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oh my god. the "Protect innocent human life at all stages" shit. in the Alberta elections, I got a campaign flyer from an independent candidate, and it was like "I believe in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception" and I was thinking "yeah, no you don't. if you did, you wouldn't be trying to strip bodily rights away from people who are pregnant, what about the sanctity of their lives??" as i ripped it up into pieces


Me, starting a comic page: I’ve got a layer for lineart, color, effects and background! Everything is tidy and organized :)

Me, 10 minutes later: Why are there 67 layers and ones 76-80 are missing did I accidentally merge them where is this dude’s shading why is one background above this one’s lineart where is

Chaz? Hey, Chaz! Wh- woah, what happened to your hands?

Integrated toolkit. Figured it’d be useful. Check it out! Soldering claaaaaw~

But… how did you-

-Install them? Well, the CBM did have most of the tools necessary to… what’s that look for? Yes, I amputated my hands. Well, not both at the same time, come on now, let’s be serious. Oh my god could you imagine that though? ‘Alright, that’s both hands off, now to– wait.’. Ahahaha… Sorry.

So the CBM had some automated assistance for you?

Yeah, it kinda held my hand through the procedure. Both of them. Figuratively and literally!

Okay, enough with the joking already. What’s this you’re working on?

Eh, not much. Trying to see if I can hook up a Raspberry Pi camera to this circuit, might be able to make some sort of security system.

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What if we did a special fan vid for the Hats for when they reach 1 million subs! Like the vids that Markiplier got from his fans!!!!! How happy would you think they'd be when they would see it!

Oh my God yes, that would be incredible. I would really love to be a part of that and try to somehow organize it!!! Holy crap if anyone seriously wants to do this though, like when they get closer, I’d totally be up for it. It’d be so much fun to make and everything. I think they would love it to be able to see all their fans omg. WHO ARE YOU WE MUST SPEAK MORE ABOUT THIS! (only if you want to it’s cool if you don’t)

whoops i did another art challenge… this time it’s this one

i had originally thought to do hollyxsloan for this but then i realized if anyone would wear Too Many Sweaters, it’d be khan

khan is a foot taller than holly lmfao but Oh My God Does She Try

==>General Psychology? More like this is boring and I studied it for fun in Middle School

The books for the class were all ones she’d read when Psychology had first piqued her interest. The syllabus told tale of end of chapter tests and a term paper that she’d already begun writing during class. General Psychology was going to be much simpler than she’d have liked, but at least it was only the one semester. Perhaps the class that filled its place once it was over would be more entertaining, more challenging.

For fun, perhaps she could end this class with an extra paper. The generic one that she’d be through fine tuning before two weeks’ time, and something that would mean meddling in the affairs of others. Perhaps a detailed psychological analysis of one of her “peers”?

Or perhaps a short paper on the how the stresses of college life, of a new situation, weigh on the mind of your average Skaia University freshman? Yes. Yes, that sounded good. Rose would need a fresh journal for this, and a good subject.

Rose parked her butt on the curb just outside the building for a smoke, and to people watch. Someone would jump out at her, eventually.