Characters Getting Tumblrs-The Selection Series-3-Maxon Schreave
  • Maxon: guys I have paperwork and a feisty eadlyn to take care of can this wait
  • Cameraman: no you have to do this
  • Maxon: cmon I just---
  • Cameraman: *shoves Maxon down in chair* be glad I didn't kick you in the royal jewels
  • Maxon: alright blog name...hisroyalmajesty??? tuggingmyear??? Ok how about dogsrkool no one's gonna know it's me
  • Maxon: *now looks like an excited child opening a new toy* LET'S MAKE A POST OK WAIT VIDEO OMG I HAVE A VIDEO
  • Maxon: *opens a video of him dancing the worm but looking like a fish on dry land* THERE PASTE THE LINK AND BOOM FIRST POST
  • Cameraman: but what if someone sees it
  • Maxon: they won't
  • America: *snickers from hiding spot*
  • Maxon: *turns around* MY DEARRRRR
  • America: *flips over table and runs* I AM NOT YOUR DEARRR
  • Cameraman: oh dear
  • America: *comes back and peeks through door* I AM NOT YOUR DEARRR
  • Camera: *shuts off* technical difficulties beep beep