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what do you think about the idea that Karamatsu's self awareness orb being mostly see through represents transparency?(as in, being honest of personality and intentions) especially seeing as Jyushi's is basically a bubble

Ohhhh my God, my man, Kara and Jyushi’s orbs are so INTERESTING (Oso’s makes me want to die but anyway,)

Yeah I think Kara’s pretty much stands for how easy it is to see his true intentions. Which is good! Even with his heart on his sleeve and risking vulnerability it means there’s purity in his actions which is a good quality. With that being said, Jyushi’s orb being as see-through as a bubble - and there ain’t nothin’ clearer than a bubble - trumps the “Jyushi is probably masking something tragic behind his smile” theory. Jyushi’s actions are all Jyushi and that’s really comforting honestly.

HOWEVER. Eheh, forgive me for going on, I thought about this recently.
Looking back at Kara’s orb, it’s small (opinion of himself is lower than others) and fragile looking (suggests he’s easy to break), yet unscathed. It’s pristine and despite the treatment he gets, there’s not a single scratch (whereas Oso’s is dented and misshapen kill me). I suppose that suggests Kara is stronger than we think he is. All of the things he’s gone through and his orb is still shining. I’m not crying.
Now… back to Jyushi. His orb is a literal bubble. One wrong movement and that thing will pop, boom, no more. That probably suggests Jyushi is very very very very easily hurt *Throws Ep24 inTO THE TRASH*
Saying that, Jyushi’s bubble is currently floating around in space, out of reach. Does that mean Jyushi’s absentmindedness is part of a defence mechanism? If he ignores it and clings to his idealism of how things should be, he’ll continue to be at peace? Kill me again.
I think the “placement” of their orbs in the skit is also important.

Oso pulled his out of his back pocket. It’s there but it’s easy to ignore.
Kara’s is sitting in his open palm held out in front of him for the world to see - he’s open to a lot.
Choro’s is floating around in the air blinding people, being generally loud and overbearing.
Ichi tried to bury his and forget about it.
Jyushi’s is, yeah, in the quiet vacuum of space out of everyone else’s reach.
Totty’s trying to conceal his but it’s still sparkling and grabbing attention. (Cyber are pretty painful too, huh? Lmao)

I used to be so confused about these orbs, something being lost in translation when the show was subbed, but now it makes more and more sense and it’s tragic as hell for some of them lmao
With Kinniku being two of the biggest personality crises in the show it really gave us a better insight on how the staff have planned to write them and it’s really interesting. SORRY for rambling past your initial question though, all of this is just incredibly relatable and now I have to give our niisan a hug.


Holy shit

literally the gay in Carry On is so soft,, so pure… we need more books like that where there’s just kissing until their mouths go sore,,,,, and kindness,,, Simon Snow who never kissed a boy in his life is now Simon “I Solve Problems With My Mouth” Snow kissing the BF whenever he needs to calm Baz down……………its great it’s a great time I may have cried a little


Rowan and Thorne are currently what floats my boat lol