OOOHHHhhh my god Oh my god how’d i not make this connection

Yondu was handing over children to Ego and essentially selling them just like Yondu’s parents did to him

He spent so much time thinking the kids would be reunited and be happy because that’s their father, until he saw what really went on and… Ohhhhh my god


@bossbotfiretruck because you got me thinking about this.

Not gonna lie, the more I re-read The Complete Allspark Almanac the more I’m…kinda starting to think that the Autobot Commonwealth in TFA might be…kinda feudalistic? Or more accurately, whatever the equivalent political system where it’s military power = direct political power. Every Magnus we know of is considered the military leader just as equally as the social leader, and they all seem to have arrive at that position solely through rising through military rankings. I mean, there’s…approximately no discussion of actual voting or democratic conventions, and if there is it seems to be limited entirely to the senate- which by all accounts looks like it’s lifelong-held positions.

I wouldn’t be surprised if being “at war” constantly has been great for military-based leadership to continue assumed command long enough to be regarded as normal, considering how much of the actual social structure and economy seems to revolve entirely around the Autobot-Decepticon War and, uh



is the autobot commonwealth a shogunate??????? Somebody who actually knows how politics and government work please help me figure out what to call this sort of political system.

@tinyfiestyrosiekitten holy didn’t you already predict this


Holy shit

Well I guess humpday is technically over... but w/e. Have some Raph smut to getcha through the work week. 18+ only!!

Heat coiled low in her gut, making her toes curl and her thighs tremble. The achingly slow tug of his cock inside her was unbearable, and she let herself fall back against his plastron, mewling in need. He was doing it on purpose, the bastard, but she didn’t have time for his games tonight. Rae needed him to go faster. Now.
She could feel him smirking.
Frustration mounting, she tried grinding back against him, but his broad hands held her hips immobile. His pace slowed to a crawl, and she heard him chuckle when she whined.
If he didn’t pick it up, she was going to lose her goddamn mind! “C'mon! Just give it to me, daddy!”
He stopped.
Rae tipped her head back to look at him, and the shocked expression on his face made her balk. ‘Oh shit, did I say that out loud? He must think I’m so weird!’
Hunching her shoulders in mortification, she stammered, “I’m… I didn’t mean… y-you dont-”
“Say it again.”
His usually deep voice had dropped another octave, the gravely baritone reverberating straight into her bones and making her throb around his impressive girth.
“Say. It. Again.”
A knowing grin pulled at her mouth. Tongue swiping across red painted lips, she practically purred, “Give it to me, big daddy.”
He abandoned his hold on her hips; one arm wound across her shoulders to trap her against him and the other pushed him from his back and onto his haunches. Her legs were splayed wide, draped over his thighs as her toes dangled above the mattress.
Raph latched onto the side of her neck with his teeth, laving the abused skin with his tongue before rumbling lowly, “Be careful what ya wish for.”
He thrust into her sharply, and the burst of pleasure/pain tore a hoarse shout from her throat. She was pinned against him, his iron grip unwavering as he began jerking up into her with abandon. When he pressed a finger against her clit she nearly came undone, mouth falling open as an incoherent jumble of sounds came pouring out.
“This what ya wanted? Hn? Ya like that?!”
She clasped desperately at the hand toying her slick pearl. “Nngh! R-Raph!!”
“What’s wrong? Too much for ya?”
She bit her lip, eyes snapping shut as she shook her head, unwilling to back down now.
“Ya sure?”
He rumbled in appreciation. “Atta girl.”
Rae could do little else but hold tightly to the arm that held her prisoner, her nails raking over thick, sinewy muscle and smooth scales. His breath was hot on her throat as he moved, every thrust drawing an animalistic sound from deep within his chest. Each time he withdrew he brushed against that sweet spot inside of her, and soon she could feel her juices sliding down the cleft of her ass.
She felt his lips pull away from his teeth as he pressed his mouth to her ear. “Lookit how wet ya are, dirty girl. Yer soaked.”
There were few things that could get her off faster than that filthy mouth of his, and she felt herself shaking at the smug utterance, his manic pace shoving her precariously close to the edge.
Raphael coated a finger in her wetness and pressed the pad of it to her lips. She obliged without protest, her tongue sweeping over the thick digit as he pushed it into her mouth. Tasting herself on his skin was such a turn on, and she moaned throatily, her teeth scraping his knuckle.
He withdrew his hand and gripped her thigh firmly, kneading the soft flesh before giving it a sound smack. “Who’s yer daddy?!”
She gasped, her head reeling as she felt her pussy start to tighten around him. “You are!”
Rae tried to move, straining against his arm and grasping at him, trying to anchor herself to something as she felt her release rising up to consume her. It was so much sensation. So fast, so hard and sooo fucking good! She couldn’t stand it!
“Whaddya want? Beg me for it!” he barked, voice so loud it made her windows rattle.
“Please! Oh fuck, please, please m-make me cum!”
“Yeah?! You want it?!”
She could have cried. It was so close. So close! She could hardly speak! Could hardly breathe anymore!! Just when she thought she might never reach nirvana he pulled her down hard onto his cock, and her mind went blank. White light streamed across her vision, filling it with spots as she came hard. She dug her nails into his arms, shrieking like someone was fucking murdering her as it hit. Behind her she felt him tense up, heard his deep, thrumming churr as he went over the edge. His seed filled her up, gushing out of her cunt to drip on the sheets below them.
The big male at her back finally released her, letting her lax body fall forward onto the bed. He leaned over her prone form, thick member still seated deeply inside. “Hope yer ready for round two. Big daddy’s just gettin started.”
Despite the fact that she couldn’t really remember her own name… or where she was, one very clear thought managed to filter through her fuck-addled brain.
‘Oh sweet lord… what have I done?’

literally the gay in Carry On is so soft,, so pure… we need more books like that where there’s just kissing until their mouths go sore,,,,, and kindness,,, Simon Snow who never kissed a boy in his life is now Simon “I Solve Problems With My Mouth” Snow kissing the BF whenever he needs to calm Baz down……………its great it’s a great time I may have cried a little