“I still don’t see why I couldn’t drive.”

“Well, for one, you refuse to put your helmet on and the sand is going to blind you. For two, It’s MY POD.”

“I hate sand.”

“Don’t start.”


so… i made out with a hot dog… it was one time


According to legend, wherever the Pandorica was taken, throughout its long history, the Centurion would be there, guarding it. He appears as an iconic image in the artwork of many cultures, and there are several documented accounts of his appearances, and his warnings to the many who attempted to open the box before its time. His last recorded appearance was during the London blitz in 1941. The warehouse where the Pandorica was stored was destroyed by incendiary bombs, but the box itself was found the next morning, a safe distance from the blaze. There are eyewitness accounts from the night of the fire of a figure in Roman dress, carrying the box from the flames. Since then, there have been no sightings of the Lone Centurion, and many have speculated that if he ever existed, he perished in the fires of that night, performing one last act of devotion to the box he had pledged to protect for nearly two thousand years.”


thanks to @hedaclarks for the beautiful text


- harry calls draco by his first name

- draco calling harry a “curse on his family” (not really drarry but i cried so it counts)

- draco and harry destroying the kitchen in a duel while ginny was gone for 3 minutes

- “keep up, old man” “we’re the same age, draco” “i wear it better” such sass

- draco admitting he always envied harry’s friendship with ron and hermione

- draco giving harry advice on parenting and (rightfully) criticizing him for how he treats albus

- draco voluntarily joining harry and hermione in taking responsibility for losing the time turner again

- harry giving draco a “tour” of his office and draco being concerned when he seems visibly upset

- draco attempting small-talk with harry and revealing how he used to want to be a quidditch player instead of a ministry man like his father wanted

- draco confiding in harry that “it is exceptionally lonely being draco malfoy”

- when “they look at each other as friends” FOR THE FIRST TIME

- ron saying draco is being all “chummy chummy” with harry

- “Draco smiles at Harry gratefully” engrave this on my tombstone

I’m just so happy for Naruto right now. He’s got his own family, his dream and his friends. He finally achieved everything he’s dreamed of. A big congrats to you, our number one knucklehead ninja.