In honor of Christmas month I’ve been thinking of some Victuri Christmas headcannons so here we go:

  • Yuri and Victor spend a romantic christmas eve in Japan
  • Yuri tells Victor all about Japan’s christmas traditions
  • ^ Victor loves it instantly and calls it early Valentine’s day by accident just about every time he talks about it
  • Victor literally wakes Yuri up at 12am because he’s so excited to start celebrating
  • Matching oversized fluffy christmas sweaters
  • So many ice skating dates
  • So many pair skating attempts
  • They literally go to every skating rink and park that’s within walking distance, ending with the Ice Castle
  • ^ Knowing this would probably happen, the triplets ended up decorating the entire rink with little candles, roses, and mistletoe in some of the oddest places
  • ^ Victor tries to kiss Yuri every time he skates under some mistletoe, this was a good idea in theory but when put into play leads to a lot of falling
  • Maccachin attempts to join them on the ice and slips with every other step, Victor tries to make sure he stays off of the ice but to no avail
  • They finally go back to the inn and have a huge Christmas party with Yuri’s family
  • This then becomes tradition for Victor and Yuri and they decide to this evey year for the rest of their lives

elfyourmother  asked:

I have a Very Important question that you should feel free to answer as seriously or not as you want: how do you think Actual Disney Prince Sebastian would get along with Blackwall and do you think his presence would soothe Problem Bear?

This is indeed a very important question and one I have dwelled on from time to time.

I’ve seen an AU scenario or two in which Inquisitor Sebastian sends Rainier off to the Wardens without a second thought. Even though I think, if Sebastian were somehow in charge of his fate, he might eventually decide to do just that, there was something…ineffectual about the execution in these AUs. Like they equate it to Seb’s reaction at the DA2 endgame. This situation wouldn’t be traumatic on such a personal level. Again…fandom doesn’t respect or try to understand Seb’s feelings, so it comes off as ruthless or a tantrum.

So I’ve never really cared for it; my vision of Sebastian seems to be a lot softer than fandom makes him out to be.

I like to think the two would get along famously. Blackwall would be avoidant, as is his default setting, but Sebastian’s enthusiasm is infectious. He would remain cautious, but Sebastian would become the few in Skyhold he regularly talks to. When he gets more comfortable, he replaces Grey Warden talks with vaguely disguised stories of Captain Rainier, which enthralls Sebastian just as easily.

Eventually it comes out that both of them were heavy partiers and gallivanters in their youths until they found purpose, and they become even closer friends. It drives Varric utterly bonkers.

Sebastian is still curious, especially given the last Grey Warden he knew did not have the stories he wanted. But that’s one more reason why Sebastian is so thrilled to be working alongside Blackwall. Here’s the real deal, the people’s hero in the stories his grandparents read to him as a boy. And after what happened in Kirkwall, it’s comforting to know someone who isn’t disillusioned with duty. That heroes do exist, after all.

When The Sun Goes Down [3] (Dean/Reader, vampire!reader, soulmate!au)

When the Sun Goes Down (iii)

Dean/(female) Reader

Summary: In which you are hunted, but Dean can’t kill you because the universe couldn’t care less about your feelings. Features vampire!reader, hunter!Dean and Sam (as in canon). Also, Gordon Walker.

a/n: Part three! Hopefully this isn’t a flaming mess. Also, Gordon Walker is back and I twist up canon again! Also…I may have changed the ending of part two. Just a bit. Though that change may be significant. Like very significant. I separate scenes with ~*~ so just reread the small area of text that’s under the last scene separator :) If you haven’t read part 1 or 2, good news! 1) I have them linked below the author’s note. Enjoy!

Part 1 | Part 2

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Everything is bright. Pounding.

He’s escaped the vampire, but now…now he’s been turned.

Gordon is going to be one of them.

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what the characters in MHDSR would do if they had snapchat aka im tired and procrastinating actually writing MHDSR
  • pete: he'd take a ton of group selfies of him, mikey, and josh and would always put stupid snapchat filters on them all. also he'd take pics of various red objects and caption them all as "josh looks so good here <3." also the occasional depressed rant at 4 am
  • mikey: pics/vids of him and pete at shows. also a ton of videos of gee doing stupid shit because well its gee and shes always doing stupid shit
  • gee: tons of pics/vids of mikey doing stupid shit. the occasional art thing. also a lotta depressed rants at 4 am where shes half asleep and Dying. a ton of sneak pics of frank captioned "HES SO CUTE IM DYING"
  • frank: lots of pics/vids of laura/evan/gee doing stupid shit. also a LOT of videos of gee rambling on about various things (usually house of heroes) (okay like always house of heroes) (she only ever talks about house of heroes but frank doesnt mind because shes adorable when she talks about house of heroes)
  • ray: pics of the forest surrounding his house with captions like "get me out of this horror movie" and "why am i living in this death trap if i get injured i'd fucking die because im so isolated from the world." also the occasional video of gee doing stupid shit at church/when they have sleep overs. also sneak pics of dallon with dumb filters/captions

AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

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( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )


Let me clarify something right off the bat; I do not suffer from chronic illness myself. Hence why this is more of a how to care for your friends who have it, rather than what to expect of others if you have it.

I get upset when people get cocky and condescending with my friends who cannot help the condition their body is in. I know these people just don’t understand, but telling someone to “just get up and do something” when their entire body screams in pain is not the way to go at all! Just because the pain isn’t a gaping, bleeding wound for you to see doesn’t mean it’s not there, NOR that it’s not a valid physical pain.

I count myself very, very lucky to be healthy enough to get up every morning and go about my day, and it’s depressing to even myself that it took until I met a dear friend of mine who suffers from chronic illness to realize it. To appreciate it fully. Please, please, be grateful you are able bodied (to varying degrees) and do not coerce those who talk about their pain into doing the things YOU think they SHOULD be able to do.

If someone talks about their pain on their blog, try not to see it as enabling. There will always be people who fake being sick, and maybe the extra info they gather will help them fake better, but there is also a chance someone else who suffers in silence will see those posts and realize that maybe, they too suffer from this illness people talk so little about. And this is what is important.

Last but not least— I wish I could give you some of my spoons, AJ ;v;

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blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 


The Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan was started by an Indian man named Bunker Roy. The organization is essentially a college that teaches women from all over the world (but primarily “developing” countries) how to be solar engineers. 

That’s right. Solar engineers.

Classes are attended by local women and women from Peru, Fiji, Rwanda, Nepal, Belize, Ethiopia, Bhutan, and more who are illiterate or semi-literate. Most of them are from rural and poverty-stricken areas. The school does not take attendance, have exams, demand their students speak English or have prior education, and does not ask for fees. These women learn how to make solar panels and bulbs, how to plug them into an electrical grid, and how to provide clean renewable energy to their entire village. They then take this knowledge back to their hometowns in distant countries. 

How are they taught without a common language? Everything technical is color coded. The women learn important words “LED, wire cutter, copper, connection, etc.” They communicate through common sense and the desire to learn. The college accepts anyone and everyone, mothers, lower castes (still an ongoing problem in India), older women, young women, women who have never attended school, married women. 

Since 2004, the College has taught at least 250 women from 41 different low-industrial countries to be solar engineers. 5 out of their 8 engineer professors are women. 35 out of 200 workers are physically disabled. The BC is currently powering both their own facility, homes in nearby villages and towns, and their former students are powering homes all across the world from wisdom and materials imported from the BC. Their local villages pay their salary. 

Roy did try to teach both men and women, but they didn’t stay in the harsh conditions or wanted jobs that paid more (as the BC doesn’t hand out “official” diplomas or degrees). Eventually, the college became largely female. “Why not invest in women, older women, mature women, gutsy women who have roots in the village?” Roy said.

I cannot emphasize how amazing this organization is. The Barefoot College is a safe and accepting place for anyone who wants to learn about clean and renewable energy. It encourages women’s empowerment, helps them out of poverty, and provides solar energy to places where the prices of kerosene and batteries are excessively high.

Sources (please look over them as there are more pictures and I could never do justice to how incredible this entire thing is with just my own words): [x][x][x][x][x][Bunker’s Ted Talk][Donate]


worst part of TFA shooting according to Adam Driver