Patater Week - Day 7

Feb. 12- Adopting a Pet Together (Bonus points for including Kit!) - 1.5K

Kimmy’s sitting outside the pet shop, fenced in with two other volunteers and about fifteen puppies when the 6’4 guy with the Falconer’ cap comes up to her.

“Puppy for sale?” he asks, his accent thick. European, Kimmy guesses, but she’s pretty bad at pinpointing these kinds of things. He’s pointing at the wriggling ball of fur in her lap, gnawing at a plastic bone.  

“Adoption,” Kimmy says, then cradles the puppy as she stands. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Can I?” the man asks, sounding pleasantly surprised as he sets down his groceries.

“Sure,” Kimmy says. This particular puppy hasn’t really been catching the attention of families throughout the day. He’s a little plain, Kimmy supposes, and shy around strangers. “Just kind of hold him with two hands—there you go.”

The man is astonishingly gentle when she transfers the puppy to him, and the dog looks comically small in his hands. The man’s eyes are twinkling, and he holds the dog close to his chest, kissing it on the head very lightly as he murmurs in Russian.

“His name’s Kenny,” Kimmy says. “We found him in a box downtown, along with a couple others. They’ve all had their shots, gotten fixed, microchipped, it’s all included in the adoption fees.”

“His name Kenny?” the man grins, like there’s a joke behind that. 

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MC fell asleep in a weird place, “I guess ill join her”


-He had a long day at school and he is ready to cuddle, he doesn’t even wanna game that’s how tired he is
-He finally find you in the bathtub asleep, with your clothes on,,,and there is no water..
-He’s tired so he doesn’t even think to question it so he just crawls in and makes room for himself, curling up to you
-Two cuties in a tub


-”Honey I’m home”
You’re asleep on the floor right in front of the door
-He looks down and smiles, “There you are!”
-Sits down right next to you and just passes out, if you can sleep there he can too
-Saeran walks in and is v v confused


-Hes home from work and he just see’s you asleep in Elizabeth the 3rds cat bed
-Laughs a little and sits down about to pick you up when he just stops because oh my god you looks fucking adorable all curled up in the small bed.
-plus you looked so peaceful, he is not gonna just wake you up
-He was also feeling pretty tired because he had to meet another of his father’s girlfriend and he absolutely hated her voice
-He laid his head on your lap and soon fell asleep
-Elizabeth the third is like “Why u gotta steal my bed m8″

girls like dollies chapter 5 (trixya) - lale

Here’s the next chapter of girls like dollies! Poor Trixie’s struggling with her feelings a lot this chapter – bear in mind the warning for internalised homophobia – and it was kind of cathartic to write this after spending all of my teenage years convincing myself that I had ‘girl crushes’ instead of crushes! I hope you all enjoy!

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hxneyandsxgar-deactivated201706  asked:

“Show me what’s behind your back.”

This one’s a Prinxiety ofc :)

Prince had only seen Anxiety once all day. It had been early in the morning, with Prince just waking up. He’d stepped out of his room to be met with a wide-eyed Anxiety, who had stared at him in shock for a second before dashing to his room. For some reason, his hands were out of Roman’s view the entire time. 

Later that day, Prince went in search of Anxiety. However, his room was empty, which left Roman clueless. He back out of the room and turned around, only to be met with a shocked Anxiety for the second time that day.

“Anxiety! There you are, my love. I’ve been looking for you!” He beamed. Anxiety forced a smile.

“Oh, that’s great, good to see you too, can I get into my room now? Bye Princey.” He was shuffling his feet nervously. 

“What? No, don’t go!” Roman whined. Anxiety tried to dodge past the royal boy, who shot a hand out and blocked him. “Hey, what’s behind your back?” He asked curiously. 

“Nothing, nothing! Nothing’s there! Ok bye Roman, see you later, go now!” Anxiety babbled. Prince smirked and jumped behind Anxiety, looking at what he was hiding.

“… A kitten! Oh my god, that’s adorable! It looks like you, all soft and pitch black with big eyes! Aw!” He cooed. Anxiety flushed in embarrassment,

“I found it in the imagination and it wouldn’t leave me alone.” He mumbled, making Prince laughing.

“I’m definitely calling you Kitten from now on.”


daffodilparker  asked:

77. for Peter :-))

77. “Yeah, you look cute. I mean, you always look cute, but this is just a new facet of your cuteness.”

You stared at the small mirror in your locker hating the reflection. Gently laying on the bridge of your nose was a pair of glasses that you had unwilling purchased yesterday at the optometrist. While you were grateful to be able to see two feet in front of you again and even more grateful the headaches were gone you hated the glasses and you hated the way you looked because of them. 

“Hey, (Y/N).” A familiar voice called out behind you and you shoved your head into your locker trying to avoid any further embarrassment. 

“Uh, it’s custom that someone shoves you into a locker but I appreciate your enthusiasm of starting your high school career out on the lower tier of popularity.” Peter laughed pulling you out. You sighed as you faced him. A smile spread from ear to ear on his face and his puppy dog eyes grew.

“Oh my god, (Y/N). You look adorable! Why didn’t you tell me you got glasses?” You bit the inside of your cheek trying not to smile at his compliment.

“I don’t like them. Do you really think they look good?” You asked shyly, crossing your arms, trying to comfort yourself as familiar faces walked by you, noticing the new addition to your face. 

“Yeah, you look cute. I mean, you always look cute, but this is just a new facet of your cuteness.”

You blushed and rolled your eyes. 

“Thank you, Peter.” You leaned in and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. 


Happy birthday @burnt-toast-and-flimsy-bacon

You blink your eyes open and are confused by your surroundings. You’re laying on Aaron’s bed, the sunlight streaming through the window. Your head is pounding like you’re hungover which you know isn’t the case. You sit up slowly and groan softly as you swing your legs over the side of the bed. Glancing at the nightstand you smile softly when you see the glass of water and two pain killers sitting there. Taking the pills and drinking most of the water you stand and make your way to the bedroom door. You’re halfway there when the door swings open.
“I thought I heard you up.” Aaron says reaching for you. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine. I’m a little confused. What happened?”
“You fainted.”
“Excuse me I did no such thing.” You scoff at him. You’ve never fainted in your life.
“Sweetheart, I caught you.” He says wrapping a hand around each arm. “Is everything alright? You were asking me for juice.”
“Oh, it’s my diabetes.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m a diabetic.” You tell him showing him your pump, “Did you get me to drink the juice?”
“I did.”
“I don’t remember. My pump must be off.” You muse checking the pump attached to your side.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Aaron asks looking concerned.
“I thought you knew.” You tell him with a laugh, “I asked for a snack because I was low on Tuesday. You gave me a cookie.”
“I just thought you were sad!” You can’t help the laugh that escapes your lips.
“Oh my god Aaron that’s adorable.” He looks embarrassed so you raise yourself up on your toes and press your lips to his. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I thought you knew. Thank you for catching me and the Tylenol.”
“You’re welcome.” He says kissing you again and you give his torso a tight hug. “You’ll tell me next time you’re low?”
“Of course.” You assure him, “I could use some food.”
“What do you want?”
“Let’s see what you’ve got.” You tell him taking his hand in yours, he wraps his arms around your waist. As you lean back into him you find yourself wishing that the only thing sweet you needed when you were low was him.

Imagine: You are an artist, and Spencer’s girlfriend. Naturally, you have page after page of drawings of him in your sketchbook, and he loves posing for you.

Masterpiece// Fluff
Requested by: itsjustme-marissa 
*Not my sketch, all rightful credits to the owner. Please contact me for credit*

You hug your black and white sweater closer to your body, taking a sip from the cup of hot chocolate you have nestled in your hands, and resting your head on the creamy white pillow behind you. Your boyfriend, and FBI profiler, Dr. Spencer Reid is due to arrive at your apartment any moment now, and you cannot wait to be back in his gentle embrace.

Your sketchpad rests on the coffee table by your feet and a wonderful black and white image of a half drawn rose stares back at you. Placing the cup of hot chocolate down on the table, you grasp the sketchpad in your hands, gripping a pencil with your fingers, and twirling it around with a sudden curiosity. The delightful and refreshing scent of the pumpkin pie scented candle dimly lit in the centre of the room inspires you as the led brushes up against the paper. You shift, sitting up with your legs pressed to your chest and carefully balancing the pad of paper on your thighs. Your wrist flickers delicately as gentle black strokes begin to decorate the plain paper. You nearly jump when you hear a knocking sound coming from your door. 

Your head snaps in the direction of your door for a brief moment, before you all but toss the sketchpad and pencil on the couch beside you, jumping up to your feet and rushing towards the noise. Your feet are cold against the hardwood floor of your apartment, and you hug the patterned sweater you are wearing tighter to your frail body as you twist the doorknob and open the door. 

Other than the cool October air instantly flooding into your apartment like an unwanted guest, on the other side of the wooden door stands your handsome boyfriend; only you think it’s him…

Your lips tilt upwards into a wide smile as you examine his head. His once long brown locks of soft hair were gone, and replaced with a slightly shorter style. 

“Oh my god,” you pause, “You look so adorable!” A slight pink tinge illuminates his cheeks, and you politely take a step back, allowing him to step across your doorframe, and into your slighter warmer apartment. 

“Thank you.” he replies shyly, taking a step closer to you as you close the door, “You’re always adorable.” With that, he closes the space between the two of you, giving you a sweet kiss on the lips.Your heart flutters wildly at the small physical display of affection. When you open your eyes to smile back at him, you unintentionally begin to study every intricate detail of his face. His plush pink lips. The way his brown eyes grow softer as he gazes back into your eyes. His gorgeous cheekbones and perfectly tousled brown hair. 

“What is it?” he tilts his head to the side with a small grin. 

“Nothing.” you smile back at him, your eyes flickering down to his lips before they meet the ground. “You’re just-” you start, lifting your chin once again, “Well, you’re a masterpiece.” Before Spencer has a chance to react to the compliment, your hand grabs his and you lead him into your living room. 

“It smells nice in here.” Spencer states in a hushed tone, “Pumpkin?” 

“Better.” you reply, guiding him to the couch, “Pumpkin pie.” As he sits down beside you, his eyes are met by your sketchpad on the coffee table. 

“Were you drawing?” he asks, his fingers gripping the book with his hands and examining the flower, “That’s beautiful.”

“Thank you.” you reply, using your finger to tuck a long lock of hair behind your ear, “Would you mind if I drew you?” 

“Me?” Spencer asks in shock, “Are you sure I’m worthy to be in a sketchpad with such a beautiful rose?” 

“Undoubtedly.” you smile, your head tilting to the side as you examine him with close precision.  

“Then I would be honoured.” he laughs, “How do you want me to pose?” Spencer purses his lips, squinting his eyes far too much and placing a long finger under his chin. You laugh, vigorously shaking your head at how ridiculous he looks. “What?” he questions, feigning offense, “I thought you said I was a masterpiece.” 

“Even masterpieces can use some direction.” you offer, reaching over to gently remove his hand from under his chin and placing it back in his lap. 

“Well, I suppose you are the artist.” he rolls his eyes playfully, rubbing your knuckles with his fingers as he does so. 

“Just relax.” you order, “Sit up straight and relax your shoulders.” He does as you say, relaxing his face into a more natural look, “Perfect.” you smile, grabbing your sketchpad and pencil, and moving to sit across from him. Your eyes widen as one of his fingers reaches up to brush a stray strand of hair away from his face, “Leave it be.” you protest, “You are perfect the way you are. No moving!” 

You make a mental note to finish the rose at a later date before flipping the page and coming face to face with a blank sheet of paper. Soon, you grip the pencil and the first soft stroke of led brings the blank sheet of paper to life. Spencer chuckles as he studies your face. You are biting your lip and completely focused in the current task at hand. Shooting him a warning glance, he stops laughing and relaxes into his position once again.

The lines dance against the paper, criss-crossing in every direction in a tasteful manner. Some run parallel to each other, while others take off on their own in a exquisite path of swirls and curves. The strokes alter from gentle to harsh, giving the image a unique texture. It seems like no time has passed at all when you begin shading in shadows of all different kinds, leaving no intricate detail left undrawn. 

“Finished!” you smile, quite proud of your newest sketch. Spencer relaxes, slouching back on the couch as he waits for you to join him once again. You hand him the sketchpad, watching with complete and utter joy when his face lights up. 

“Oh my God.” he says, “Are you sure this is me? He looks more handsome than me.” 

“It must be like looking in a mirror.” you laugh, taking one of his hands in yours again and curling into his side. He kisses the top of your head. “Like I said, a masterpiece.”

Hold It


*Gif credit to the wonderful person that made this!*

Anon Request: Can u do an imagine where the reader and Liam have a “Scallison” moment and the pack sees it and it reminds them of Scott and Allison? I’m sorry if that didn’t make sense. (Oh and the reader is allison’s sister and her name is Dani.) can u also put the packs pov and Scott’s pov? This imagine has like a whole bunch of fluff.

A/N: I’m sorry about the whole name thing, I kind of just use Y/N when I’m writing. And wow, this was such a cute scallison moment for me. I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted but I hope it’s okay!

Liam felt like ripping his teacher in half. The asshole had humiliated him in front of the entire class. Not that he cared about the class, the only person he cared about was the girl he had been crushing on for forever now and she was sitting in front of him. Liam’s face was red and his heart was racing. He was sure that if he opened his eyes at the moment, they’d be yellow. Liam was close to shifting when he felt something nudge his leg under his desk. Liam was going to ignore it but it kept happening. He opened his eyes enough to peak out of them, looking under his desk to see a hand reaching out for him. Liam looked at the hand in confusion before he heard a whispered, “Hold it.”

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Nate Maloley (Fluff)

Request: Do you think you could do an Imagine where y/n is making pancakes for everyone and suddenly pair of arms (Nate’s) would creep around her waist and be like ‘Morning beautiful’ in this sleepy voice, kissing her cheek, resting his chin on her shoulder, holding her thigh 🙈 She would smile, turn her head a little so she could kiss him and be like ‘Morning handsome’ 🙈 Aaaaaaand than One of the boys would be like 'Aya, looook at them!’ pretty please?


I yawn looking at the bright sun peaking from the curtains. I carefully started to get out of the bed to trying not wake up Nate to start my small routine which was brushing my teeth. I walked down stair to make breakfast, I hummed a few song from Arianna Grande while mixing the pancakes batter. I squeal when I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. “Good Morning, Beautiful” He whispered huskily on my ear. “Good Morning Baby did you slept well” I said turning around to Nate his matted hair causing me to giggle. he nodded, taking the bowl out of my hands to help me whisk the batter. “Strawberry Or Blueberry” I said looking at the topping for the Pancakes. “Strawberry” he said adding butter on the pan. “I’ll cook the Pancakes because you almost burn the house last week” I said pouring the pancakes on the pan. He put his head on shoulder lazily looking at me cooking. “I wanted to make breakfast for my Lil mama” he whine pecking my cheeks. “Oh My god look how adorable you guys are” Sammy snickered while the Jacks nodded in agreement making me blush light rose color and Nate to smile goofily.