13 reasons to love Jacksepticeye

#1 His intro

#2 He’s literally a ball of sunshine

#3 He got the moves like Jagger

#4 His laugh

#5 He make jokes that no one gets

#6 He has beautiful eyes

#7 His pure beauty

#8 The face he makes when he know he has fucked up

#9 His smooches 

#10 His fab green hair

#11 His smile

#12 Just the way he is

#13 His love for his fans

@therealjacksepticeye I just wanted to say that I love you and I litterally had a 12 hour long marathon of your undertale series

Sasaki leaves the interrogation room and calls Furuta on his phone.

Sasaki: It’s no good. Shiono-san won’t give out any information. (confess)
Furuta: Is that so…
Sasaki: It’s possible he doesn’t have any information. How are things on your end?
Furuta: Uh… This seems time-consuming. There are books being read, tags and memos…
Furuta: As well as not too important items…

Furuta along with other investigators were examining Takatsuki’s room.

Furuta: I understand that they’re a troublesome person but… I also dislike cleaning.

Sasaki: Please proceed with examining the other rooms as well. I’m very sure that she is the One-Eyed Owl.
Sasaki: I heard from Kijima-san while he was still alive that you’re good with organizing documents.
Furuta: …Wait, was that all the credit I got? *sweats*
Sasaki: Also, please replace the furniture in the interrogation room.
Furuta: Yes. Did you do something, boss? (he’s calling him his superior but boss is the only word I could come up with)

Sasaki: It’s ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’.
Furuta: Huh?
Sasaki: Please be the 'good cop’, Furuta-san.
Furuta: …You’re really like a highly-talented child… Ah, my apologies.
Sasaki: Yes, I’m a kid. Adults are suspicious so I hate them.

Sasaki: (…Takatsuki-sensei. Please don’t think that I let you escape.)


I don’t know about you guys, but this is by far the absolute best @thatsthat24 vine to ever exist.