icyqueenofarendelle | cont.:

Elsa clutched her eye where her sister had hit it, trying to stop her lip from trembling. Falling back so she was just sat on her behind, she couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Whether just from shock, or actual pain, she wasn’t sure. 

“Mama!” she cried.

Anna stood there as her sister began to cry, unsure of what to do. It upset her enough when Elsa was crying in general, and this time, she’d been the one to make her. 

Tears filled her own eyes. “I - I didn’ do i’ on purpose!” she said, still feeling defensive, even before any parent came to them.

The child had always had rather wild limbs, but this was one of the first times she'd really hurt somebody from them.

i sure do buld up a hype about this storm for someone who is actually pretty nervous about the occuring and potential damage caused by the thousands of pounds of snow pressing down on people’s houses as well as the 0% visibility that is preventing emergency forces from helping people trapped on the highwaysヽ(。_°)ノ


This Teen Wolf phenomenon is fast spreading through my dash.

Now I’m skeptical of anything asking you to accept as a basic premise that being a werewolf makes you better at lacrosse. (That’s what the show’s about, right?) BUT I’m also super weak to peer pressure. And that Stiles fellow’s face is awfully compelling.

So someone please tell me, before I slide into the inevitable anyway:

Does it have a team in it?