Introducing Youkael

Hi!! alright so obviously- this isn’t quite evak. Instead, i was rolling with the tidal wave of movement we got yesterday and decided to introduce myself (and maybe some followers of mine?) to youkael! Who’s pictures are super cute and i am here for it! But obviously, i am probably wrong about everything regarding this ship so i apologize. 

but enjoy in the mean time!


“Do we want to do Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty?”

Mikael glanced in between the two games, weighing the pros and cons of each. “Car chases or blowing shit up. Decisions, decisions.”

There was no responding scoff- no derisive snort saying come on Mikael let’s play something that doesn’t involve death and destruction. 

Which, like, Mikael would then respond with it’s 2017 dude. What? You want to paint each other’s nails instead?

It was a tried and true conversation. One so familiar that Mikael already had the retort on the tip of his tongue, ready to spout out without missing a beat as if his and Yousef’s conversations had been choreographed for a millennia. 

But there was no response.

Mikael looked over his shoulder and frowned. Yousef had apparently fled the room in the .02 seconds it had taken for Mikael to look through his games.

“Yousef,” he calls out, “Where’d you go, man?”

There was a hum of voice outside of his room, and then a hand waving distractedly in the doorway. Mikael got the hint and shut up, shrugging before returning to the matter at hand.

Several seconds pass in relative silence before Mikael turns around again and sighs. 

Yousef is at the doorway, leaning against the grainy wood with nothing but a long white towel secured around his waist. And Mikael is only human alright? He can’t help but let his eyes trail down for just half a second, tracing the natural lines of his best friend’s chest. Or noting smooth dark skin and-

Mikael chuckles and pulls a strand of floppy hair away from his face, turning back towards the games, “Which one? And why don’t you put some clothes. Shower time is over.”

Yousef shrugs and waves his hand. The iphone in it blinks awake, showcasing for only a millisecond a picture of the two of them. Of Yousef and Mikael sitting together on the wooden picnic tables at Bakka. Of Yousef leaning to him, looking all the more the lazy bad boy Mikael knew him to be.

He blinks at the brief flash in his eyes; that afternoon, laughing and relaxing in the afternoon sun- just the three of them. 

“So one of my cousins goes to Nissen, right?” Yousef pushes off the wall and makes his way to the edge of the bed where Mikael had been sitting. At his gentle nudging, he fell back, rolling his eyes when Yousef contorted himself to an odd angle that allowed half his body on his bed, and the other half dangling oddly off.

But his head was now pillowed firmly on Mikael’s stomach, so he couldn’t complain. 

“I don’t know if you’ve ever met her. She’s only a second year.”

“What about her?”

Yousef turns a bit, cheek sliding against the fabric of Mikael’s shirt and heating up the skin below, “She knows Even.”

And that’s just. Mikael swallows and tries to release the tension that had suddenly spasmed up in his muscles (in his very core) “Oh… how uh- how is he?”

“Apparently he’s been spending a lot of time with a boy in her year.”

Mikael’s face twists, “I’m sure Sonja loves that.”

“Mikael,” And that’s Yousef’s calm voice, his quiet ‘i am so wise beyond my years’ voice. He had always been the calmest of the three of them. While Even and Mikael had run off to film wacky stunts and adventures, Yousef had tagged along with a quiet smile and enough money to bail the two of them out of trouble. “You should call him.”

“I tried that,” Mikael cuts in sharply, and hates himself a bit for the way Yousef flinches. He lowers his voice, “I tried it and he didn’t respond. Not once. Not after- what happened.”

“Maybe its time to try again.”

The silence that lapsed was uneasy- but not oppressive. Never oppressive with Yousef. Sometimes filled with heat, with the weight of unspoken words and hard glances, and whispers to remind Mikael of Yousef’s limitations and fears regarding his family, his religion, and why they-

Well. That’s a story for another time.

“Who’s the boy with him? Did your cousin mention anything more about that? Is he…”

“She didn’t mention it. And she wouldn’t have.”

“The plot thickens,” he tries to joke, “I um- let me think about texting him. I just need a bit more time. He just- he left, Yous. Just had his thing and left without a word. Who does that?”

“Okay,” Yousef responds easily enough and then heaves himself up, “So what are we doing? Video games? Come on, Mikael, can’t we play something that doesn’t involve death and destruction?”

Mikael can’t help the grin that twitches at the corner of his mouth. 


Favorite Performance in BIOPIC movies

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Charlie Chaplin (Chaplin 1992)
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash (Walk The Line, 2005)
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote (Capote, 2005)
  • Meryl Streep as Julia Child (Julie & Julia, 2009)
  • Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo (Frida, 2002)
  • Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl (A Mighty Heart, 2007)
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network, 2010)
  • Will Smith as Muhammad Ali (Ali, 2001)
  • Colin Firth as King George VI (The King’s Speech, 2010)
  • Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan (I’m Not There, 2007)
Aight let's play a game

Send me a word and a ship and I’ll write you a super short (two sentences - a couple paragraphs) fic/headcanon/AU


A/N: this is really rushed, i’m sorry for the delay and if it sucks.

word count: 1k?

pairing: christoffer x female reader (sorry!)



You could’ve paid good money right now for having an identical twin, that’s how much you wanted to skip the party and stay home binge watching something that you’ve already seen four times. The truth was that you didn’t, so as days went by agonizingly fast, you found yourself at Eva’s place getting ready.

Vilde and Eva were still picking dresses when you decided to sit down next to Chris. You couldn’t help but let out a small sigh.

”What’s up girl?” She asked, actually looking concerned.

”This party stresses me out a little. I would rather be home than here, but can’t help it can I?” You were staring at Vilde, who was probably blabbering about just how dreamy is William.

”Sure you can, but Vilde and Sana will kill you. I wouldn’t want to see Sana mad to be honest, she would probably be quite scary then.”

”Yeah” was all that you could say, before Chris went on.

”It’s going to be okay, you know? Flirt with my name twin and try to get his hot friends hook up with me if I fail in it.” She said with a wink, earning a laugh from you. She never failed to make you feel better.

”Uhhuh, got you.”

Few seconds later Vilde and Eva announced that they were ready as well and that you could all leave now.


The place where the part was held at wasn’t that far away, so it took you only 10 minutes to get there by foot, much to Vilde’s dismay. She wanted someone to drive so she didn’t have to walk in her incredible high heels for a party, her words not yours.

Vilde walked up and rang the bell a few times, before someone opened it. Neither one of you recognized the boy, but Chris immediately started to flirt with the stranger only making Sana roll her eyes and walk inside. You gave a quick look to Eva and Vilde, before shrugging and joining Sana inside.

You were glad to find out that the party wasn’t huge, since crowds freaked you out sometimes. You had still managed to lose all your friends in the matter of seconds, making you groan under your breath memories flooding back from the first party you had attended with Vilde. Christoffer was there too, hell, you had even flirted with him a little and had enjoyed it. If you were honest, it scared you a lot to be around him. There had to be a reason all the girls were drooling for him after all?

You pushed the thought aside, making your way to the table where all the drinks were. A grimace found its way on your face when you saw the liqueurs that there was, they all sucked. Even so, you started to make your own drink when you felt someones arms wrap around you. Your reflexes kicked in, making you literally kick the person.

You turned around, only to see Chris on the floor groaning in pain. You felt somewhat happy that it was him who got kicked.

”We really need to talk about where’s the limit, even if I like it rough I don’t like being kicked” he said with a large smirk, before groaning again in pain.

His words made you blush a little, this not going unnoticed. ”Oooh, did I make my little princess blush?”

You let out a shaky breath. ”Nah, that only happens in your dreams. I also told you to stop calling me that, didn’t I?”

”I don’t recall, nice to see that you showed up here.”

”For my friends, not you.” You turned around, continuing on making the drink you needed a lot at this very moment.

”Damn, at least give me a chance here.” Chris said with a chuckle. ”I really want to get you know you though.”


”Let’s play a game then? I won’t try to make a move on you, so it’s harmless right?” He said with a sweet smile. You were doubtful, but just nodded as a yes since he seemed serious.

”I will ask you questions and you’ll answer the first thing that comes in mind.”

”Wait, they had this game in friends..” You said, shocked.

”Yeah, so? It’s a good show and Rachel is really hot.” He was smiling, the chances of him thinking about Jennifer Aniston high.

”Just figured out guys like you watch some car movies that’s all” you muttered, Chris hearing this.

”Guys like me? You really do think I’m a walking cliché, unbelievable.” Chris looked pretty hurt, your features softening up for a moment.

”You really don’t give me any reasons to think otherwise. Anyways, the game?” You were avoiding his gaze, ashamed that maybe you had just hurt his feelings.

”Oh right. You answer first. Cats or dogs?”

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at his question, but when you saw the face he was pulling you stopped. ”Dogs.”

”Vilde or Sana?”

”Sana.” That came out much faster than you thought it would. “Wow, I thought it’d be Vilde.”

”Do you think I’m hot?”


A large smirk appeared on his face, making you feel confused before realization hit you. You couldn’t find the right words to answer him, so you just were there silently. He took a step closer to you, making you take a step back and hitting the wall. Chris took your hand in yours, intertwining your fingers together.

”For the record princess, I find you really fucking hot too.” He leaned in, closing the gap between the two you.

Your brain was yelling to push him away and run, but you did quite the opposite. You kissed him back for a moment before pulling away.

“I could like you if you’d just stop playing these sick games and let me get to know you.” with that you pushed him off of you, rushing out of the room feeling disappointed in yourself.

Pretty sure other folks have already brought this up but: the SuperFriends babysitting Marcus and the ridiculous nonsense that inevitably ensues:

- So James, of course, is the go-to guy whenever Erika needs someone to look after Marcus.
- Winn is always eager to be included because, while Kara is great for lengthy Tolkien debates, she doesn’t really appreciate his action figure collection, and Marcus–
- Well. Marcus doesn’t either, let’s be clear about that.
- But Marcus humors Winn. Because how could you not humor Winn. He tries so hard.
- Anyways.

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Not a Persona AU

Okay so I’ve seen a few people tag my phantomthief!Hanzo AU with persona(5) but I just wanted everyone to know that this was actually inspired from Kaito Kid and D.N. Angel. I have never played any of the Persona games (I’d like to someday though) so this wasn’t supposed to be related or inspired from it in any way, shape, or form.
By all means make your own rad PersonaWatch AUs, I’m just letting you know that isn’t my AU and will never be this AU and that if you could please not associate it as a Persona AU.

Thanks a bunch, @kaito-hanzo / @jellygay

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...okay, it is not the first time dark have tease you but i feel like i missed something? like half of the stuff people are talking about?

there’s a few references but major things have tags!

if you wanna find p much everything between dark and i, search up:
if you wanna find //the incident// (nsfw warning btw), search up:
;;[fєllαtíσ íncídєnt]
or, if you’re looking specifically for the provocative game, either search up:
let’s play provocative OR ;;[provocaтιve gaмe]
i’ll also tag them on this ask so you can just click them cx

(if anyone says that this is cute bc i have specific tags i’ll fuckin end u)

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How long have you been a Sonic fan: Since I was a kid really pff

First Sonic game played: I think it was Sonic advance 3. Sometimes I forget I had a gameboy advance. though am not sure if it was that first or SA2 Battle or Sonic Heroes. Since I got both those games together once.

Top 3 Favourite Characters: Okay, obviously ya know i love sonic so let’s not count him in alright. Give the other nerds some chances. Shadow, Silver and ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS I CAN’T INCLUDE CAUSE I CAN ONLY HAVE THREE.

Favorite Vocal Track: Chosen One from Shadow the Hedgehog game(game was okay in my opinion and the music is amazing so yep. fite me. Also I don’t have just one favorite track fyi pff)

Favorite Nonvocal track: Eggman Emperor Boss Battle Remix(loved the original already but the remix just made me love it even more. Hope to one day learn how to play this on guitar when I finally can get one and start learning how to play. TwT)

Top 3 Games: SA2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and the Black Knight

Top 5 Stages: Green Forest(SA2), Mystic Mansion(Sonic Heroes), Shrouded Forest(sonic and the black knight), Red Hot Skull(Sonic Adventure), Terminal Velocity(Sonic Colors)

Favorite Team (Sonic, Dark, Rose, Chaotix): Tie between Dark and Chaotix

Favorite game intro: hard to pick so skipping

Which game has the best story: Sonic Unleashed

2D, 3D, or both: Both are good

Sonic Mania or Sonic Forces: Can I say both cause i have no fave rn. Just am happy we are getting any new sonic game tbh.

Which character(s) would you want to see in the Boom show: Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon. I want to see how everything plays out when Sticks meets someone who practically almost looks like her. As well, I just want Marine to be given the love and attention she deserves again. 

Best Sonic show: They are all good in their own style so that’s all I’m saying.

Favorite Sonic era (Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom): I liked them all…tbh pff

Tag 5 or more people: Fyi to anyone I tag, you don’t have to do this. Just tagging ya cause I love ya or I think you’re pretty cool. @cynnar, @krunchylex, @captain-tinker, @foxkidgenius, @redrunningshoes, @afallensdream, @a-bitter-resentment, @bipolaramyrose

Secret Santa

Seduce Me Secret Santa

Okay so I had @lonelylittledemonwolf and I thought I would try to do something different. I went and wrote my first fan fic! I hope you like it and it is what you wanted dear. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great day❤️

“Why hello princess” you hear Erik say it this time not in his low seductive voice.
“E-Erik, w-what’s with that v-voice?” You ask
“Why what do you mean princess?” Erik questions
“T-that one…”
“S-S-Shhh princess there is no reason to be scared” as he says that you see him go into his demon form and you see his big purple tentacles.
“ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you scream
“I know you miss them, you miss all of them.”
“WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Now you are starting to get scared at what Erik might do
“MY BROTHERS!! I’m sorry for raising my voice princess, but I know that it is true.”
“Well of course I miss them, but don’t you?” You are starting to get lost in what Erik is saying. You thought that he loved his brothers. Was this something demons did when they figured out what jealousy felt like? Whatever it is, it’s not the true Erik. Normally he doesn’t care, I mean I was always told that Damian was always the jealous brother and Erik was the least jealous.
“Why do you miss them princess? I mean aren’t you happy?”
“Of course Erik! I love you more than anything”
“More than them?”
“Of course.”
“So you wouldn’t care if I just went and killed them?”
“ WHAT THE FUCK ERIK!” He takes his tentacles and grabs you, and pins you to the wall while he goes and calls his brothers one by one.
“Raestrao, Aomaris, Zecaeru, Izroul!” You started to try and break free but Erik held you up tight and then you couldn’t see.
“Erik i-?” James was stopped by a yell
“Why hello brothers, I just wanted my sweet princess to see what happens when she thinks about you more than me.”
“Erik ple-” Damian was stopped
“Ahh brother please tell me who she is thinking about or you die first.”
{Damian please do it I don’t want you to die. Just lie and say that I am thinking about Erik all the time}
“You. She is thinking about how lovely you are, and can still be if you let go of her and us go”
“DAMIAN WATCH OUT!” Matthew screamed
Next thing you knew there was a blade through Damian’s head.
Then you knew what was happening, Erik was turning into some kinda Yandere and you were his Senpai. You remember what happens when Senpai freaks out after seeing a murder so you say
“No, no princess please!”
You wake up sweating with tears in your eyes and your heart is racing
“Just another fucking dream. God damnit.”
Then you feel something shift in the bed
“Mmm princess are you okay?”
“Just another bad dream.”
“Let me guess, I was Yandere again.”
“Princess you need to stop playing that game before you go to bed. Now lets go to bed.”
You lay back down and remember it was only a dream and you go back to sleep. Erik is now using his powers to keep the dream out of your head by showing him as a prince and you had his princess.

Edited: I realized that I didn’t tag Chris or Michaela and since Chris is the VA for the Erik and Michaela is the creator I should so… @thechristopherescalante @thebunnyofevil

🐧. tmw you don’t know a person name. so you search the blog, you read tags and people they’ve talked with. ( you go HUNTING. okay ) and sometimes i just wanna be like:

ME: Oh hey ! Let’s play a game. You spell out your name. And i’ll spell out mine :D !!! such a fun game. trust me.

mornings with jungkook
  • ah this dork okay so he’s either going to let you sleep or he’s gonna wake you up bc he doesn’t think he should be staring at you while you’re sleeping for longer than 10 minutes and also bc he’s hungry
  • he’s probably gonna get you to tag along with him to go raid jin’s fridge on some mornings but say it’s one of those days where you save jin’s food supply
  • since this is jungkook and the two of you probably stayed up late watching movies and playing video games that it’s technically not morning when you both decide to get up
  • so the two of you brush your teeth and somehow it turns into a competition but for what? no one may ever know
  • okay so you two start on breakfast even though it’s like 2 pm and jungkook asks if you can make omelets and you’re like sure
  • so he sits on top of the counter and watches as you make the first omelet and you’re shaking the pan and flip the omelet and he’s always amazed but he wants to try to make his own and you let him
  • since he has the title of golden maknae you were expecting him to get it right the first time but he drops his omelet or something and tries again and it’s game time and he successfully flips it and he’s all happy with his little bunny smile aww it’s so cute
  • while eating the two of you discuss what you’re gonna do for the remainder of the day and there’s a mutual agreement to watch movies, play video games, and eat snacks bc this is jeon jungkook
  • but on other days you two would meet up with the other boys abd their s/os and you all hang out and it’s really nice and everyone would have a good time
  • but that’s not happening one day bc jungkook just wants to lounge around with his s/o and you talk about any and everything even though that was once tough bc jungkook is a shy bunny but he’d open up to you as time passed
  • he’d be so set on winning whenever you two start playing video games like he’s not gonna let you win just bc you’re his s/o no way but it’s okay and he’d probably sing for you and it’s so nice and comforting
  • mornings/afternoons with bunny jungkook are fun no matter how you decide to spend them like it’s cool playing video games and eating junk food while you have deep conversations but it’s also cool to hang out with your friends. either way, you adore your time spent with jungkook

Okay, I love ALL of the cc creators.. BUT, I just want to let the POSE creators know, that you guys ROCK!! You have made this game a lot more fun and interesting to play.. I am sure that all of our fellow storytellers can agree. I just want to show you guys some appreciation.. I love you ALL, and I really want to thank you for all of your hard work and willingness to share these gifts with us.. So, I guess that is it..  Tag your favorite pose creators to show some  love and appreciation. <3   

There are so many of you out there, I tagged the ones that I remembered.  Please forgive me for the ones I didn’t mention.. I love you all, lol..<3

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What would the 2ps reactions if they had to babysit a child

2P: *gets asked to babysit*

2P!America: So am I getting paid? *cha-ching eyes* c'MON KID, LEMME INTRODUCE YOU TO A LITTLE SOMETHING I LIKE TO CALL DEATH BALL *his idea of fun* … *baseball, with allen– good luck kid*

2P!China: *groans* but kids are annoying…

2P!England: *starts hopping around giddily* Oh dear, it would be my pleasure!~ We could bake adorable cupcakes together and play with sprinkles and it would simply be bunches of fun! :)))))

2P!France: haha no

2P!Russia: But I am not good with children… *if he’s insisted to* well okay then… *awkwardly turns to kid* so how is life?

2P!Italy: I’m not too fond of looking after brats all day, but thanks for the offer… *grumbles*

2P!Germany: *laughs* aw why the hell not; I love kids! *totally plays hide-and-seek with them and tag and Twister and football and whatever game they want*

2P!Japan: *doesn’t even look up from his phone* too busy, sorry

2P!Canada: k on a scale from 1 to 10 how mad would you be if I let them ride a polar bear

2P!Romano: No problem, darling! Kids love me!~ *totally lets all the daughters paint his nails and braid his hair and put makeup on him and play with his scarves* You girls are going to be superstars~ *throws a pretend fashion show for them too bc why not*

2P!Austria: Children are disrespectful little cretins; I am afraid I am going to have to decline your offer. However, fear not! If you ever need help with anything other than childcare, feel free to give the amazing Roland Edelstein a call~ *struts away*

2P!Prussia: I-I hope your kids are nice… *they’re not* can you… um… calm down please– *keeps getting tackled and shouted over because he’s not being strict or loud enough*

Trading Rabbits (Toy Ducklings and Sticky Hands Omake)

(( Main Story: Toy Ducklings and Sticky Hands ))

Arthur, at the tender age of seven, liked to carry around a plush rabbit that won him a good deal of trouble from his peers. Children lacked empathy for his attachment, more often than not. Namely alphas.

“Hey!” Arthur yelped, affronted by the sudden absence in his arms when the bigger child yanked the rabbit from him. The little omega was on his feet in an instant, scrambling for it. “Give it back!”

The older alpha laughed at him and spun the stuffed creature around by its ear, keeping it firmly out of his reach.

And then, in a horrific moment that would live on in Arthur’s memory forever, the seam ripped and the boy was left with nothing more than the long, soft ear as the rest of the plush toy went flying.

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New Roommate || Ashley & Mark

Mark was at his office in the house, checking a few last details about a new video game that was about to come out very soon. He was working all day, checking, reviewing and well, in some breaks playing too some of hid game he had in front of him. He didn’t complain though, he loved his job more than anything in this world. Well, this and his dog. Everything seemed okay and Mark decided to take a small break before he would go back to work. Walking to his kitchen to make some coffee, Mark got a little distracted with his dog.

Those were the moments he liked and saved; for example, simple moments like playing with Chica. When he was done, he went back to make his coffee when he suddenly heard a knock at the door. Raising an eyebrow curiously he made his way to the door. He was not expecting anyone. Opening the door Mark’s mouth dropped. “What are you doing here?” he said excitedly wrapping his arm around Ashley’s body, holding her tight. “What the fuck?” he said excitedly. “Why you didn’t call me? I could have come and taken you with my car or something” he said.


Let's play a little game!

Because I’m really curious!

Reblog and put in the tags which Bioware LI you’d choose if you had the option in real life. This could mean AU where they appear in your normal life, or you could factor in choosing between Thedas and space. Give me your headcanons and share your love with me!