• Susan (Melissa McCarthy):nice helicopter where did you get it?
  • Nancy (Miranda Hart):it's 50 cents, I had to deputise him to let us use it, he is so afraid of me!
  • 50 cent:mother fucker spy, let's go shoot someone else
  • Nancy:Oh simmer down 50 cent or I'll have to mount you again
  • 50 cent:this days just getting better and better
  • Nancy:HE WANTS ME!
  • This is why I love the film spy 😂😂😂😂

Worst TV Moms : These 8 moms make us appreciate our mothers even more

Betty Draper (above) from Mad Men…no wonder her children love her so much

Nancy Botwin from Weeds

Oh “Pants”…we have such a love/hate relationship with you. But you really should have kept your kids out of your drug dealing business.

Constance Langdon from American Horror Story

Spock said it best: “…I can’t even walk through my own home without tripping over one of your dead offspring.”

Julie Cooper from The O.C.

Hey Julie, remember that time when Luke was your daughter’s underage ex-boyfriend? And he cheated on your daughter? And left her broken-hearted? And she OD'ed in TJ? Seriously not cool, Julie.

Lianne Mars from Veronica Mars

We would be so much more angry at Lianne for being a crap parent if Keith weren’t the Best. Dad. Ever.

Lily Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

Don’t be fooled, Rufus. Not only does she neglect the two children you know about, but she’s also failed to mention the secret love child you fathered.

Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

Actually Cersei, this was one of your finer parenting moments.

Any of the mothers from Pretty Little Liars

Get in line, Ella. It’s been 4 years. How have you guys not noticed that your children are being stalked by a murderer?!

Cora from Once Upon a Time

Cora: we think your tough love act may be a bit too tough. Now no one’s going to want to play with your daughter.

Really Important Person #1287: Bradley Cooper

Note: As you may have gathered from looking at this drawing, my computer died this morning. Well, something’s wrong with it anyway, and I’m currently forced to try to do my image manipulation on a laptop hooked up to my TV with a mouse that doesn’t work all that well. So my day’s been a little screwy, and hence this drawing. Oh well, it’s just Bradley Cooper, so who cares. I’ll try to make something better tomorrow.


Write your username in song titles

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Closer - Aerosmith
Under the Sea - Disney
Poison - Alice Cooper
Can’t Stop Loving You - Aerosmith
Addict With A Pen - twenty one pilots
Keelhauled - Alestorm
Eat the Rich - Aerosmith
Over and Over - Three Days Grace
For Those About to Rock - AC/DC
Comatose - Skillet
Rum - Alestorm
Oh Canada - national anthem
What Difference Does It Make - the Smiths
Nancy the Tavern Wench - Alestorm
Sunset on the Golden Age - Alestorm

Me ? An obsession with Alestorm ? Not at all I don’t see what you’re talking about.

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