(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.


“Woo Woo Woo

Woo Woo Woo

Ryder Or Riot
Can’t keep me quiet
I just keep screaming
Woo Woo Woo
I can’t deny it
Come on and try it
They all keep screaming
Woo Woo Woo “ 

Ken Ashcorp - Ryder Or Riot

KBTBB Stimulating Kiss in The Love Room ~Oh Soryu~

On the way back from the date, the two of you go to the love hotel as invited…
Fascinated by the unrealistic world, the two of you became elated, which unexpectedly results in doing cosplay at the love hotel ♥
As Soryu forcibly removes your clothes from your embarrassed form… To you who throbs in such a different ambiance than usual, Soryu then-
“Today I want to see all of you, in this bright state.”
How will the secret doings go with Soryu at the love hotel tonight?

Sooo… I have finished Soryu’s side story and I can say that the description for Soryu’s story isn’t entirely true. As in, it’s misleading for some part. But anyway, the story was good. (Eisuke’s story is still better in my opinion.)

The story was cute and funny. Less steamy as compared to Eisuke’s. It’s more of the MC and Soryu spending quality time together back in Japan, sharing their thoughts and interests (mostly Soryu’s favorite genre police ahem). Things were still innocent even when they were in the love hotel. It was only at the very end that things escalated but ended with a sentence that goes something like “The two of us spent the whole night together” blah blah…

I have no idea if it was a good move by Voltage Inc to release Eisuke’s story first because Ota and Soryu’s stories were less stimulating compared to Eisuke’s. With the context of being at the love hotel, we would expect similar happenings seen in Eisuke’s. But I understand that it’s crafted based on the respective personalities. Like how Ota is a tease but in fact, he can be embarrassed with how aggressive the MC can be when he’s the one who told her to be. And how Soryu has a great self-control when it comes to sexual urges (Uh no? Okay lol) at least seen in this side story.

Stimulation wise, this could be better if there are more chapters, maybe. Plot wise? I think it’s well done. Step right into the screenshots and some spoilers below:

Slight Spoiler Ahead

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