((ok guys

((i think i’m gonna take a break from asks again

yeah yeah, i know i really should stop putting this blog off

but don’t worry! i have substitute for asks: you guys can request stuff to me! and it doesnt necessarily have to be from the expression board i reblogged a while ago, it can be anything, as long as it isn’t far too detailed and intricate

so, go ahead and send me stuff! i also might reblog a couples meme thing you can request from ;;

sorry im leaving you guys hangin so much haha, ill be back to asks in maybe 2 or 3 days

Just another day. Just another night spent dreaming and crying about the perfection of captain swan.

About Me A to Z

I was tagged by the beautiful and amazing @blissfullyintoxicated

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers, and put in yours. When you’re done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you.

Most importantly, have fun!

A - Age: 45
B - Biggest Fear: spiders, yuck yuck double yuck
C - Current Time: 8:11pm
D - Drink You Last Had: Big Red
E - Everyday Starts Off: watching CNN
F - Favorite Song: The Eagles “Hotel California”
G - Ghosts, are they real?: Duh
H - Hometown: little itty bitty town in Texas
I - In Love: for over 20 years!
M - Middle Name:
N - Number of Siblings: 2
O - One Wish: To be financially secure!!!
P - Person You Called/Texted Last: My hubby
Q - Question You’re Always Asked: What’s your nationality?
R - Reasons to Smile: YOORAN
S - Song Last Sang: Ok, this is so nerdy, the opening theme for YOI, Born to Make History
T- Time You Woke Up: 7:30am
U - Underwear Color: black
V - Vacation Destination: a Cruise, I don’t care where
W - Worst Habit: Eating my feelings 
X - Any X-rays you have?: chest, foot
Y - Your Favorite Food: Carne Guisada with refried beans and Spanish rice, scooping it up with a tortilla
Z- Zodiac:Leo

I’m too tired to tag….I love you all!!!


Happy Birthday, BTS!

If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

@oquiznakitznary @spacedorksandlions this is the thing I was talking about HAHAHAHA 

this is still a rough WIP btw