Sharing glances and smiles, talking and whispering to each other: just Tao and Kris together.

130928 - Ulsan fansign event. 

Credits: Tina天酱 - original video.

Breakfast would be better without terrible puns (inspired by my grandma telling me that Chai tea is better without sugar).

Spoilers for 'Oh My Ghostess' Episode 9

I need to rant about this episode. I had…still have high hopes for this show but this is just ‘no.’ Unless they suddenly pull a 'Soon Ae isn’t actually dead and she and Sun Woo maybe together’ ending I don’t see why they are pushing the Sun Soon ship at all. Soon Ae was comical and funny before in her pursuit of Sun Woo but now it’s reaching an uncomfortable level for me. I don’t see why she has to possess Bong Sun even in their dating life and why Bong Sun is letting her I mean yeah she can accept the sex part of the deal but I don’t see why she has to accept the relationship package too. And no I do not hate Soon Ae i just feel that she is setting her self up for disaster. This drama has been so high in my esteem that this one minor quiver( the SunSoon ship) will destroy any good will for this drama or in this year in drama land overall.

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Belence in board meetings: Danny making the puppy eyes and Mattie being like "gdi Lawrence you can't do that to me" but votes for whatever Danny suggests anyway.

Mattie is totally humoring her. She knows Danny is there to scope shit out and delay rulings, but hey, she’s thousands of years old. She’s got time. If Carmilla gets to mess around with our favourite intrepid reporter, Mattie can have a little fun with the Firecracker. (and maybe the puppy eyes are obnoxiously endearing)

this Bell-arke meta is so brilliant and so perfect and sO PAINFUL

but why did you never tell me you had a blog named epic bcky and also where has this meta been all my life and generally just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!/!???!!

I, personally, am far more invested in Bellamy Blake’s well-being and worth as a singular character that I am in his contributions to the plot as one half of a romantic pairing.

This paragraph alerted me to the fact that I was gonna agree with every single one of this person’s words, tbh. (It’s so true that this argument gets made all the time wrt: Clarke but hardly ever wrt: Bellamy.) 

We saw the look on Bellamy’s face when he realized that Clarke was more than some stuck up, privileged Princess who wasn’t equipped to make the hard choices (I think we all know which moment I mean).


She told him that, yes, defeating Mount Weather was worth potentially sacrificing Bellamy’s life and we got the devastating privilege of watching Bellamy Blake’s heart break on our screens (I want to clarify that in this particular scenario, I don’t mean she broke his heart romantically – I mean she broke his heart in the way a heart breaks when someone tells you that you don’t matter to them, that you are expendable).

I’m crying blood.

What if, at this point, Clarke is the one who isn’t good for Bellamy?

Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiit.

Clarke is completely lost – so far gone that she left everyone she loves behind because she couldn’t deal with the burden of being there for them anymore.

In order for Clarke and Bellamy to be Clarke and Bellamy again, Clarke has to rediscover who Clarke is and Bellamy has to forgive her for placing her burdens on his shoulders with little to no regard for his own state of mind.

And I want to see Clarke work for that forgiveness. I don’t want to see Bellamy forgive her because he understands because that’s not fair – that makes the relationship incredible one-sided.

I want to see Clarke understand the weight of what she did to him, the pressure she put on him, and I want to see them work through the damage it did to their friendship together.

Wellllllll. Umm.


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"Once again, it’s just you and me." - Luke. "No one listens when I talk. They hear, but—they don’t listen." - Theseus. "Choose something quieter than a gun." - Lukas.

“Once again, it’s just you and me.” ; STRASTELLAN.

There was a faint grin on her lips as she closed the front door behind her, the last guest having just left, much to Luke’s relief. “You’re on cleaning duty, Castellan.” she responded indifferently, ducking out of his grasp when he tried to catch her to his arms; the grin now very evident on her face. “I’m going to sleep.”

“No one listens when I talk. They hear, but—they don’t listen.” ; THERYSEUS.

“I do.” Therys answered almost immediately. She tried to smile, for his sake, except perhaps it might have looked like a grimace. Instead of dwelling out into the sudden silence, she reached out and gently pulled her husband’s spectacles, cleaning the glasses on her shirt while she talked. “You make them listen, Gideon. You will make them listen, I know you will.” With a smile, she placed back his glasses atop of his nose, looking up at his face with concern painted on her features, hiding the slightest hint of anger behind her eyes. Oh, she was going to give the boys in that club a peace of her mind.

“Choose something quieter than a gun.” ; ALVINIA.

“No.” Juli responded after quite a while of staring at the weapons before her. And though her training was necessary, she did not at all like it. Not that she had any choice.“No. I– I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Turning to Lukas, she folded her hands together and held it close to her chest, a frown creasing her forehead together. “I don’t want to kill anyone.”


“one love, two mouths. one love, one house. no shirts, no blouse. just us, you find out.”