mornings with jungkook
  • ah this dork okay so he’s either going to let you sleep or he’s gonna wake you up bc he doesn’t think he should be staring at you while you’re sleeping for longer than 10 minutes and also bc he’s hungry
  • he’s probably gonna get you to tag along with him to go raid jin’s fridge on some mornings but say it’s one of those days where you save jin’s food supply
  • since this is jungkook and the two of you probably stayed up late watching movies and playing video games that it’s technically not morning when you both decide to get up
  • so the two of you brush your teeth and somehow it turns into a competition but for what? no one may ever know
  • okay so you two start on breakfast even though it’s like 2 pm and jungkook asks if you can make omelets and you’re like sure
  • so he sits on top of the counter and watches as you make the first omelet and you’re shaking the pan and flip the omelet and he’s always amazed but he wants to try to make his own and you let him
  • since he has the title of golden maknae you were expecting him to get it right the first time but he drops his omelet or something and tries again and it’s game time and he successfully flips it and he’s all happy with his little bunny smile aww it’s so cute
  • while eating the two of you discuss what you’re gonna do for the remainder of the day and there’s a mutual agreement to watch movies, play video games, and eat snacks bc this is jeon jungkook
  • but on other days you two would meet up with the other boys abd their s/os and you all hang out and it’s really nice and everyone would have a good time
  • but that’s not happening one day bc jungkook just wants to lounge around with his s/o and you talk about any and everything even though that was once tough bc jungkook is a shy bunny but he’d open up to you as time passed
  • he’d be so set on winning whenever you two start playing video games like he’s not gonna let you win just bc you’re his s/o no way but it’s okay and he’d probably sing for you and it’s so nice and comforting
  • mornings/afternoons with bunny jungkook are fun no matter how you decide to spend them like it’s cool playing video games and eating junk food while you have deep conversations but it’s also cool to hang out with your friends. either way, you adore your time spent with jungkook

So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~

Okay, children, today we’re gonna play Hunger Games simulator with the Hetalia crew because it is a quarter to ten on a Monday morning and I have lost all control over my life.

alrighty lets do this shit

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Steven Universe 4x17 “Storm in the Room”

In Garnet’s words, “Yikes.”

Tagging @above-d-clouds @comickergirl @counterpunches @crystal-geometry @frozenartscapes @makingtodayaperfectday @olofahere @pl-i @raksha-the-demon @thebirdfromthemoon-art and… @beanie2008 I guess it’s okay to tag you now?  (Let me know.)  SPOILERS BELOW!!  If you haven’t watched, don’t read.

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Okay, I love ALL of the cc creators.. BUT, I just want to let the POSE creators know, that you guys ROCK!! You have made this game a lot more fun and interesting to play.. I am sure that all of our fellow storytellers can agree. I just want to show you guys some appreciation.. I love you ALL, and I really want to thank you for all of your hard work and willingness to share these gifts with us.. So, I guess that is it..  Tag your favorite pose creators to show some  love and appreciation. <3   

There are so many of you out there, I tagged the ones that I remembered.  Please forgive me for the ones I didn’t mention.. I love you all, lol..<3

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Relationship Status: pretending I’m dating ignis single
Favorite Color: sky blue
Last Song I listened to:  Inochi ni Fusawashii by amazarashi (YT WON’T LET ME WATCH HE MV THO GDI)
Favorite TV Show: Yu Yu Hakusho (it counts okay, it was on tv once)
First Fandom: Sailor Moon or Final Fantasy
Hobbies: playing video games, sleeping, eating, I am not an interesting person lol
Books that I’m currently reading: …I forgot I was reading A Dance With Dragons
Favorite Book: Chaos Walking trilogy
Worst Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: just looking at mac and cheese makes me wanna gag tbh
Favorite Place: my apartment, but only if I’m home alone  

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I know we all crack jokes on Mingyu all the time and we never mean any harm making fun of how he accidentally spit on someone or how he doesn’t know how to sneeze correctly and that sometimes he show to be not the brightest of light bulb but is there anything this boy can’t do? He cooked for everyone constantly on OFD, and not just cooked he filleted most of the fish which he had never done before and him and DK even found new recipes in the morning and recreated them perfectly and then he goes fishing and he does really well and at the end when they played the tag ripping game he got four tags all by himself while being attacked by three people at a time. And let’s not forget how good of a rapper and dancer he is and he’s good at doing people’s hair and he’s funny and sensible and he’s so pretty and he had a really nice smile okay I think I’m getting off track where was I

What Being V’s Partner Would Be Like…

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  • He’d give you sweet kisses that’d turn into giggles 
  • Dates at the Zoo, especially seeing the baby elephants
  • Dates at the amusement parks
  • Doing weird and creepy stuff together
  • Having competitions to see who is weirder
  • “Okay whoever can scare Suga wins!”
  • Annoying you while you’re busy.
  • Always asking you to play with him!
  • Anime marathons!
  • Dancing silly together.
  • Always hearing him say “I love you” in his deep voice, when you wake up
  • Late night and early morning talks about your future children
  • Playing with him and his dog!

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PSA for DMMd fandom,

Hey guys I know a lot of us are +18 and have played all the game and gone through all the routes + scenes and seen all the NSFW content. But some of us are not +18 in the fandom. That’s mostly due to the anime coming out as PG13. I’ve met fans that are 14 and haven’t played the game and have only seen the anime which is totally okay. So lets keep that in mind and stop bullying the younger fans aka stop trying to get them out of the fandom. Just tag things correctly and make sure you’re talking about the NSFW content with followers that are of age to be talking about those things. If you’re going to be part of the ‘mature’ part of the fandom, then act like it. 

Okay, Strangers - Listen Up...

Life is Strange will be released tomorrow, or even in a few hours depending on which region you live in.

If, like me, you are one of the unfortunate ones who will have to wait until they get home from school/work to play it, I feel for you.

However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who will be able to play it the second it comes out, please, for the love of Christ: 



Seriously. Let everybody enjoy the game for what it is and don’t go spoiling. I had a crucial part of Episode 4 spoiled for me because some idiot posted spoilers in the main tag, and it came up on my dash.

Be considerate of others. Thank you.