“so i was hoping to have a nice, peaceful off day today, so i went to bendels to shop, obvi. but there was this lady with a screaming baby totally ruining the entire atmosphere. like, sweetie, if you can’t take care of a baby, maybe you shouldn’t have had one.”


follow you moodboard part 1 of ?

“What if I told you I could get you one-on-one with James Buchanan Barnes?” He asked simply, once again stopping her right where she was. Her expression was no longer sarcastic, no longer annoyed, and as much as she hated to admit it- Tony Stark had just gotten her exactly where he wanted her. “I know you’ve been studying him. I read your little articles on your little blog, it’s cute.”

“James Barnes doesn’t talk to anyone,” she told him; already knowing that every psychologist who had tried to get him to open up about his past had failed. “What makes you think he’ll talk to me?”

Tony dropped his head to the left. “Because you’re a beautiful girl.” His tone insinuated that she should have already known his answer. “I’d put my money on Bucky Barnes being a real womanizer in the forties, and you know, old habits die hard.”

She scoffed at his tactics. “You’re delusional, you know that?”


Some photos of my first MOC from days of yonder.

I remember making him a Toa of Thunder, but I changed his element to Lightning since that is a canon element (and yes I know that Vo-Toa are supposed to be female, but there have been some exceptions such as Orde being a Toa of Psionics)

That’s pretty much all I can remember about him, if I can’t recall his name I’ll give him a new one ; v ;