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Theory: Chloe redemption would be so distinctly ~her~ that as much as she enjoys fighting akumas with LB, a girl just can't leave her hair and nails undone! So Chloe would just be so tired of her appointments being cancelled by akuma attacks. . .

… She just learns to keep quiet so she could actually make it to a manicure because, girl, fighting super villains takes a TOLL, and … Yea …

see that’s the kind of redemption arc i want. chloe becomes a hero, but she is still so completely chloe. i love that idea up there xD

  • like chloe would be a fucking brutal, bad ass superhero and put her heart and soul into the fight but god forbid she breaks a nail 
    • queen bee: *kicking an akuma’s ass* *suddenly stops and screams in horror*
    • ladybug: oh my god, are you okay?
    • queen bee: NO im not okay i just chipped my fucking manicure
  • she always asks the team if they can reschedule patrols that don’t happen during the new episodes of “the bachelor”
    • “i can’t be behind im gonna get spoiled on twitter and i’ll fucking kill someone if that happens”
  • she’ll purposefully get someone really angry and hope they get akumatized so that her test next period will be cancelled
    • marinette keeps trying to explain why she can’t be doing that but chloe doesn’t get it
    • “we learn more about hawkmoth, another civilian is saved, and i have an extra 24 hours to study for math. find me one flaw with this.”
  • she tries to sneakily drop hints to her father that queen bee and volpina should get a statue too
    • “you know. not that i care or anything. just for….symmetry. and accuracy and all that. got some preliminary sketches of the queen bee statue. again. not that i care or anything”
    • “very important to get the nose right daddy don’t mess that up.”
  • post-reveal situation, chloe’s is hands down the best at coming up with believable covers for her teammates 
    • adrien’s taking forever to recharge his kwami and get back to class and the teacher’s wondering where he is
    • chloe: “the poor darling’s been modeling so much lately that he pulled a muscle in his neck after gym classes, really awful business, he was in the nurse’s office during the entire akuma attack, he should be on his way back.”
      • chloe *texting adrien*: there’s a forged nurse’s slip in the boys bathroom, go get it. also, walk in like you have a stiff neck. don’t ask. just do it. 
  • she low-key supports chat’s idea of having a miraculous hide out for the four of them
    • “daddy knows a guy that can make it happen with no questions asked i just need to make the phone call.”
  • she flat out refuses press interviews unless she has a full face of makeup on
    • “queen bee! an interview for the – ”
    • “darlings, i really would, but it’s seven in the morning, i have no concealer on, and there’s no way im appearing on camera. go talk to ladybug.”
BTS as The Wicker Man (2006) Quotes

Jin: Killing me won’t bring back your god damn honey!

Yoongi: You have my permission to stay out the fucking way!

Hoseok: What is that? What is – What IS IT. What – Oh god no – not the – not the bees! Not the bees! Ahhhhhhhh! Oh god! OhgodnotthebeesohgodTHEYREINMYEYEsssSMYEYESahgodnoooo

Namjoon: Of course! Another plant!

Jimin: Oh, the plot thickens? Didn’t even know you had a plot.

Taehyung: What’s in the bag? A… shark or something?


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The little snippets about the unsuspecting rookies finding out about Tater and Kent. ❤ Please tell me there's one rookie who just doesn't get it. Almost walks in on Kent/Tater, hears the others talk about them, has maybe even gone out to dinner with them, but is still clueless. Then he sees them kiss for the first time, and is all, "WHOA! When did this happen? Congrats, guys!" And everyone else is just, "...Are you serious?" and Kent just holds up the hand with his wedding ring, all casual.

For real though. There’s just gonna be like that one kid who overhears conversations like “Oh yeah, I was over at his place the other day. His husband made me blini–” and he goes “Oh cool, whose husband? I like blini.” 

Teammate: Kent’s husband.
Inside rookie’s mind: oh cool he has a friend named kent too
What comes out of his mouth: Neat.

He even meets them at the grocery store once, which somehow led to dinner at Kent’s place. He’s played video games with Tater. They exchanged snapchats and everything, and the rookie, after looking at Tater’s snapchat story filled with Kent, Kit, and photos of food with captions like, ‘Date night)))’ and another of Kent digging into his plate with the words ‘2 years)))im luckiest guy,’ concluded that Kent and Tater just somehow happened to be very good pals™ off the ice (because from what he can tell, Kent and Tater still do try to kill each other during Aces-Falcs games).   

So after a Falcs home game where the Aces lost, the rookie finds Kent hanging around the hallway like he’s waiting for someone, earphones plugged in and humming along quietly. He doesn’t seem as disappointed as he’d been during the game, glaring at the refs and muttering obscenities under his breath.

“Hey,” the rookies says in greeting. “You going back to the hotel or you going out with us?”

“Hm?” Kent pulls an earbud out. “Oh. I’m going home. Tater’s making dinner.”

The rookie blinks. “You…want to hang out with Tater right now?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Kent asks, and before the rookie can explain, they hear Tater’s familiar voice booming down the hallway. 

“Kenny!” he says, grinning, as he also gives a small wave to the rookie. “Sorry take so long.”

“That’s okay. I’m starving though, so please tell me you meal prepped,” Kent says, going on his tip toes to kiss Tater like it’s something they do all the time.

“No, sorry,” Tater starts teasingly. “Only save one mac and cheese box–”

“Woah, wait,” the rookie suddenly says. “Wait, wait. You–Parser–you just–that was a kiss–”

“Dude, are you okay?” Kent narrows his eyes. “You look like you’re having a stroke.”

“Concussion?” Tater supplies. “Maybe Marty check him too hard.”

“No–no, I’m fine, I just–when did this happen?”

Kent furrows his brows, like he’s trying to understand. “What the hell are you talking about? Look, man, this guy over here–” He gestures to Tater. “–promised me dinner, and my stomach is trying to eat itself right now, so if you’re not dying–”

“I mean, the kissing! The–the you two! When did this happen?” The teammate waves his arms, feeling like a lunatic. “Obviously, good for you. Like, good job bagging Mashkov. Like, I mean James is gonna be pretty disappointed, I think he’s had a thing for Mashkov for like two months–”

“Excuse me?” Kent says.

“Haha, James is funny,” Tater says. “Is that why he make me take many selfies?”

“But it’s like no big, of course. He’ll get over it. I was just wondering when you two got together–”

“Kent!” Jeff calls from behind. “You’re still here.”

“Yeah, no, I was about to go home,” Kent says. “I’m just very confused–”

“It wasn’t a hard question!” the rookie protests.

“Okay, have fun,” Jeff says, rubbing his shoulder. “And will you please tell your husband to stop checking me into the glass. I’m old, Parser.”

“Tell him yourself, he’s standing right here.”

“Sorry,” Tater says, not sounding very sorry as he grins. “Stay out of path next time and no more checking.”

The rookie then notices a flash of gold hanging on a chain on Kent’s neck, and a matching one peeking out from under Tater’s collar. 

Oh,” he exclaims. “Holy shit. Jesus Christ. That’s your wedding ring. Ohh.”

“Are you serious right now?” Kent says. “What did you think it was?”

The rookie gapes, blinks, then lowers his voice to a whisper as he mutters to his feet, hoping that Kent wouldn’t hear, “Lord of the Rings replica.”

Kent hears him.

“Oh my God.” 

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HC for When Mitch was younger, he probably had like a slingshot or BB gun and he would shoot trees and stuff like that. One day, he sees a bee hive and shoots it, ya know, just to be cool or something. Shit hits the fan when a fuck ton of bees come out and Mitch is running, trying not to get stung by the bees.


The bees are out for him but probably learn to be his friend

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mario tries to aggressively dad sid whenever he's around geno and interrupts a facetime or call when he hears sid say "dad" but he's talking to troy, his actual dad

Mario, gesturing awkwardly: Sorry. I thought. I thought he was talking to. To Geno.
Troy: Why would he be–oh my God.
Sid: Oh my God. 


Mkay,, dont mind me.. just joining the bandwagon-;;

@a-crafty-lass replied: Ladybug/Queen Bee? What’s the ship name there, LadyBee?

Personal headcanon: Queen Bee is a hella bubbly fangirl when it comes to Ladybug. Like the mask makes her totally unafraid to just gush over her role model. I will defend this with my life.  

Words: 1162

Ahhhh~! Ladybug! Laaaaaadybug! Over here! Yoohoo!”

Ladybug almost slipped from her yoyo string when she heard Queen Bee practically squeal out at having spotted her. She was sitting on the edge of a windowsill and kicking her feet against the brick of the apartment complex as she excitedly waved both of her hands at the sight of Ladybug coming to meet them at the location where she and Chat Noir typically started their patrols. Ladybug thought it would be good practice for Queen Bee and Volpina to learn how patrols worked and what paths around the city were the best to hit. Chat Noir had agreed to let Volpina shadow him while Ladybug agreed to take out Queen Bee. 

However, Ladybug forgot until now how downright….excitable Queen Bee got where Ladybug was concerned. She wouldn’t be surprised if she was a serious Ladybug fangirl as a civilian, which definitely made the whole “let’s focus on our job” thing pretty difficult. 

Ladybug landed on the roof of the building and looked down at Queen Bee. “Alright, get on up here, we better get started.”

Queen Bee gave a sharp salute and quickly swung up until she was balancing right on the edge of the roof, clasping her hands under her chin and grinning widely. “Hey! Super excited to get started. Gah! I can’t believe you’re the one showing me the ropes. This is so crazy!”

Ladybug chuckled at the enthusiasm, unable to help herself from finding it a little endearing. “It’s no trouble. It’s important that you learn how these go down. Eventually, you might have to start doing them by yourself depending on how busy the three of us are at the time. You know, stuff like school and life gets in the way.”

Queen Bee bit her lip and nodded. “Yup. Totally. I am completely at your service. You tell me everything I need to know!” 

Ladybug raised a brow, looking decidedly impressed. Chat Noir’s flirting tended to get in the way of getting stuff done, but at least Queen Bee’s gushing seemed to fill her with the energy to jump straight into things. Ladybug couldn’t exactly find it in her heart to complain about that. She unhooked her yoyo and jutted her chin out in front of her. “Alright, perfect! Um….I guess, we’ll take it easy tonight. I’ll show the order of all the arrondissements you should typically hit. Keep your eyes peeled, alright? If you see anything shady going on, let me know. Sometimes, petty crimes come up while we’re out and you’re going to have to be ready to deal with that.”

“Oh my God!” Queen Bee said excitedly. “Do you think that’ll happen? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you take down bad guys that weren’t Hawkmoth. Holy crap, that’d be so cool – ”

“Ah,” Ladybug winced. “Let’s avoid actively hoping for something to go wrong, huh?”

Queen Bee covered her mouth with her hands. “Right, right, right. Sorry. Totally my bad.”

Ladybug snorted and let her yoyo fly. “Just try to keep up, okay?”

Surprisingly enough, Queen Bee wasn’t being particularly chatty. If anything, she was doing a pretty good job of soaking up every word that Ladybug was saying as they kept an easy pace around the city. Whenever she poked in with the occasional question, she’d make sure to mirror the answer back to Ladybug to make sure she’d gotten it right and even going so far as to ask things that Ladybug had never thought of before. To be frank, Ladybug was nervous about adding additional miraculous users to their team. It was just a fresh set of dynamics to get used to and more people to have to keep tabs on. She was even more afraid that people weren’t going to be taking this very seriously. But Queen Bee was taking it almost too seriously, almost obsessed with getting everything right. It reminded Ladybug of herself when she first started, except that the responsibility left Ladybug feeling incredibly anxious, while Queen Bee seemed like an eager new student in response. 

They kept the patrol going for half an hour before Ladybug decided to stop at the half way point of their path and stretch out her muscles at the top of a flower shop. “You doing okay?” she asked Queen Bee. “You can take a breath if you want.”

While the suits definitely gave them heightened endurance, it was still a lot of exertion to get used to if you only just got the miraculouses. Ladybug was far used to running this much and this long, but it clearly looked like Queen Bee was struggling to catch her breath. But she kept on a pleasant smile and gave Ladybug a thumbs up. “No, no! I’m good. Totally fine! We can keep going!”

“I know you want to do well,” Ladybug explained. “But…you can take a break if you want. You’re still new to this. I won’t mind.”

Queen Bee bit the insides of her cheeks and let her shoulders drop. “Ugh, I know, it’s just….I really want do well at this. I don’t want you to think I’m slacking.”

“I don’t think that at all,” Ladybug assured. “The fact that you’re this enthusiastic is a good sign. Honest. You’re doing great.”

Queen Bee collapsed onto the ground with her legs crossed and breathed out in relief. “Oh, you don’t know how much it means to hear you say that…”

Ladybug mirrored her position and sat down in front of her. “If….if you don’t mind my asking….why are you jumping into this so hard? I mean it’s not a complaint! Just…it’s very noticeable.”

“I mean,” Queen Bee began, touching the bee comb in her ponytail. “Before I got this….you were my idol. You and Chat Noir just jumped straight into everything and started helping everyone, no matter what. I’m….well, I’m not that good at doing things like that so freely. It’s….hard for me….I guess. To be that selfless, I mean. So, to get a chance to have a miraculous and to help and learn from you, well….” Queen Bee paused and laughed in disbelief. “It’s a dream come true. I just don’t want to disappoint you is all.”

Ladybug’s chest warmed at the confession, and she smiled brightly. “Don’t worry so much,” she assured. “Mistakes are going to happen. You’re not going to get everything right away. And sometimes, this can get a little scary. But if you’re committed to helping people no matter what, and committed to learning, that’s all I ask. I’m already really proud of you for being so eager to do a good job.”

Queen Bee’s face lit up and Ladybug could barely blink before her arms were wrapped around her neck in a fierce hug. “Thank you! Oh, thank you thank you, I promise, you won’t be disappointed, I’ll do my best.”

Ladybug laughed and patted Queen Bee on the back of her head. “Looking forward to it.”

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(i have this au in mind but i suck at writing and idek where to post the idea so i thought i’d send it to you…) olli somehow gets de-aged??? in the middle of the locker room and everyone just expects sid and geno to take care of him and poor baby olli doesn’t speak english and has no idea who anyone is or where he is. sid and geno Struggle™ taking care of him and the french canadians and the russians try to help but they just make it worse?? but sidgeno ends up falling in love with (1/2)

lil olli and then one day he goes back to normal but sid and g still treat him like he’s 3 and olli doesn’t know how to feel about his captain and geno babying him. (2/2)


omg…and sid kisses olli on the forehead once before practice out of habit and olli is like “DUDE”

Sidney: I’m SO sorry oh my god

Okay so I saw you had posted “imagine matsu’s crush sending everyone the script of bee movie” and I thought it was really funny so I wrote reactions to it. I hope it makes you smile. -Sakasen

Osomatsu: As an avoid shitposter he has prepared an entire folder of Bee Movie reaction images. The group chat is spammed with Barry x Adam pictures ala MS Paint. Even after banning him he just creates a new chat with everyone in it. Every time he sees his crush in person he gives them a printed meme. There is no escape. A monster has been created.

Karamatsu: Thinks that their crush genuinely likes Bee Movie so he reads all of it in one sitting. In about a week he’ll be trying to explain his Bee Movie theories and critiques to his crush. “The character motivation for Barry in Act 2 was stunning,” It gets even worse when he buys the merchandise for them. Oh god. Are those matching Bee Movie t-shirts?

Choromatsu: Confused, lost, and afraid. Why did his crush send this? Do they really like this kind of stuff? In secret, he rents the movie and watches it to try and understand. He re-watches multiple scenes in case he missed something. Crumpled notebook paper is everywhere and charts are on the walls. Osomatsu comes in to tell him it’s time for dinner, Choromatsu shrieks that he’s trying to find the meaning of life. He writes an entire book on his research of Bee Movie and gives it to his crush.

Ichimatsu: Their crush notices Ichimatsu’s behavior has altered around him a bit. He’s fine when his brothers are around but when it’s just him and his crush he says things like “Buzz” and “Honey is… good.” Ichimatsu sounds unsure of himself. Later on he starts wearing an antennae headband and when his crush finally asks about it he replies with: “Are… Are you not into sexy bees?” He is dead serious. Please help this man, he only knows about lolcat memes.

Jyushimatsu: He memorized the entire god damn thing. Now he has the ability to spurt random lines of the script at will. The worst part is that he yells all of it, claiming that a movie is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. It will be 3 AM with everyone else fast asleep when Jyushimatsu sits upright and proclaims “ACCORDING TO ALL KNOWN LAWS OF AVIATION THERE IS NO WAY A BEE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLY”

Todomatsu: Won’t admit it, but he is 100% meme trash. Pretends to be annoyed by the Bee Movie script at first but ends up sending it back to his crush. Then it becomes a test of meme capacity. Now other movies are getting involved; Space Jam, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, Shrek 3… The scripts have become synonymous with love letters. 

my parents asked me what i wanted as a graduation gift. i said i wanted to buy these three volumes of a book called The Heart Rate of a Mouse by an online author called Anna Green, and shipping and everything included, it amounted to over 80 dollars. they were proud, seeing their kid so invested in books, not cars, or regular shit 18 y olds want. my parents bought me 80 dollars worth of gay fanfiction in hardcover.

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