You guys seemed to love the swatches I used on the ‘Wicked ways’ sketch so I made a flip-side for the highschool AU.

Since I see the AU as a more cuetsy-friendly universe compared to the main-verse I decided to lay back on the details for this one to rely on a more cartoonish style tht and im v lazy haha, 

Obvsly the HS AU idea belonds to >> Yazzdonut << bc I don’t want to keep mentioning them when I’ma be spamming my followers with this. 


Happiness needs Sadness, and Sadness needs Happiness.

Haaah, it’s alright. You’re worth it. When you take a breath, eat, sleep, it’s totally worth it. 

Life isn’t pink, but it’s not black either. Life is a big palette with a lot of colors in it - sometimes life does a very good mixing and sometimes life doesn’t. 

SOOOOO. If you see too much black and need help, never hesitate to talk about it to someone, I’m sure they’ll be willing to help. I am too, if you ever feel too down or something. I’m full of bright colors ! uwu)9

Just think again before throwing that palette away ; are you sure there’s not a little pigment somewhere, waiting to be used ? 

Jikook Bad, Bad, Bad

They say we’re going to hell
Let’s find a cheap motel
And stay a couple nights
And when our time is done
We’ll go back on the run
Do whatever we like

Fanfiction Plagiarism

So someone from another fandom just came to me telling me their fics were stolen. Fandom sites like tumblr, wattpad, lj, ff.net, and ao3 all have systems in place for creators to report such abuse. 

But the crushing reality is if someone was to steal a fic and post it on other sites, social media in particular as it happened in this case, there’s very little that can be done about it as far as I know. 

That’s terrifying. 

If you’re really that desperate - for whatever reason - to take someone else’s fanfic just think about what the characters in it would do. Guaranteed most of them would seriously frown upon any sort of theft. 

Even the antagonists and the villains. Seriously. They’re way more clever and proud than to stoop to stealing something from someone else to achieve their villainy. If you’re going to be an evil twat, at least have some self respect and class. 

And most importantly, people will stop posting fanfiction if everyone steals and plagiarizes them. And then you won’t have any to read or steal. Seriously. Think about that. 

Grow up and do your own work, or at least remember that your favorite characters featured in the works you’re choosing to steal would be ashamed of you.

Ebisu Week, day six - Favorite Moment

“In the past, I would have accepted this as my fate. But because I was told not to die, now I have the desire to go on… Even the time now is valuable.”

it’s just a spark // rad tunes from rad bands (◡‿◡✿) LISTEN HERE

NA NA NA [my chemical romance] grow up [paramore] miss missing you [fall out boy] memories [panic! at the disco] the adventure [angels & airwaves] these days [foo fighters] up all night [blink-182] in bloom [nirvana] last hope [paramore] know your enemy [green day] r u mine? [arctic monkeys] love, sex, death [fall out boy] dirty little secret [the all-american rejects] do or die [thirty seconds to mars] believe me natalie [the killers] cousins [vampire weekend] can’t help falling in love with you [twenty one pilots cover


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mission cleared! 

I saw this post and I was inspired to sketch this 

I’m sorry

@crystal-grumps arin shows danny a fish after he’s released from the music box because he’s probably never seen one and it’s just!!! really cool!!!!!! dan is saying “awww”

One of my favorite things about the Partners in Crime mv is the fact that her hair is two-toned like Neo’s

Had to redraw a scene from it with these two eventually~ 



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