NCT REACTION: Of after dance practice you act as a stripper bc of a dare [Taeil, Hansol, Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta]


“Don’t look Moon Taeil… Don’t look… It’s just a illusion…” *blushing quickly*

A few moments later…

“Really, a dare? You did it with me?”


*Trying to look indifferent*

When you finally tell the truth, he would get so embarrassed that could barely look at you.


He would be enough of your presentation.

“Girl, stop! Or you’ll make me go crazy!”

But when you tell the truth, he’d straighten up, trying to keep a cool pose, when in fact he’s dying of shame inside.

“Hum… You didn’t get anything out of it, who is affected? I’m not…”


“Oh my god? Are you doing what I’m thinking?!”

And after…

“Don’t do it ever again!” *shy*


During your performance.

After the truth…

“You liar!”

~ADM Misso

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Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me

Ok, y’all, I was reading Girl Meets The Great Lady of New York spoilers because Girl Meets Bear is old news now and I came across something from Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me. Turns out, it’s more than just Riley trying to get a girl to like her. It also has, get ready for this…

Sex jokes.

You read that right, ladies and gentlemen. Of course, it has to be subtle (it’s still Disney, for god’s sake) but it’ll definitely be there. I can’t wait for it because:

1. I need to see how the characters react. I can see it like…

Someone: *says a sex joke*

Maya: Ooh…

Riley: What? Why is everyone ‘ooh’-ing? I don’t get it.

Farkle: I did. Oh, my innocent mind.

Let’s just say it would be pretty funny.

2. Smackle’s gonna do most of the talking.

And Farkle’s going to be really uncomfortable (he faints, I think). I mean, that’s just hilarious on it’s own. However, we all know how Smackle works, and she tends to say things that are too inappropriate for the children who are supposed to watch this show. We’re talking about the girl who swears here. I don’t even think Maya who have said what Smackle almost did.

Well, now I’m excited for an episode that I didn’t plan on being excited about. 


For any Rucas or Zaya shippers reading this, though, there will be some Rucas and Zaya though I think it’s obvious by now what those moments are.

me: i love shiro bc he’s like “i must teach these children good morals & i can’t remember most of the last year i may have killed someone ??” but also “I’m 25 how did i get saddled with 4 teenagers and 2 aliens and the fate of the universe oh my god”

roommate: he’s our age, he should be wandering his apartment in his boxers and trying to figure out how cheerios qualify as being gluten free

me: shiro’s biggest concern should be wondering which sandwich he is on a buzzfeed quiz and yet here we are

==>General Psychology? More like this is boring and I studied it for fun in Middle School

The books for the class were all ones she’d read when Psychology had first piqued her interest. The syllabus told tale of end of chapter tests and a term paper that she’d already begun writing during class. General Psychology was going to be much simpler than she’d have liked, but at least it was only the one semester. Perhaps the class that filled its place once it was over would be more entertaining, more challenging.

For fun, perhaps she could end this class with an extra paper. The generic one that she’d be through fine tuning before two weeks’ time, and something that would mean meddling in the affairs of others. Perhaps a detailed psychological analysis of one of her “peers”?

Or perhaps a short paper on the how the stresses of college life, of a new situation, weigh on the mind of your average Skaia University freshman? Yes. Yes, that sounded good. Rose would need a fresh journal for this, and a good subject.

Rose parked her butt on the curb just outside the building for a smoke, and to people watch. Someone would jump out at her, eventually.


I love you. Oh, my God. That just came… fly-flying out of my face, like it was some kind of l… I love you. I just, God! Did it again! I-I-I-I love you. I do. I just I-I love you. And I have been trying not to say it. I have been trying so hard to just mash it down and ignore it and not say it. And Jackson is a great guy. He is, and he’s gorgeous, and-and he’s younger than you, and he doesn’t have any grandkids or-or babies with his lesbian BFFs and he’s an Avery, and he liked me, you know? He… he really liked me. But it was never gonna work out because I-I love you. I am so in love with you.