“Don’t be dense Niall, of course he’s spotty about this one,” Liam interjects, “How is he supposed to advance in a relationship with someone who doesn’t speak?” He reaches for his second roll from the basket set in the middle of the table, “The most he knows about her is that she likes animal printed shorts, she has a cat, and knows how to bandage someone properly –”

“Not true,” Harry pouts, “I also know she likes lemonade.”


Harry picks berries for a summer job and Y/N doesn’t talk

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rasp - luke blurb

“Mmmm baby girl.” Luke whispers into your ear as he presses you against the wall while his hands slide down your sides.
You giggle as he kisses down your jawline.
“You’re just dying to be touched, aren’t you princess?” He mumbles against your jaw, squeezing your hips and pulling you towards him.
You breathe in shakily as his hands slide under your shirt (which is his tbh) and tugs on your underwear.
“Just ready to be touched by me, yeah?” Luke rasps, kissing his way to your neck.
“I bet you’ve been touching yourself all day without me here, hmmm? Imagining your fingers as mine while fingering your tight and wet pussy, right baby?” He whispers darkly into your ear again, his hand dipping in your underwear.
You moan a bit as he slides his finger down your slit.
“Look at you, wet already and I’m just talking.” He chuckles lowly, kissing your ear before pulling away.
He looks at you with his dark royal blue eyes while rubbing slow circles around your clit with his index finger.
“You want me to finger fuck you, baby? You want me to do that for you?” He asks, pressing his lips on the corner of your lips.
“Y-yes..” You whisper quietly, your voice cracking.
“Oh princess,” Luke rasps, looking down at his working finger playing with your clit. “Daddy’s gonna do more than just finger fuck you, pretty girl.”