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oh fuck why did someone link this to me now i'm going to get addicted to SU liveblogs too. GOD you liveblog so damn good. (Also, in that Uncle Grandpa episode keep in mind that he didn't just blow up Lars and Sadie's ship... he blew it up with a "HEAD CANNON".)

Holy shit BKEW is reading my blog.

Thanks a lot man! I try to do my best. And wow, I hadn’t actually thought it that way, it makes that joke a lot funnier in hindsight.

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Holy fucking shit your make up skills o.O Would you do tutorials for the skull and the coraline thing please. I am begging you. On my knees.

((OOC: oh god. I’d be nervous about doing a tutorial because I am in no way any sort of professional and the stuff I did *cough sellotapingbuttonstomyeyes cough* I definitely wouldn’t recommend you do!

Additionally, I really just winged it with all the makeup looks, there was very little method to the madness. I can TRY to do a skull tutorial, I suppose, as that one wasn’t too hard. If you guys really do want one..?))

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remember how during the year that never was that woman sold martha out, but when things were back to normal martha brought her flowers because she understood why she did it and still respected her

even as so much of the fandom was hating on martha like mad, martha jones herself refused to villainize other women for the choices they made in difficult circumstances. and the more brilliant and badass and wonderful martha is, the sadder it makes people look for hating on her.

SOME DAY THIS PAIN WILL BE USEFUL. | d. hale aesthetic. 

Dating a Fire-Breathing-Bitch-Queen: Episode #3
  • Rowan:I've heard a lot of human girls like surprises, so i thought maybe i would try to surprise Aelin...didn't go so well.
  • *Aelin comes back to her suite after a long day, and finds the light wont turn on.*
  • Aelin:What the-*takes out a dagger and moves into a crouch, slowly walking into the room*
  • *all of a sudden, lights flick on and Rowan pops up in front of her*
  • Rowan:SURPRISE!
  • Aelin:*punches him in the face*
  • Rowan:Oh my god what the hell! *clutches face and glares*
  • Aelin:Yeah what the hell! What did you think you were doing!? You scared the shit out of me
  • Rowan:I was surprising you dammit
  • Aelin:Why on earth would you do that?
  • Rowan:*grumbling and shooting daggers with his eyes* I thought it would be nice, most girlfriends would like this stuff
  • Aelin:All you did was jump out and yell surprise?! What---who would like that? People like to be surprised with gifts you bastard!
  • Rowan:*rolls eyes and gestures around him* I did get you gifts if you cared to notice
  • Aelin:Oh...my god...*looks around at a room filled to the ceiling with boxes of different chocolate*
  • Rowan:I expected a different reaction than getting punched in the face-
  • Aelin:Rowan-
  • Rowan:-But your welcome *smug*
  • Aelin:Rowan-
  • Rowan:Uh
  • Aelin:oh Rowan
  • Rowan:Are you crying?
  • Aelin:*lip quivers*
  • Rowan:stop
  • Aelin:i LOVE chocolate
  • Rowan:Stop crying
  • Aelin:this will last me at least two days
  • Rowan:You need to not be crying
  • Aelin:*goes up to a stack of chocolates, cries as she begins to eats them, looks back at him with tears and chocolate on her face*
  • Rowan:I'm never doing this again

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Oh God… look what you did. Now you actually implanted that idea in my head. I have NO idea how these two would be LMAO. Jumin would try to show his affection, but it might come as a bit aggressive, and Saeran doesn’t know how to react to it (and I figured he’d be a huge tsundere.) Whereas Seven is confused and slightly disturbed how things came to be.

RFA + V + Unknown Headcanons - Apologies

inspired by @mystic-imagination-messenger thank you for writing so much MM goodness for us! I had this idea brewing in my head for awhile before I realized you had already done a similar prompt, sorry ;~;

Scenario: How would each RFA member apologize after a big argument or realizing that they f*cked up?


  • immediately after, he realized he was wrong and oh god he shouldn’t have what should he do?!
  • 11/10 starts crying
  • He’s trying to say sorry but the poor boy can’t even get the words out
  • he wants to hug you but he’s too scared cuz he knows he did a bad boo boo and god why did he do that how could he have been so stupid??
  • …the tears just keep pouring out and he’s so nervous he starts to stutter and his words come out so garbled and nonsensical it’s like he’s typo’ing IRL you can barely understand him
  • you have to hold back laughter and try to keep a serious face on even though in your heart you’ve already forgiven him
  • sobs into your shoulder while promising he’d never do it again and you end up having to comfort him


  • Usually she knows better than to let her emotions get the better of her but she got caught up in the heat of the moment because you’re the only one who can affect her like that
  • really she only said those things because she has such high expectations of you
  • but she realizes it was unfair
  • and now she feels incredibly guilty
  • Gently knocks on your door, quietly waits until you’re willing to see her and hear what she has to say
  • Brings you a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee and a blanket
  • While you’re taking sips, she takes a deep breath and apologizes for behavior
  • She’s also managed to write up a full 10-page report with the first few pages detailing a plan on how and why she will never make that same mistake again and the remaining pages filled with how much she adores you, all the little things she loves about you and how she hopes you’ll accept her apology but that she understands if you can’t forgive her because she doesn’t deserve you
  • You can’t believe she did that but you read it anyway and it brings a smile to your face because she’s poured all her feelings and the sappy things she’s usually too embarrassed to say into it
  • You keep it hidden away but you like to pull it out when she’s not home and read it again and again


  • All he remembers is that he was really mad but now he can’t even remember why
  • he feels so bad he never should have yelled at you
  • if anybody else had raised their voice against you he would’ve punched them so now he’s seriously debating punching himself and the only thing stopping him is that the director would kill him and he kinda needs the job
  • He’s so moody and restless he can’t even focus at work and the director sends him home early
  • Uses this time to plan something elaborate and when you get home he surprises you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates
  • …while dressed in a black and white prisoner’s costume because “I should be jailed for committing such a crime against you, please forgive me my princess
  • Sings a really sappy love song to you and ends it with “I’m sorry” whispered in your ear followed by a gentle kiss on your cheek
  • You forgive him of course how could you not when he started kissing everywhere else too


  • The stubborn oaf didn’t even think he was wrong at all
  • He was just trying to protect you why would you even be mad at him for
  • You give him the cold shoulder for a few days until you realized that it was up to you to show him what he did wrong because it doesn’t matter if the entire RFA tells him he was wrong, he doesn’t listen to anyone else except you
  • You patiently wait for a chance and one day you find it while he was talking about some company business and you use the context as the perfect analogy to calmly explain to him why you were upset before
  • it clicks and he finally gets it, and is horrified that’s how he made you feel and he vows never to do it again
  • the next day your apartment is filled with 10,000 red roses cuz Regret Ham knows no chill
  • like you could smell it while you were still a block away from the door
  • he shows up at your door right after you arrive, hands you a crisp white envelope with your name elegantly penned on it in his handwriting
  • Inside the envelope is a blank itinerary
  • He tells you that he’s cleared out his schedule and for the next 48 hours he was completely yours and would take you wherever you wanted to go and do whatever you wanted him to do
  • You briefly debate telling him to dress up in an embarrassing outfit and dance the macarena but what ended up happening was you both end up not leaving bed for the next 48 hours
  • True to his word though he never made that same mistake again


  • It’s not really apparent because he’s usually always joking around but the boy has a temper
  • he accidentally loses it one day and needs some time alone to cool down but soon realizes that welp he done goofed and feels so so bad and guilty he doesn’t sleep at all
  • Creeps back into your room and realizes that you had cried yourself to sleep
  • Unlike Zen he does punch himself and it takes him so much to stop himself from crawling into bed and curling up next to you and hugging you tight but he doesn’t want to risk waking you up
  • When you finally wake you discover he’s built a fort around you in the form of offerings of honey buddha chips and Dr. Pepper and also a mountain of mint chocolates because he knows you love them so much
  • You dig your way out of the giant wall of offerings and see him sitting cross legged on the floor his eyes puffy from crying and his hands fidgeting nonstop
  • All he can do is mumble “I’m sorry I’m sorry” over and over again and he’s so scared you’re going to leave him
  • When you tell him you forgive him he looks like he might cry again and envelops you in the biggest bear hug
  • You thought that was it but when you turned on your laptop it burst into a 30-minute long animation of a cartoon Seven shouting out the words “I’M SORRY” in every possible language on earth
  • and when you checked your phone the same thing happened and it puts a big goofy smile on your face

Bonus: V + Unknown + Vanderd00d (lol) under the cut

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watching “The Bronze” with Sebastian Stan would include

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  • him begging you not to watch it
  • Y/N NO!
    Y/N YES!
  • “aww i like maggie”
  • “hope is my spirit animal”
  • sebastian face palming every time they show lance
  • “oooh i like your hair like that”
  • “y/n , please angel, can we stop?”
  • “we’re only starting, sebby”
  • “lance is such an asshole, i love him”
  • “HOPE NO!”
  • “it’s only a movie, y/n”
  • “shut up tucker-motherhacker”
  • seb doing everything he can to distract you from the movie but failing miserably
  • “oh my god i wish Mackie was here”
  • “Ohhhhh this is it, this is THE moment oh my god”
  • him trying to close your eyes with his hands 
  • standing in front of tv to prevent you from watching his glorious moment
  • hitting him with pillows and shooing him away
  • “holy shirt seb is that really you?”
  • “omg you’re so - holy crap IS THAT A TATTOO?”
  • “i did not know you could do that”
  • sebastian thinking of 85 ways to break up with you
  • “we need to recreate that seb”
  • “poor ben”
  • “YOU’RE SUCH A BUTTHOLE i love you”
  • “urgh i hate maggie”
  • “gosh you look sooooo good”
  • “i hate you y/n”
  • “i love you too sebby, and your gold”
  • taking pictures of his embarrassed face
  • posting it everywhere you can
  • him taking you to bedroom to recreate a certain scene from that movie 

Teens React to Attack on Titan

==>General Psychology? More like this is boring and I studied it for fun in Middle School

The books for the class were all ones she’d read when Psychology had first piqued her interest. The syllabus told tale of end of chapter tests and a term paper that she’d already begun writing during class. General Psychology was going to be much simpler than she’d have liked, but at least it was only the one semester. Perhaps the class that filled its place once it was over would be more entertaining, more challenging.

For fun, perhaps she could end this class with an extra paper. The generic one that she’d be through fine tuning before two weeks’ time, and something that would mean meddling in the affairs of others. Perhaps a detailed psychological analysis of one of her “peers”?

Or perhaps a short paper on the how the stresses of college life, of a new situation, weigh on the mind of your average Skaia University freshman? Yes. Yes, that sounded good. Rose would need a fresh journal for this, and a good subject.

Rose parked her butt on the curb just outside the building for a smoke, and to people watch. Someone would jump out at her, eventually.