Back to the Start 2/5/2016

“Nobody said it was easy
Oh, it’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard

I’m going back to the start”

The Scientist - Coldplay

still one of my OTPs. Zeveria is my customized Avatar

going to try and do most OTPS before Valentines day, maybe not to this detail since I started this like uh a year and a half ago lol

Art by Tara d. Sorael Ignis 2016
Fire emblem © Intelligent Systems 2016

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When bernie wins the nomination and then the presidency i wish id be able to see the look on your face. Old politics are dead. It's time for a new America that stands for all of us and not just a handful of billionaires.

The look on my face would be a smile because I share Bernie’s politics. And twenty seconds later, I’d think, “Oh shit…how is he going to govern?”

My answers about Bernie Sanders have nothing to do with my personal politics; it’s simple political science. I’m trying to realistically answer people’s questions and point out that Presidents are elected to…you know…PRESIDE, and Senator Sanders would have no real political base – and that is the foundation from which all Presidents actually govern.

(Also, here’s a free piece of organizing advice directly to you, anonymous person: if you’re looking to sway people to support your candidate or cause, try to be half as substantive as Bernie Sanders consistently is instead of hoping that you’ll have a chance to spike the football and gloat in front of people you disagree with.)


So @little-cather tagged me to post my fave Harry pics, and after crying for one million years trying to choose, I managed to curate a small sampling.  C-can we make this a series? Part 1/??? (I cannot even imagine what I’d do if these were “Harry with Niall/Liam/Louis”.)

I’ll tag… @eastoran, @ritasfault, @niallold, @estrella30, @1dedus, @cashewdani, and @megalong (And of course, anyone else who would like to challenge themselves!)

Liam / Louis / Niall

Short Phanfic - <3

** All credit goes to @i-ship-it-more-than-you (I was asked to post on my account instead of hers for personal reasons - enjoy :D **

“Philll, I’m cold.” Dan complained, barging into Phil’s room and walking over to his set of drawers, pulling out a hoodie and slipping it on. “Oh are you filming?” He asked upon seeing Phil sitting on his bed, facing the camera.

“Uh huh, and you totally just ruined the shot, I finally got that tongue twister right as well!”

“Oh my God, you’re not still trying to do that tongue twister are you? Just let it go tbh.” Dan said, rolling his eyes.

“Dan, I don’t back out of challenges that easy, and especially since a phan challenged me- no way. And anyways, have you seen *enter twitter username her*’s artwork on twitter? Her phanart is amazing. I really wanna get this right for her.” Phil said, determined.

“Yeah yeah, whatever, although her phanart is really awesome.”

“Mhmm, now shoo, I wanna finish filming this by tonight.” Phil said, turning to face the camera again.

“Actually, I think I’d rather stay here, thanks.” Dan said with a cheeky smile, walking over and plopping down beside Phil’s camera.

“But I’m gonna get distracted!” Phil exclaimed with a pout, catching onto Dan’s train of thought.

“Oh you’ll do just fine.” Dan said carelessly, quickly hiding his Cheshire grin by turning his face away.

Dan Howell had an idea.


Two hours later, Phil finally managed to finish his video, despite Dan’s distractions.

Phil was exhausted but really wanted to get the video up that night, so he ended up editing with sleepiness fogging his vision and yawns interrupting his work every few seconds.

Eventually the video was uploaded to YouTube, and he went straight to bed. Dan was already curled up in a ball on his side of the bed, fast asleep. Phil smiled a sleepy lopsided smile at his boyfriend. He looked so calm and innocent- it made his heart go all warm and fuzzy. Slipping into bed, Phil knocked out as soon as his head hit the pillow.


“PHILIP MICHAEL LESTER, YOU MOTHERFLUFFER WAKE UP RIGHT NOW?” Dan yelled, jumping up and down on the bed, waking Phil up.

Phil groaned, chucking his pillow at Dan to shut him up. “What do you want? Be quiet please.”

“Phil, get up right now.” Dan said in a stern voice, coming to a stop with his yelling and jumping.

“What is it? What happened?” Phil asked groggily, getting up and putting on his glasses.

“You literally just outed us in your new video!” Dan exclaimed, rubbing his eyes in frustration.

Phil shot up, now completely wide awake. “WAIT WHAT? How?!”

“You didn’t edit it out properly, you can see little bits of my hair bobbing up and down right below your stomach.”

Phil’s mouth fell open, eyes wide in horror. “Oh shiles! Dan, I’m so so sorry! I-I was just really tired when I was editing and I probably never saw! Oh Dan, I’m so sorry! We can’t delete it otherwise everyone will be able to tell- will we have to come out?” He asked in a terrified whisper.

Dan slowly raised his head from his palms, the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“Phil, what’s the date?”

Phil stopped in the middle of his ramble, caught off guard by Dan’s odd question.

“Uh,” he grabbed his phone and checked the date. “1st of April.” And suddenly the realisation dawned on him. All he managed to saw was a little “oh”.

Dan let out a little giggle, now slightly nervous about what Phil’s reaction from such a prank would be.

“Dan Howell, did you just prank me about having out relationship outed to the whole world- by literally everyone seeing you giving me a blowjob? I actually did edit it out, didn’t I?” Phil asked in a steady tone.

“Dan smiled a bit, albeit a nervous one. “Uhh, hehe, yeah…” He said anxiously.

“Oh my God! You absolute idiot, I was scared out of my mind! You are never giving me a blowjob like that again while I film- literally never again. That was a terrible prank. Wait, but like not as bad as Sam Pepper ones though, of course.” Phil said, quickly adding in the last part. “Now c’mere.” Phil reached his arms out, calling Dan to come sit on his lap.

Dan let out a sigh of relief, giggling a bit and walking over to sit on Phil’s legs.

“So… you’re not mad at me?” Dan asked cautiously.

“Ohh, well…” Phil trailed off, leaning his head closer to Dan’s and nuzzling his nose against Dan’s cheek whilst bringing his lips dangerously close to the brunet’s own.

Dan’s breath caught in his throat, all worries forgotten as Phil brought his lips down to Dan’s collarbones and peppered them with feathery kisses. He made his was up Dan’s neck, kissing a bit harder on his pulse point, until going up higher and kissing him against his jaw. Dan’s eyes fluttered shut. The slightest bit of perspiration dotted his hairline as he got uncomfortably turned on.

Phil kept on making his way up, until he reached Dan’s lips. Phil looked up at Dan’s eyes to see them shut tight. Then he looked down at his boyfriend’s pants and smirked.

Mission accomplished, he thought.

With his mouth just centimetres away from the other boy’s, Phil licked his lips and let them ghost over Dan’s just the slightest bit. Suddenly he pulled away, pushed Dan off of him and walked over to the door.

Dan’s eyes sprung open as he toppled off the bed, “wait- Phil?” Dan exclaimed, confused.

Phil looked over his shoulder from the door, “That’s what you get for pranking me, Howell.” He said with a smirk, before walking out the room, leaving a wide eyed and shocked Dan in his wake.

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Would you date Deadpool

Oh wow, what a question! Well, I am more of a lady-lover, tbh. But I would sure as hell friend-date Deadpool. I would be the best damn platonic romancer ever. We would go on all the friend-dates. Trips to the fair, cinema, pulling dumb faces in a photo booth, give each other bad fashion advice, he’d braid my hair and I’d jab him in the eye trying to do that winged-eyeliner milarky. We’d have sleepovers and play videos games and stay up all night talking about the universe and how insignificant we can feel in the grand scheme of things. We’d wax poetic about life and love and ask each other the hard questions like Marry, Fuck, Kill: Spider Man, Daredevil, Black Widow. And he would know that I cherish him not only as a friend but as a person. Which would be proven when we do the Best Friends quiz and ace every last question.

Basically…we’d be 13 year old girls at a slumber party.

And it would be rad.

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What would Kenma and Kuroo do of their s/o go over to their house cuz their s/o was invited for dinner without knowing they have a cat, but the s/o is really allergic and like eyes are swelling shut and getting rashes and just o no

// oh no!!! -mod bird //


He’d be all “holy shit what do i do im so sorry i didn’t know you were allergic. They’d go outside and once they’re symptoms started to chill they’d go somewhere else for dinner.


He’d try to keep calm and help them but would honestly be like holy shit if they die its all my fault and probably never forgive himself for this honestly 

Oh look. Life called.

Hello my lovely Gothamite friends! My life is going to be extremely hectic starting today (new schedule, new opportunities, new everything. :D Yay!). However I won’t be as active on Tumblr. :( 

I’ll do the best I can to keep in contact with this wonderful fandom. I have some posts on queue to keep my blog active for me.

I will try to be on Tumblr on the evening of February 29th to express how much I love the new episode of Gotham (because I know I will). Overall I love you guys, continue supporting each other, and keep up the wonderful dedication to Gotham. 


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So I completely adore the fantasy world and was attempting to figure out which race I'd be (rather than do actual work because the fantasy verse is much more interesting) but I ran into a slight problem - I'm Scottish, Slovak (which is Slavic in features) and Irish ... All of which are mentioned in the various races (Dwarf, Gnomes and Goblins specifically) and was wondering how to figure it out between the three?

oh how fun! I love when people try to make themselves in our fantasyverse!ヽ ( ; ▽ ; )ノ

My suggestions are to either go Gnome/Goblin or Dwarf/Goblin.
Gnome/Goblin is common because the Gnomes currently are the western race that still actively uses low income Goblin workers and despite the inequality, Goblins are an integrated part of the culture. Biracial kids are bound to happen.
Dwarf/Goblin is also common and potentially more healthy. Goblin refugees are known to go to the Dwarven territories and are welcomed with open arms. The Dwarves in general are probably the most open-minded to interracial marriage as well

If you ever write up or draw your character I would love to see them!

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so i am trying to get my hair cut short but whenever i show picture to my mom she says ew your not going to look like a dyke im already out to her and she is very transphobic what should i do

Show her picture of a very feminine actress or something ? Or if you have a friend who knows about hairstyles or is a good actor you could have them tell your mom “OH YEA THEY’D LOOK SO GOOD WITH SHORT HAIR OMG”

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!!! I love the question list you reblogged, but I'll try not to bury you. n_n For all your lovely OCs, 5, 8, 33, 59, 68?? And for any of your awesome OTPs, 18, 20, 25, 38 ( :') ), 43, 60? :D

Oh my goodness - that was a lot of questions (well, not really, but you know how badly I ramble)! I’m going to apologise because this got SO LONG (especially the OTP ones >.<). Sorry it took me so long to answer this, they all made me think so much!

5. How do they act when they are sick?

Varlen: The end is nigh. He can see sounds – smell colours. The hooves of the horsemen bringing news of the apocalypse thunders inside his head, spelling doom to all (but mostly him). Some would call him a drama queen, but no. NO. He is… the king.

Anacrea: Business as usual, so long as she is able to. Like, in modern terms, she would be the kind of person to show up half-dead to her job, just because she can physically get out of bed, and therefore she is okay to work. If she is really sick, she’s probably asleep. Because if she could manage to haul herself out of bed, she’d be gone.

Nyvera: She’d spend a lot of time probably behind closed doors. She hates showing any kind of weakness – any suggestion that her flawless façade might have a few cracks on the surface. She does not get ill. She’s above that. Or at least, that is what she wants people to think, so she’ll just lay low and let it run its course, and return with twice as much fire in her eyes, and swagger in her step.

Jaime: He would probably insist he was fine, but look a bit like a reanimated corpse, all clammy and pale and gross. He’d spend so much time trying to cover up his illness and go about his duties that he’d probably make a lot of mistakes, overestimating his capabilities (or at least, assuming they were not compromised by being unwell). Eventually he could be wrestled back into bed, but it would require someone else telling him to take the day off to rest because he was more of a hindrance than a help.

Hanin: What illness? Hanin doesn’t get ill. His body just gets compromised, and it is up to him to literally beat the sickness out of himself. If he starts to feel illness creeping up on him, he just works himself harder, as though he can shock his body into fighting it off the same way he is laying waste to the training dummies/recruits. However, if that doesn’t work, when he crashes, he crashes hard. Like everything in his life, it is all or nothing. He’ll probably be bedridden for days in a feverish stupor because he’d gone and exhausted himself from training and his body just kinda quit for a bit to recover.

8. Are they scared easily?

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All the multiples of 5 you haven't answered yet.

thank you!!!

5. Favorite fic author?

oh god this is going to get long! i have so many!!! basically if i follow you and u write ur my favorite! @meganwwrites @yevgenymilkovich @findarneron @ifuckinlikeit @beckyharvey29 @mickeyismyconstant @romanticalgirl @lemonoclefox @lizzibennets @goodkwuestion @mickeysupset @baphometsss @foerey @lesjouetsdudestin @withhishands @mandyfuckinmilkovich and people i don’t follow i love love too Enne, Loftec, pink_ink, BekkaChaos, melissmallfic, agrippina, kikabennet, and Jinko just to name a few

15. Do you mind when characters cry?

no i’m all for super emotional scenes in fics 

20. Do you like PWPs?

absolutely !

25. Any kinks that you’d love to try in real life?

…………………………………………………………….no comment 

30. Favorite porn fic? 

omg i really love any sex scene by @goodkwuestion and in the halfway house series there is a lot of amazing smut especially My Every Road Leads To You + Early In Our Morning + Not Your Property + (Not) Made For Anyone also i really love <3 @yevgenymilkovich smut <3

40. Do you like fluff?

oh god yessss

i don’t think i’d ever want the power of mind reading. do you know how many incoherent thoughts go through everyone’s brain all the time. and then there are the thought leaps that make absolutely no sense. if i was trying to read someone’s mind it’d be something like “i’m gonna do this thing– oh that’s a nice tree– it’s a bit cold– oh shit did i forget this and this– man i’m tired–” and i’d be like “???” not to mention brain static the equivalent of white noise. 

that way lies headaches, my dude

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both of the newkirk bros twin au for the match maker thing what sluts

Go on anonymous(Or Not) and send me an ask with character from any fandom (Name - Series, Please!), that you picked out to be my muse’s ideal match, and I’ll rate it on the scale below:

One True Pairing! - ❤❤❤❤❤
Almost Perfect!     - ❤❤❤❤
I’d Ship It!             - ❤❤❤
Sure why not.       - ❤❤
Maybe…               - ❤
Neutral                 - (Explain why)
Maybe Not…         - 💔
Yeah, No…            - 💔💔
Anti-Ship!              - 💔💔💔
Are You Nuts?       - 💔💔💔💔
OH HELL NO!        - 💔💔💔💔💔

Peter Newkirk:  ❤❤❤ (i’d honestly love to try it out. I can see them as the couple who always make fun of one another but honestly do love eachother deep down!)

Damon Killian:  ❤❤❤❤ (I am a sucker for ships like those. It did start out as a joke, but honestly I am legit shipping this! The angst is fun and the way this connects the past present and future, if lovely!)

Tagged by @incaeption  to do the ten shuffle song challenge and to paste my favourite lyric from each song, thanks!

1. Someday by The Strokes.

Oh, Maya says I’m lacking in depth
I will do my best
You say you wanna stay by my side
Darlin’, your head’s not right
See, alone we stand, together we fall apart
Yeah, I think I’ll be alright
I’m working so I won’t have to try so hard
Tables, they turn sometimes

Oh, someday…

No, I ain’t wastin’ no more time

2. I’m so tired by The Beatles

I wonder, should I call you? But I know what you would do

You’d say I’m putting you on, but it’s no joke
It’s doing me harm, you know I can’t sleep
I can’t stop my brain, you know it’s three weeks
I’m going insane

You know I’d give you everything I’ve got
For a little peace of mind

3. All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran.

Back to the time,
You were lying next to me
I looked across and fell in love

4. Never Had by Oscar Isaac (ft. Kate Mara)

You come drifting in through the half light
In your funny yellow shoes
And I hope that’s you standing at my doorway
That’s the scratching of your key
And I hope this song I’m singing
Someday finds you

5. Every Little Thin by The Beatles

There is one thing I’m sure of
I will love her forever
For I know love will never die

6. Back it Up by Caro Emerald

So get that needle in the core
Scratch that back and gimme more
You know exactly what I came here for
Back it up and do it again

7. Thank you Girl by The Beatles

Thank you girl for loving me
The way that you do (Way that you do)
That’s the kind of love
That is too good to be true

8. Get me out of here by Paul McCartney

Yeah, when we fight I don’t know what to say
If feels so bad and yet I can’t run away
Oh boy, oh boy someone get me out of here
I’m a celebrity
Oh boy, someone get me out of here

9. Diamond Dogs by David Bowie 

Come out of the garden, baby
You’ll catch your death in the fog
Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs

10. Out the Blue by John Lennon (/sobs)

All my life’s been a long slow knife
I was born just to get to you
Anyway I survived long enough
To make you my wife

Tagging @mrkhamll @knighttsolo @ladysophiekitty and @witchbarnes 

i kinda like just don’t appreciate comments from my dad about like how ‘i only graduate once’ or whatever and that i’d wanna look back at high school. like i literally do not wanna deal with high school anymore than i do now. me looking back on high school as an adult will be 'oh yeah i was that ugly boy-creature thing and no one liked me and i took hard classes and i was suicidal through the whole experience up until my senior year when i went to a mental hospital and then stopped going to school just to come back and kinda have it together but just trying to make up everything. yes very cool. good memories’ like as if i’d wanna look at some picture of me at my graduation like this. are you fucking kidding me lmao, so no i don’t care about not walking or not getting a yearbook. No, Thanks

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what type of makeup do you use? your selfies are always so fucking cute and the makeup is 💯! you're basically a professional oh my go d 😍😍😍 I'd frickin kill for skills like yours 😫 (ps your natural face is beautiful too!! 😍😊😚)

haha thanks for the compliment!!!! makeup wise i literally just try things and hope for the best. but like for type of makeup i use, i use really cheap stuff that honestly lasts so long 

I use eyeshadow from primark, revlon skinny black eyeliner, miss manga voluminous waterproof+hydrofuge mascara, covergirl foundation and concealer, covergirl cheekers blush, the lipstick is my fave tho ok i got like an 11 pack of diff colors off amazon and i love the colors and it lasts all day its called nabi lipstick 100% recommend it 

tiny-raptor asked:

S-so I've made a blood elf on MG finally, and was wondering if you might have any tips/pointers for someone looking to join the Sunguard? I've admired the guild, the characters, the roleplay for a few years now and I'm trying to get the courage to see about joining, and since I also admire you/your characters so much I thought I'd start with you ; v;

Oh my goodness, well thank you!! Thank you for me and thank you for the guild! That’s super, super flattering! ; u ; 

Honestly, the biggest pointers I can give are just to go for it and have fun. Do what feels right. Those are the biggest and most important. We have a WIDE range of characters in this guild, but my own little personal tips for easy-to-fit-in characters?

- Some sort of background that will enable them to follow orders and fit into a military of some sort. In Esme’s case, she was on a (pirate) crew, so she was used to following orders. 

- Some sort of background that will enable them to fight. I know a lot of people say that they want training, but The Sunguard is a military - not a school. So that can lend to some awkwardness. What I did was that I had Esme have a base amount of combat skills, but she could always learn more. (That actually helped with RP and branching out later on :>)

Those are really the two major pointers. There’s others like making sure that your character isn’t going to…like…shank everyone in their sleep, but I think those go without saying. I know I enjoyed giving Esme a lot of flaws (just a bit of back talk, selfishness, untrusting nature, lying about herself, etc.) to see her work through them, but I made sure that none of them would seriously impede on the guild as a whole, and I made sure that I was ready to accept the repercussions of some of those flaws (she got punished a lot). 

But honestly??? In the end - like I said…just go for it and have fun. All of us in @thesunguardmg are all here to have fun and we have all managed to wriggle our way into our little spots and fit in. There’s really something for everyone. 

Try it out! Feel free to hit me up on messaging or skype or anything, ask all the questions you want, or just go for it! :> I/We’d love to hear from you! 

@tiny-raptor ♥!

so i have until friday (when general ticket sales start and my exam schedule comes out) to decide if i’d rather go alone and spend the whole time hiding in a corner because i’m an anxious person who looks like i’m 14 and therefore much too young to be there or if i’m going to try and talk to ex-friends so i don’t have to go alone

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this isnt rly a confession but i have a hugeee debate tomorrow and i havent laid out my outfit (we have to look professional) or even taken notes on my topic and were doing it in groups so im not totally screwed but i dont rly know what im even debating yikes !!

oh go D I have no idea what debates are like omg but try and quickly get the outfit together now so at least that’s done!! that’ll put one thing at ease for starters and try and speak to your group and just see what they’ve written down to try and get inspiration for your writing?? or with the main topic try a google search - there’s usually something around online!! good luck with it pal <3

anonymously tell me your confessions/secrets.

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Hey Ally :) So every summer my family takes a trip to "marine land" (kinda like sea world for Canada) and we've been doing this since we were quite little. I tried explaining to my Mum and Dad that I don't feel comfortable going and they just kind of laughed it off and called me a "hippie" -_- I tell them i'm serious and they argue that the animals "love it" there and that they're in good care. Do you know how I can avoid this trip? idk what to say to my parents anymore! thank you x

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. I’d try having a heart to heart with them, and explain that you don’t feel like you’re being quite heard. Explain that you love them and that the tradition means a lot to you, and that you’d really appreciate if you could all watch BlackFish together, then talk about going xx