super extremist atheists honestly sound just about as bad as extremists of any religion

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ok mountain goats concert i;, we waited 3 hrs to get in anf get front seat at the pit., shared spot w guy who was as passionate as we were.,, screamed all th lyric.s., john darnielle like. fuckin. we connected trust me h;e played ‘up the wolves’ and he saw how excited i was as soon as th intro started and he went “yeah!!! :^D” @ me., he did three encores., fuck., 

Bottom Line hhe saw us while he was walking out anf we were sttil waiting for our ride, and he immediately goes “You two!!!!” and comes up and hugs us And Also Bottom Lin;e he signed both our sketchbooks anf said he’d see us again. what the fukc. thats. bullshit.

Phan is real?

So i stumbled upon these deleted blogs i found while looking through Google docs (the link of one below). For a moment i thought it was just another one of thoes phan ship blogs, but then i started reading it.
i use to think dan and phill were just best friends that people shipped.
Now i don’t even ship it… I believe it’s cannon.

If you want proof of phan, read this.
Warning: If you don’t want to feel bad for invading their privacy, don’t read this.

Here is the link to the deleted blog:


(please don’t spread this link around.)

I surmised all of the deleted blogs here.
think Phan Is Cannon.
Here’s why:

1 Phil is literally 28. twenty eight. nearly 30. I think that’s the age to be in a committed relationship with somebody, possibly even married.
They still live with each other.
Two grown men flirting with each other.
I wouldn’t say that’s what you call a ‘platonic friendship’

2 There was a video made called the “valentines video” (pretty sure we all know about it). It was a video created Phil and uploaded to lessamaizingphill for Dan on valentines day saying he loves him and he is his valentine, proving that they are/were dating. It got un-privated by a YouTube glitch but they quickly deleted it. Dan and phill said that the video was just an April fools joke, but there is so much disproving that

Read here (Content from deleted blog) :

There are several things that don’t seem to make sense about the Valentine’s Day Video being a prank, when you take a moment to think about it.

1. If it was a prank and they decided not to go through with it, why keep it up on Phil’s side channel for a year and a half?

2. Why delete the video after it had leaked, when adding a simple annotation saying that it was a joke would’ve saved a lot of drama and gossiping? phanlentine.tumblr.com 130/134 

7/8/13 Valentine’s Day Video - Context and Commentary

3. Why did they initially go directly to the fans that found it and ask them to keep it quiet, rather than making a general announcement to all their fans that this was a prank?

4. Why so much zeal in hunting down the copies of it that still circulate?

5. For someone who usually cannot act his way out of a paper bag, how did Phil manage to pull off the “smitten and in love" look so well?

6. Why did so much work go into a simple prank video?

7. Why include references that no one would have understood at the time?

More here: (X)

Why would they lie about it?

If we assume the Valentine’s Day video is real, why would they claim that it’s a prank? This is entirely guessing, but here are a few possibilities:
1. They were no longer a couple when the video leaked and didn’t want to dredgeup the past
2. They want their relationship to remain private because their fans tend to beinvasive (like, some people have set up entire blogs analyzing the Valentine’sDay video, I mean what?)
3. They worry about the drama it would cause if their relationship was public andthey broke up
4. They think it will affect their careers 
5. They aren’t out to their families and/or friends
6. They feel that the video was so intimate they’d rather people think it’s fake
7. They’re caught in a “spiral of lies” and don’t want to own up to lying for solong.

I’m not aloud to give a link or a copy of the video, but the valentines video is still out there. 

So if it wasn’t an April fools joke, it was a real valentines video from Phil to Dan.
Don’t think that’s a sign of 'platonic friendship’ either.

3 Back in 2010, before Dailybooth.com was taken down, there were alot of photos proving phan, especially the comments between dan and phill
(read in link below)

(sorry for the playlist thing)

(X) the cactus thing (Phil literally confirms phan on camera)

(X) i love you phil - dan

(X) Phil isn’t really a prankster

(X) Dan saying he’d Adopt kids

(not included part to phillsnotonfire)





… Did i seriously just write that entire thing ;-;
oh god. i have no life.

I spent, like, two years pitching a wishing fish to “Supternatural.” Like ‘No, no! THEY CATCH A FISH! THAT GRANTS WISHES! AND THEY KEEP IT IN A COOLER!’ [literally headdesks]. A WISHING FISH, COME ON! It was the same way with ghost bees! COME ON, IT’S GHOST BEES! YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING! BZZZZZZ-BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Ji Chang Wook being a natural gentleman

+ bonus: Yoona’s reaction