Petersburg

“Finn is a coward!”

consider, finn was raised as a child soldier, consider, he has seen what the first order can do, he saw the first orders murder of a village of people, he knows that the first order is relentless and doesnt care about murdering or torturing anyone. he knows this.

he was raised by them, he knows what they can do, he is very much an abused person suffering from PTSD running away from an abusive and corrupt system. he is running and he wants to keep running because he knows that if they find him terrible things will happen to him and he’s scared

and he has every god damn right to be. as a survivor of abuse from my father I related to finn so much because he was scared. and you could tell he was scared, he was scared of his abuser finding him, of his abuser finding rey, someone he came to care for, and when he’s about to run, when he’s packing up and about to head out he hears shit going down and he turns back and he faces his fears

and can we talk about how brave that is, how much courage it takes to stand up to those who have raised you and go ‘no, this isnt right im done running i will not let you take my friends’ and when he sees captain phasma again you can tell he’s ecstatic at his freedom and the idea that she cant hurt him or control him anymore and he finally has control over someone who had control over him for so long

and then he faces off against kylo, the face of the organization that had hurt him so much and he goes ‘no im not letting you hurt my friends no come and get it’ and that is just

its amazing, it’s brave and courageous and despite everything that happened to him in the past finn still remains kind and willing to help people. finn, a black man, is an emotional and complex character and he gives me so much hope guys

so much hope.

Yesterday might have been a mixed bag, but although it brought a lot of pain, I made a best friend happy and gave her a much needed relaxing day, did get to soak and relax at the spa, have some delicious drinks, and have a fresh mani/pedi (no gel, trying to get them back up to snuff so they are on-point for graduation, but they didn’t smudge which is a miracle). My nails might be short but the mani is a color that gives me SUPER STRONG witchy vibes, and makes me feel like my life is together. Plus the pedicure gave my poor feet some much needed tlc. And this salon is SOOOOO SWEET. This is my third time, but I’ve had the same one each time AND SHE REMEMBERS ME AND SHE HAD A BABY GIRL AND WAS SHARING WITH ME ALL OF HER PICTURES OF HER DAUGHTER WHEN MY NAILS WERE DRYING AND IT WAS SOOOO CUTE.

But today I’ve deep-cleaned the house, gave the pup a bath, cleaned pup’s blankets, and am ready to wrap up my laundry. Had a few whiskey&cokes, put on a facemask, and about to throw myself in the shower to scrub off the gross feelings from last night. Nothing like getting the house in order, cleansing everything, and getting organized to get yourself right in the head to take on the new week. 💪🏻

Plus, even if one long-time friend is being super shitty, I am thankful for all of the other people in my life, long-term friends, new friends, IRL friends, and wonderful people I’ve met on this weird site. ❤️ Thankful for the life I have, for the accomplishments I’ve managed, for the wonderful people in my life, for the promises of the future, and for this weird little lawblr community that has connected me with so many amazing, intelligent, inspirational, hilarious people. ❤️

Okay but imagine, not a ‘reunited’ Shield in the sense of a faction on a single brand, but instead, the Big Dog, the Architect and the Lunatic Fringe brought together by their shared complete lack of fucks left to give about anything or anyone else, showing up all over Raw and Smackdown and wreaking havoc, just for the hell of it.

Think about it.

Dean and all the shit with AJ and Ellsworth? Fuck Smackdown. Seth being screwed over by the Authority and Roman getting booed wherever he goes? Fuck Raw and fuck the WWE Universe too. Let’s fuck shit up. 

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta.


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I wish you would write a fic where CAPTIVE PRINCE

Damen sleeps deeply and fitfully, which, if you ask Laurent, is an infuriatingly symbolic reflection of an infuriating aspect of Damen’s personality: too trustful for his own good, though by no means so trustful as to be considered naive.

Laurent sleeps neither deeply nor fitfully. Out of the two of them, he’s the one most likely to wake up during Damen’s bouts of tossing and turning. Sometimes he’s already lying awake when the sheets start rustling beside him, a cuffed wrist landing perilously close to his head as Damen forcefully changes position–heaves himself from his back onto his stomach, or from one side onto the other–without waking.

It’s not like Laurent particularly minds, though. He’s always been prone to wakeful nights, and he enjoys the opportunity to observe Damen at leisure. To watch his brow furrow and the corners of his mouth twitch, his fingers curl and uncurl into the sheets; to listen to his chest rumble as he exhales, or to him mumble half-formed words in either of their languages.

Laurent enjoys knowing from experience that Damen’s hand would stop flexing restlessly if he covered it with his own, and that Damen’s brow would smooth out if he stroked his thumb down the center. He enjoys knowing that, were he to respond to Damen’s unconscious murmurings, Damen would sigh in his sleep and (softly, sweetly) mumble Laurent’s name.

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

I get drunk, when I have sober thoughts of you.
But when I’m actually downing shots, each one might as well be another memory of us.
It’s an endless cycle.

The only difference is, do I want real or figurative alcohol?
—  Nicole Torres // excerpt from E.M
Warm Me Up ch. 25

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That weekend, Will received a message that caught him off guard. He had been so focused on his conversation with Nico throughout the week that he’d forgotten about Joey. At least until his name lit up his phone screen.

Movie tonight? I can pick you up?

The message made Will feel guilty and uncertain. A week ago, the idea of going on a date was exciting and even a relief. At the time there was no possibility of one day getting back together with Nico. There was no urge to spend every waking moment texting him and smiling over stupid messages throughout the night until Cecil threw a pillow at him and told him to at least silence the phone.

A week ago, he’d wanted nothing more than to tear Nico out of his heart. He would’ve agreed to the date without mulling it over so much.

Now, though, he wasn’t so sure. Going on a date now would feel wrong. In the back of his mind, he would feel guilty because of Nico. Because Nico was trying so hard to be better. He was trying hard to be Will’s friend again. And Will didn’t want to repay it by going on a date behind his back.

Instead of answering, he called Joey and hoped to find a way out of the date without necessarily having to explain his entire situation.

“Hey there, doc,” Joey greeted.

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“Assume his father was just as dark as you say, but was unable to murder his own son, assume he found a way to secret Thomas away from London…“

“He didn’t.”

Hey uh. Yeah, everybody stims, but if you aren’t autistic, adhd, manic, etc then you really need to reconsider why it’s so important to you to make posts like “Everyone stims so quit acting like it’s only for you people!!”

Like… it’s dead obvious you’re referring to paint mixing videos and stuff ?? Like I promise you most of the people making a big deal abt how “Everyone stims” are the same people who would genuinely never feel the need to rock/flap/etc

Even if you have anxiety/etc it’s quite frankly disgusting of you to remove something from highly stigmatized groups and act like it’s ‘totally normal!!!!!!!!’

This is literally just Aleks fucking up an intro


Artwork for Koutetsujou no Kabaneri blu-ray/DVD vol. 3 (first pic is the box illustration by Haruhiko Mikimoto, second is the 3-sided digipack illustrated by Yasuyuki Ebara. (Haruhiko Mikimoto created the initial character designs while Yasuyuki Ebara was responsible for adapting those designs for the anime, so that’s probably why Mikimoto’s art looks a little different from how the same characters appear in the anime.)

anyway look at Biba and how many Hunters made it into the artwork! even Soue! but Sahari and Uryuu need to stop looking like a couple

I’m so curious to see what artwork/extras are going to be included with the official sub/dub release, whenever that happens.