Good choice

Did someone say it was fanfic writer appreciation day?

Today I ran after the ice cream truck and then wrote this fic.

I am no longer surprised when Simon bursts into his own apartment like it’s the end of the world, the event is simply too regular an occurrence.  He is no longer surprised to find me lounging on the sofa like I own the place, even though I don’t technically live here.  Bunce is a very difficult person to shock (I suspect her multiple siblings have something to do with it), but I will admit I’m impressed at how she doesn’t even blink when Simon makes his entrance.  And I thought I had my reactions under control.

           Today, specifically, he stays in the door after it flies open, panting slightly like he’s been sprinting and meeting my eye with a conflicted expression.

           “I’ve always wanted to buy ice cream from an ice cream truck,” he gasps at me like I’m supposed to have any idea what he’s talking about.

           “That’s nice, Snow,” I say slowly, raising an eyebrow.

           “There’s one outside,” he continues, “is today the day?”

           I roll my eyes.  “I’m not here to make your life decisions for you.”

           “Then what are you here for?”

           “A question I repeatedly ask myself.”

           He looks around frantically.  “Where’s Penny?”

           I shrug.  “Why?”

           “She’s my impulse control.”

           “Oh, for heaven’s sake, Snow, grow a backbone.”

           He fumbles around in his pocket before producing a handful of cash.  “I’ve got enough.”

           “Go,” I sigh, shaking my head, “live your dream.”

           He’s gone in a flash, slamming the door unnecessarily hard behind him and I can hear his footsteps all the way out of the building. Now that he’s gone, I allow myself the smile I’ve been holding back.  The boy can’t do anything calmly.  I guess that’s why we fit so well, we even each other out.

           When he returns he’s panting even harder than before (“Bloody truck had moved on, I had to run to catch up with it”) and he’s holding two ice cream sandwiches, one in each hand.

           “Happy Christmas,” he says, dropping one in my lap and tearing the wrapper off of his as he flops down on the sofa next to me.

           “It’s August.”

           “I know,” he scowls, biting into his ice cream and wincing at the cold.

           “Serves you right,” I chide.



           “That was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

           “Life-changing, I see,” I droll as I unwrap my own sandwich. It’s going to drip all over the sofa as it melts.

           Simon licks at his ice cream in silence for a moment, and when I glance over he’s gazing at the coffee table pensively.  “Crowley, Snow,” I mutter, “is it so good you’re having a revelation?”

           He shakes his head slightly and looks back at me. “I take it back,” he says, “I’ve made better decisions.”

           “What’s changed in the last minute?” I smirk.

           “Nothing,” he shrugs.  “The ice cream’s just as good.  You’re just better.”

           I pause mid-nibble.  “Thanks?”

           “You’re the best decision I’ve ever made, alright?” He’s blushing like he’s saying something completely new, like we aren’t already dating, like we aren’t disgustingly fluffy more than I’d like to admit.  

           I lean in for a quick peck on his mouth, and he tastes unnaturally sweet like the ice cream.  “Didn’t I choose you?”

           “We chose each other.”

           “Shut up, Snow, you’ll make me cry.”

           He kisses me back slower.  “You were a good choice.”

A Green Eyed Monster (Trimberly Writings)

I was just thinking about this today and I’ve tossed the idea around for a while but I don’t think I’m going to write this one out so instead I present you this.

Summary: There’s something about Tommie Oliver that has Kim seeing red flags. Maybe it’s the way she jokes around with Zack, or helps Billy with all his inventions, or the way Jason seems to trust her almost instinctively. Or maybe it’s the way she flirts with Trini and the sight makes Kim’s skin crawl with discomfort and just a smidge of jealousy. Maybe it’s the way Kim feels like she’s being replaced.

  • It’s been two months since they defeated Rita and became a closely knit family of misfits
  • They continue to defeat Rita’s putties whenever they randomly spring up and help rebuild the town and earn the trust of the people of Angel Grove
  • The hype has started to die down and things are finally looking normal for our five meta-human teens when a new girl appears on their cliff one day holding the green power coin
    • Her name is Tommie Oliver and she just moved into town with her father
    • She was out wandering the streets one night when she stumbled upon a green glowing rock and the next thing she knows is she’s waking up in her bed and she’s suddenly got super powers
  • The team’s wary of the new girl, what with their history with Rita and the coin, but Jason ultimately says that they need to at least try to accept Tommie into the group, after all she is a ranger
  • Trini is visibly upset and Kim remains suspicious and they talk alot about it that night when Kim sneaks into Trini’s room
  • The next week rolls by in a strange way
    • First Tommie seems to share almost every class with Trini and Kim’s surprised to see them sitting together at lunch that day, chatting and sharing food
    • And Kim’s not really sure what she’s feeling but every time Tommie makes Trini laugh or flirts with her she can’t help but shake this jealousy
      • She continues to tell herself it’s because she doesn’t trust Tommie yet and she’s just looking out for Trini like any platonic bestie would
    • Billy and Tommie bond over his inventions and the team learns that they’re making plans to build a robot together
    • Tommie proves to be an excellent fighter when they take her to the pit and she tells them that she knows several Mixed Martial Art styles
      • Kim finds Jason and Tommie talking strategy one afternoon and he goes so far as to let Tommie take the reins one training session
      • Kim crumbles a rock to dust when she catches Tommie with her hands on Trini’s hips as she “guides” her through a move
    • Kim confides in Zack because he’s still unsure about Tommie as well, but even that’s pointless because the next day before detention they come sauntering up together, joking around and play fighting
  • Kim remains wary of Tommie and the rest of the rangers try to convince her to give Tommie a chance
    • But she’s caught Tommie poking her nose around the ship and the mines where Rita built Goldar and she’s nervous Tommie might turn on them
    • And Tommie’s doing so well as a ranger Kim starts to doubt her own abilities and is constantly trying to one up Tommie, but the other girl remains three steps ahead of her
  • A random puttie attack occurs and they pull out their Zords (Tommie also has a Zord, it was just kept seperate from the others because they feared Rita could have gotten it)
  • During the attack Kim thinks she sees Tommie attacking Trini and immediately guns her down, ignoring Jason’s commands to help Billy
  • They barely defeat the putties and Billy ends up getting hurt because Kim wasn’t there to help him
  • Kim runs away once they put back the Zords, angered at herself and at Tommie, but the team catch up with her outside Krispy Kreme
  • Jason’s furious and he demands Kim explain herself and she blames Tommie, accusing her of sabotaging the mission
  • That’s when Trini steps in, defending Tommie and yelling at Kim
    • She’s pissed beyond belief that Kim doesn’t trust Tommie enough, saying that she’s just as much a ranger as any of them
    • Kim visibly shakes as Trini cusses her out, screaming that she’s still blaming everyone but herself and that she’s still the self-possessed mean girl she used to be, that she hasn’t changed and probably never will
  • Trini stalks off and Zack follows, equally pissed
  • Jason tells her that she’s benched from ranger duty and he pulls a torn Billy away from Kim, leaving her alone in the alleyway
  • Kim sobs and holds herself until the heat from her power coin becomes too much and she chucks it down the alley, hoping it shatters and she’s no longer a ranger
  • That’s when Tommie steps from the darkness and catches her coin
    • She walks toward Kim and stops to tower over her, flipping the pink power coin through the air carelessly
    • Kim tries to swallow her pride and apologize but she suddenly finds herself immobile and panic sets in when Tommie starts laughing
    • When she looks up Tommie’s disguise fades away and Rita stands in front of her, smiling wickedly before knocking Kim out
  • Kim wakes up at the docks in some abandoned warehouse tied down by metal chains
  • Rita explains how rangers in possession of another rangers coin can manipulate that rangers energy and she tells Kim that she’s going to use her to hurt her friends
      • “I won’t. I won’t hurt my friends!”
      • “Oh Pink… you won’t have a choice!”
  • The group are all gathered in the ship when the alarms start blaring and Alpha pulls up a live feed of an attack happening downtown
    • The creature attacking looks a little like Goldar in that they’re dripping gold but it’s human sized
    • Just then Tommie’s frantic voice comes over their communicators telling them she’s hurt
  • The team race into town and find Tommie with a small gash on her side and she tells them that the creature came out of no where and attacked her
  • Putties spring up and the team jump into action, pulling out their weapons to aid in the fight
  • Jason goes up against the golden monster and they spar with sword and scepter
    • Jason manages to get a good slice across the gold creatures chest and kicks it to the ground, preparing to stab it
    • But Billy jumps between them and pushes Jason back, telling him to stop
      • Billy saw for a brief moment when Jason cut through the gold that the thing underneath was bleeding
      • He knows theres someone trapped inside and that they can’t hurt an innocent person
  • The gold being jumps to it’s feet and grabs Billy and points their scepter at him and Jason holds his sword at the its throat, torn between listening to Billy’s pleas and protecting him
  • But that’s when Tommie slips up
    • She tells Jason to kill it, that it’s the only way to defeat Rita, and asks if he’s willing to watch Billy die again
    • And that’s when it clicks for him, because Tommie’s not supposed to know about Billy dying at the docks
  • All the rangers pick up on it and when they turn to Tommie, her disguise falls away and Rita’s standing there with her scepter and grinning madly
  • Zack and Jason react first but she uses her gold monster to protect herself and Billy tells them that theres someone trapped inside it
  • Trini is able to tackle Rita and the scepter out of her hand
    • As they tussle Rita pins Trini and crushes her throat, tells her to say goodbye to her little friends, but she’s distracted long enough for Jason to run her through with his sword
    • She sputters that this isn’t the end before light explodes around them and she disappears, leaving behind her scepter and two power coins
  • The gold being suddenly falls to their hands and knees and when the gold begins to melt away it reveals Kim gasping and wounded
  • The team instantly rush her back to the ship and they’re so worried they get into a huge argument with each other
    • Jason blames himself for hurting Kim and Zordon blames himself for not sensing Rita’s presence; Zack takes his mind off things and starts attacking sim putties, while Billy works with Alpha to help Kim
    • Trini disappears for a while and when she comes back she’s obviously been crying
  • Kim wakes up long enough to tell them that no one is to blame and that Rita had tricked all of them
  • Alpha tends to her wounds and Trini stays by her side the entire night
  • The next time Kim wakes up she finds Trini beside her, crying
    • She apologizes profusely for not believing Kim and calls herself an idiot for getting caught up in some girl’s attention
    • She confesses she liked the feeling of being wanted and how stupid she feels thinking that someone actually liked her
    • And without missing a beat Kim tells her she loves her
  • Trini’s jaw pops open and Kim admits to having feelings for the girl but being afraid that she wasn’t good enough for her
  • In a blink Trini’s kissing her senseless and telling her that she’s more than enough, that she really has changed, and that she loves Kim back


  • And of course, leave it to Zack to walk in not two seconds later and scream “CALLED IT!”

Dean stares at Sam in utter disbelief and shock, his voice horrified when he says: “What the fuck do you mean, ‘you told him’?”

Sam’s heart hammers painfully in his chest, his hands twisting anxiously together. “He’ll understand, Dean, he has to! I just couldn’t bear hiding anymore, please, don’t hate me!”

Sam stumbles towards Dean. He waits for Dean to take him in his arms and kiss him like he always does; waits for Dean to tell him It’s alright, baby boy, we’ll get through this.

Dean does none of these things.

Instead, Dean takes a step back and looks at Sam like he’s never seen him properly before and when Sam reaches out for him, he slaps Sam’s hand away.

 “Don’t,” Dean tells him warningly, his eyes glinting like the edge of a sharp knife.  

Dean’s shoulder bangs into his as he storms out from their motel room, and Sam feels like he’s going to be sick right there on the carpet.

Later that evening, John comes into their room and drops, without a word, a stack of college applications in Sam’s lap.

When Sam, hours later, tries to cry himself to sleep, Dean finally comes back. He has a black eye, and he doesn’t even look at Sam.

Sam wants to ask, but he doesn’t.

He knows who blacked Dean’s eye.

Dean crawls into the bed next to his, his back against Sam.

“I just wanted to be with you,” Sam whispers into the room. He feels like he can hardly breathe.

“Yeah,” Dean answers, tonelessly. “Me too.”  

Robbie's Awakening Part 4

(Yea I know it’s early but I don’t know if I’ll have time to post this part later. Also, keep in mind when you see in grammatical errors that I don’t nesscarily have the time to proof read my writing nor do I have a beta reader. But yea, onto the fic):

He’s still starving when he reawakens tied back up in the same chair. He groans as his eyelids slowly peel from over his blind eyes, angling his head a little as his nostrils flare. He’s in the same place and… he’s able to clench his fists once again.

“Mmmmaaaarrrrrriiiiiinnnnn?” He called out before he knew what he was doing, head leaning back against the backrest of the chair and rolling along its top. The smooth wood presses into the back of his skull but he doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t really feel it. He tries to move his feet but… now they’re tied, too. He doesn’t like that. “Mmmmmaaarrrriiiinnnn??”

His voice echoes around him, being that rough and grating voice he’d heard when he had first laughed. It’s almost a hiss mixed with a snarling scoff. That doesn’t sound familiar to him. He pulls at his ankles, grunting as he does so.

There’s a clang behind him and footsteps and he tries again: “Mmmmmaaarrrrriiiiinnnn?!” His voice is louder now, more panicked even to his ears. Is he panicking? He can’t really tell.

“Yes, Robbie, yes!” it’s Marvin’s voice and he tries to twist his neck around to try and find it but it’s too far and he can hear something snap in it. He hears Marvin’s pulsating beat skip in its tune and it upsets him a little. That shouldn’t go off tune. Marvin suddenly appears beside him, alone this time. Strange… where is the one called Henrik? “It’s me, Marvin!”

“Marrriiinnn!” He exclaimed, jaws clamping down a little too hard and a tooth chips. He needs to stop losing teeth, he supposes. It’s probably bad for him in some way.

Marvin shifts to stand in front of him and he seems to have more control now: he’s not pulling at his restraints, wanting to bite into Marvin’s flesh even he doesn’t really want to. There’s a warm red glow to the blob that is Marvin and he guesses it’s happy.

“You remember me any?” Marvin asked and that question confuses him because does he? He catches the flash of what could be a memory: a white mask gleaming in the light, two eyes nearly glowing blue with happiness and black cape fluttering by. He guesses that that must be Marvin so he moves his head up and down in what he thinks is a nod, jittery as it may be. The blob in front of him claps its hand together excitedly. “Can you talk anymore?”

Can he? Marvin really needs to stop asking him so many questions. It’s hard for his mind to process them, he feels like it’s not actually supposed to so t hurts him to do so. He tries, anyway, finding himself to be drawn to this thing of food for some strange reason that’s not hunger. Well, he is drawn towards him in hunger, too, but it’s not just that. Maybe he could communicate how starved he feels…

“Mmmmaaarrriiinnn,” he ground out, tongue flopping about like a useless piece of meat in his mouth. Probably because it is a useless piece of meat he doesn’t know how to use. “Hhhhuuunnn-” he cuts himself off, shakes his head a little and clamps his jaws together before trying again: “Hhhhuuunnnnnnnnngggggrrraaaaahhhhh.”

There’s a pause of silence behind them and Marvin is silent, probably trying to understand what it is he just said. Honestly he’s not too sure if he said it right, actually. He probably didn’t. But he… tried? At least he’s trying, right?

“You're… hungry?” Marvin asked for clarification and it takes him a moment to realize you is him and he nods once more, teeth sinking into his tongue when he accidentally bites down on it. He can feel that same strange and warm liquid gathering in his mouth but it doesn’t necessarily taste like anything to him. Another clap and the blob hops up. “I’ll go get you some food, be right back!”

It disappears from in front of him and he doesn’t like that. He tries to twist his head around once more, smelling heavily at the air to try and find it. “Mmmaaarriiinnn!” He called and his voice is louder than normal. He pulls at the restraints, feeling the ropes digging into his skin.

“It’s okay, Robbie, I’ll be right back with some food!” Marvin called and then there’s that clang again and he knows that he’s alone.

He continues withering in his chair, pulling and tearing at his restrained limbs and hissing and growling constantly. The ropes dig deeper into the skin around his ankles and he hears a small and wet snap from his wrists. At this rate he’s going to end up snapping his hands off again.

But then there’s that clanking noise again and he picks up the smell of Marvin and so he calms down a little, not pulling as much. The blob appears in front of him once more holding another smaller and darker blob. He doesn’t like it’s smell.

“I didn’t know if you’d want it cooked or not,” Marvin explained. “It’s chicken. Your favorite from when you were… do you want it?”

He feels utterly sickened by the scent of this… “food”. That is not what he was wanting in the slightest. It’s not appealing, does not smell good and he wants nothing more than to slap it out of Marvin’s hand.

He growls, grinding his teeth together once more and he narrows his blind eyes. He pushes his back as far as it would go into the chair and angles his head backwards, wanting to get away from the offered “food”.

“Do you… do you not want it?” Marvin asked, confusion filling its voice. He shakes his head in answer, growling once more but louder now. He doesn’t want whatever it is the blob is offering him. He relaxes a little when Marvin sets it aside, away from him. “Then what do you want to eat?”

He knows, but he doesn’t know how to tell. He wants what’s on Marvin but he doesn’t want to hurt Marvin to get it. “Mmaarrrriinnn,” he hissed out.

There’s another pause and the sound of a nervous throat clearing. “You want to… eat me?” Marvin asked and he quickly shakes his head cause no but he doesn’t but that’s the only thing he can say similar to what he wants. “Do you want my.. flesh?” He shakes his head because yes that’s what he wants but he doesn’t want Marvin’s flesh. He just wants flesh. “Do you want… human flesh?” And boom there it is. He hits the back of his head into the chair’s backrest a few times because of how hard he’s nodding.

Marvin hums softly and he believes he’s thinking once more. Must be so much easier to think for the blob. Or maybe it isn’t. He just knows it’s terribly hard for him because his brain feels so weighted and every time he thinks a stabbing pain goes through it. He always tries to ignore it, though. Like he’s been doing this entire time.

“Maybe we could take you to the graveyard…” his ears twitch as he barely picks up the sound of Marvin’s muttering and he focuses more on that now. Wait, he knows what a graveyard is, right? Stones and dead bodies and dirt passed through his hardly functioning mind and he assumes that’s what it is. “Robbie,” his ears perk up and he lifts his head, angling his chin upwards when he hears the word. Isn’t that what he’s called…? “I want to take you where there’s food, but you can’t fight me. You have to trust me and listen to me, do you understand?”

He thinks he does. The words are slowly processing in his brain and he so wishes he could ask the blob to slow down in its speaking but he believes he knows the gist of what he’s saying. He shakily nods in answer, hissing softly as he tries to say, “Eeeessssssssssss”, which he believes is the correct way to respond.

There’s a clap and the ropes are being untied from around his legs. And then his arms. Then there are hands on his shoulders and he’s being helped up. He stands a little shakily, having not actually stood up without running or darting across the floor since he’d first woken up. “You good?” He heard Marvin ask and he jerkily nods once more. “Alright… gotta find a way to keep you from running off…”

Marvin walks from his side and he slowly follows, his step having a slight limp despite him knowing how to walk. He doesn’t know where else to go, so he merely follows Marvin with a small distance between them because he can’t keep up too well.

They make it to the other side of the room before Marvin finally stops, humming in thought. He’s hardly able to stop in time before he collides into Marvin, grunting as he does so. It is very difficult to control his muscles when he’s not moving quickly, oddly enough…

“Ah!” Marvin suddenly exclaimed and he jumps in surprise from the loud noise. Marvin turns back to him and he can feel it wrapping something around his upper body, tightening whatever it is in the back once it’s wrapped fully. He makes a noise of question, once more trying to twist his head fully around instead of merely turning his entire body. The thing around him smells strange and dull and he doesn’t like it much. It comes back to him as a dull red, nothing of interest to him.

“It’s a harness!” Marvin said in answer and he still doesn’t know what that is too well. He grunts again, hoping that would make him explain it more. Strange creatures with thick amounts of fur pops into his mind’s eye when he heard the word. “You know, straps of cloth to snap a leash on. Henrik must of had it for some reason… I’m not even going to question why.” There’s a pause before a hand is rested on his back and he’s being prodded forward. He takes a stumbling step forward and he nearly falls, but he catches himself in the end. “Let’s go get a leash now.”

He wants to ask why a leash is necessary. Why would they need one if they’re going to go and eat? He needs to be able to move, he thinks. If his food is anything like Henrik and Marvin he is going to have to be fast to be able to catch anything. A “leash”, as Marvin called it, brings up thoughts of being restrained and it confuses him to no end. Maybe he could somehow communicate this to it…

He scours his mind as he’s guided to another dull red color, this one being in the middle of an even duller color which surrounds the entire room. Curious as to what it is, and losing track of what he had been trying to think, he reaches a hand out to the dull red color and finds it to be cold and solid beneath his fingers. So this entire surface surrounds the entire room? But, why?

Marvin stops in it’s tracks when it realizes that he had stopped. It had started to pass him because it does move much faster than him. “What are you doing, Robbie?” it asked him.

And some how, some strange way, he answers it: “Jus crriossss.” His own eyes widen and he can smell the surprise coming from Marvin. He’s not sure what he said, but he thinks he meant how he feels as he runs a hand along the hard surface beneath it.

He can hear Marvin swallow heavily before asking: “W-what are you curious about?”

He tilts his head and decides to not even think about saying anything now like before. Perhaps the words come more naturally to him if he doesn’t really think… “T’e.. ‘ardnesssss… an…. ssssssoooootttttttt….” he knows he is isn’t speaking properly but… he still is… kind of? Right? His tongue does seem to refuse to work completely properly, just like the rest of his muscles.

“Do you mean the wall?” Marvin questioned.


“Why does it interest you, though?” It then asked and he’s getting tired of the questions because he’s finding it harder and harder to speak the more he does.

“Wan’ed tah… feel t’e…. re’,” he tried, finding it hard to see how in the world Marvin is still understanding him. He’s having a troublesome time understanding himself so it must be very difficult for the other.

“What red?”

“t’e… wal… re’.”

“The wall isn’t red, Robbie,” Marvin pointed out and this confuses the hell out of him. Everything is red. He should try telling it that.

“E’ry… tiNg… i’…. r’E…” he informed Marvin, turning his blind eyes on the blob. He can only make out the red around him if his face is in the direction of what he’s smelling. Marvin is a bright and pulsing red blob amongst dimmer red surrounding him.

Marvin falls silent and he can understand that. He can hardly understand anything he’s thinking much less speaking.

“Can you see me?” It then asked after a minute of silence, slightly shocking him.

He tilts his head and doesn’t know how to explain it. Of course he can see it. But… for some reason he has a feeling that how he sees is incorrect in a way.

“I… sssssseee…. re’,” he ended up saying, grinding his teeth a moment later. He doesn’t mean to do that. He just doesn’t know how hard he should bite down when he’s trying to relax his jaw or merely close it.

“Just red?”


“Huh, odd,” Marvin stated and then grabs his forearm. He jumps at the sudden physical contact and it apologizes a moment later. “We’ll worry about that later. For now, until Henrik gets back, let’s go get you some food. No one else should be here so we should be able to go straight through the house.”

It’s talking way too fast again and he understood half of what it said, the other half going through one ear and leaving the other. He slowly blinks and begins to shakily walk once more, nearly tripping when there’s a sudden incline in the ground.

“Oh, right,” Marvin said and he focuses on it again. “There’s stairs here. As in steps. As in lift your foot up,” he does, “move it forward,” he does, “and now set it down,” he does, “good. Now just continue doing that.”

It’s a struggle for both of them to get up what Marvin calls the stairs but they eventually do. Marvin is panting but he doesn’t have to at all. He smells at the new area, moving his head back and forth to better make out his environment. They’re in a larger room now and a strange dull red blob is in the center surrounded by more dull red blobs. How interesting. The “wall” of this room continues on until a door on each side breaks the constant color, one not even having a door but an open archway into another, smaller room. He wishes he could see in not just red but he doesn’t really know the difference. Or… does he? He does remember other colors but… he doesn’t? He decides not to ponder this fact. It hurts his brain too much.

Once he’s unfocused from these thoughts he realizes that Marvin is no longer beside him. He grows panicked and confused and smells at the air, grinding his teeth together when he can’t find him. He begins to stumble about, trying his best to find the now missing Marvin because currently it is the only thing he really understands at all in this confusing world he… reawoke into.

“Mmmmmmaaarrrriiiinnnnn?!” he called out, scratchy and hollow voice hardly reaching through the enclosed space he is now in. He speeds up a little, smelling at the air frantically to try and pick up its scent. “Maaarrriiinnn?!”

There’s a loud bang from nearby and he has to hunch over a little because it’s such a loud noise and it makes his ears ache. Marvin reappears a moment later, holding another dull line in its hands.

“Sorry, did I scare you?” Marvin asked and he nods in his jittery way of nodding. He smells guilt coming from the blob. “I won’t do that again. But I got the leash. Hold still now, I’m clipping it to your back.”

He does as Marvin asked, going deadly still. If he weren’t keeping his balance he would have fallen by now. There’s a small click behind him and then a tug and he nearly falls over. If a hand hadn’t stopped him he would have landed on his back. He’s straightened a moment later and Marvin comes to stand in front of him.

“Alright, the leash is on,” Marvin informed and it shifts a little. He catches what it calls a leash and runs his fingers up and down it, it feeling rough against his skin. He doesn’t much like it. “Sorry, I don’t know how you’ll react when we’re around dead bodies. You may go crazy and train and run off. You’re Robbie, but you’re also a zombie.”

And he doesn’t know why, but that sentence honestly makes something shrivel up inside in pain. A strange pain he hadn’t yet felt. Like.. somehow those words hurt him. Like they went inside and twisted everything up. He doesn’t like this pain.

He’s more than a “zombie”, right? Hadn’t Marvin said that himself before?

Isn’t he… “Robbie”?


The next part is the longest I’ve written so far so look forward to that. Man it’s fun to write this and a lot of people are liking it! Makes me happy :)

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Connected Sigils

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First off, I would like to apologize for the mass tagging. I was simply going through my list of people I follow and trying to find those who post a lot about sigils, because this is a topic I have been thinking on quite a bit. If I’m bothering you or you don’t wish to answer, I obviously can’t do anything but don’t feel bad about it lol.

Anyway! As the header suggests, I was wondering if you could make connected sigils; in other words, two or more duplicates of the same sigil, for the purpose of distant charging. Let me give an example: Say you’re making a spell jar, that requires you to bury said jar. But what if you want to periodically charge the sigil (and thus the jar) without digging it up? Or what if you give a sigil and spell jar to someone who DOESN’T know how to charge it or whatever, but you still want to make sure it’s efficient? Would it be possible to charge two copies of the same sigil at the same time, put one in your spell jar (or whatever you’re using), and then keep the other for charging purposes?

Or am I completely misunderstanding the point of spell jars and sigils?

Again, don’t feel bad for not answering if you don’t want to, I’m obviously not going to hunt you down or harass you. If you do answer, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification (duh) or say whatever you need. This is just something I’ve been thinking on, and I figured it would be best to go to people who are more of an expert on it than I am.

Thank you! ^_^

EDIT: Also if there’s anyone I haven’t tagged, but would still like to provide input, GO AHEAD! I’m definitely not going to turn down more help!!

Kuro Reread: Ch 21

Finny’s exited about the elephant. Soma says he has 10 of those. Two kinds of people after all? 

I wonder when was the last time Ran-Mao used a chair instead of Lau’s lap?

Aw, Lau wanted to take her out on a date! 

Ciel looks so serious when he talks about a butler betraying his master…

Lau discuses murder with a smile on his face. Ciel is really starting to get tired of this BS not amused.

This is the most blatant lie Ciel’s ever told. His expression screams ‘’I’d have you killed right this instant but my butler has curry to make’’.

Irony’s such a wondrous thing, isn’t it?

‘‘I can’t wait to see his face when he realises he has lost.’‘ Ciel has a lot of confidence in Seb’s abilities. 

Sebastian wants Agni to know that his boyfriend is above disgusting things like kindness and *shudder* selflessness

This guy looks like a more visually appealing version of Baron Kelvin.

Ugh, the Viscount. His existence had blissfully slipped my mind too… (He’s the Dolores Umbridge of this manga.)

The rest of the chefs look like they’re starring in an episode of a cooking show set in prison. 

One of these things is not like the others. *chuckles*

More catchphrase-ing. (It should be a verb, considering Sebastian does it all the time.)

Why is everyone so amazed at the sight of a blue lobster? Even if they’re hard to come by this seems like a bit of an overreaction. 

The Viscount has a thing for lobsters. I wonder if it’s physically possible to—actually no, I’m not finishing that sentence.

Ooh, it’s Sebastian’s turn now!

What is it with the amount of unnecessary overreaction in this chapter? Look at the curry bread, wait for Sebastian to explain what it is, and if it still seems that shocking, freak out then.

Chamber’s foodgasms are getting a bit too graphic. 

By ‘’hold you tightly in my arms’’ does he mean ‘’try to sell you on the black market’’? Cause he already did that.

Aw, the servants are so happy! It’s cute.

Poor Ciel’s still shivering in disgust.

John Brown appears!

Baldroy calls the Queen of England a funky old gran. 

Again with that TV show? Did anyone forget this is Victorian England? The first TV was invented 39 years later

The horse steps on John’s head. He calmly continues performing his duty anyway. 

The Albert puppet. (I’m honestly tempted to write a fic where John has to act like Victoria’s husband the whole time. With the puppet, of course. Can you imagine how hilarious it’d be?)

It must be horrible, though. Loving someone that much, and having to live without them.

Curry brings people together.

So, chapter 21′s finished. 

You Must Read, Followers!

As an accident, I deleted my writing blog, (known as @lllmissfryelll). I noticed it no longer allowed me to delete, edit, or do anything with all my posts SO in my attempt to fix the problem, I deleted the blog. Oops. Well, it will take some time for me to restart the whole thing again but I’ll see if I make a new one. Apologies to my followers there and the requests I had to make.
Tagging fellow readers and followers and feel free to reblog.
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92 truths

I was tagged by @jaellyhwan @kenikme @yixingminseokjongdae @hyukbinnie and @leo-nardo-di-taekwoon to do this tag, thank youuu very much!!!! sophia all your answers made me laugh omg

I shall taaaaag @burnt-enough-starlight @beebeecee @vixxeroni and @wonhosflower <3

1. Drink: H2O
2. Phone call: My dad
3. Text message: me bestie
4. Song you listened to: playing with fire - blackpink
5. Time you cried: two days ago

6. Dated someone twice: Nope
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: uh no
8. Been cheated on: Bloody hope not
9. Lost someone special: Yes
10. Been depressed: Kinda
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: Nope
12-14: Teal, green and black

15. Made new friends: YES SO MANY
16. Fallen out of love: Am i even in love idk
17. Laughed until you cried:yesss
18. Found out someone was talking about you: yes :))))
19. Met someone who changed you: ???
20. Found out who your friends are: Oh yes, ssnakes have revealed themselves

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: i dont even have facebook

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: dont have facebook lol
23. Do you have any pets: two guineas!
24. Do you want to change your name: nope
25. What did you do for your last Birthday:bowling with my friends
26. What time did you wake up: 10:06am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: playing that yg game 
28. Name something you can’t wait for: my birthdayyyyy
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: Like ten mins ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: my independence
31. What are you listening right now: blackpink
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: ye he’s moody all the time
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: revision
34. Most visited Website: tumblr, ao3 and….play music??

35. Mole/s: a few
36. Mark/s: no??
37. Childhood dream: to be a teacher
38. Haircolor: brown
39. Long or short hair: mid length
40. Do you have a crush on someone: yES
41. What do you like about yourself: I too, like my dimples
42. Piercings: three in one ear, two in the other
43. Bloodtype: i dont know
44. Nickname: spooky, boooks, bubz, bubz i have many 
45. Relationship status: single 
46. Zodiac: Libra
47. Pronouns: She/Her

48. Favorite TV Show: mock the week and the goldbergs
49. Tattoos: nope
50. Right or left hand: right handed
51. Surgery: nope
52. Hair dyed in different color: it was green a few weeks ago
53. Sport: no thank you 
55. Vacation: i loved going to ibiza
56. Pair of trainers: i dont really like trainers tbh

57. Eating: …yep
58. Drinking: ………..yep 
59. I’m about to: play the yg game
61. Waiting for: summer to be over
62. Want: to do well in my exams
63. Get married: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss
64. Career: i have no idea

65. Hugs or kisses: hugs
66. Lips or eyes: eyes
67. Shorter or taller: taller

68. Older or younger: older

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: stomach
71. Sensitive or loud: ??
72. Hook up or relationship: relationship.
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: again ??

74. Kissed a stranger: ew no
75. Drank hard liquor: …..ye
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: yeah but they were at my friends house lol
77. Turned someone down: yes
78. Sex in the first date: no because i am a minOR
79. Broken someone’s heart: who knows maybe
80. Had your heart broken: not really but when i was 10 me and my best friend had a fight over a boy and he chose her and it made me sad
81. Been arrested: nope
82. Cried when someone died: yes
83. Fallen for a friend: kind of? But it was after he moved away so

84. Yourself: HAHAAHAHAH
85. Miracles: no
86. Love at first sight: kind of
87. Santa Claus: no
88. Kiss in the first date: depends
89. Angels: no

90. Current best friends name: Lucy
91. Eyecolor: brown
92. Favorite movie: kingsman, battle royale aaaand Hercules 

here’s a little update of sorts.

I currently have 5 more sessions with my therapist before I stop going to her.

I got denied financial aid at my school because of all the times I’ve dropped out due to getting hospitalized. In the end I’ve attempted too many credits and never completed any. 

After talking to my gm it looks like I will be able to go back to EMT school. I was hoping I’d take the course at my school and use financial aid but since that happened I’m going to the same place I went when I took the course back in 2014 in Quincy. To be honest, even if I did get financial aid at my school I’d still want to go to Quincy cause I’ve completed that course before so I know how the semester is set up and it’ll make me feel more comfortable. 

All that being said, I start on September 12th which is in 3 weeks!!!! It’ll be Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-1pm and then every other Friday 9am-4pm. I’m so excited cause Quincy is the closest town that has Mary Lou’s coffee and that shit is crack! 

Work. On my schedule I have Thurs-Sat off. Yesterday the store manager asked some girl if she’d want to work tomorrow morning even though I was scheduled so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  looks like I’m not working. Earlier a different girl asked if she could take my Sunday shift and I was like sure why not. So I’m literally off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 😂. However Friday afternoon I’m going to a different store to work for 4 hours cause the manager there (who just so happens to be my best friend lol is going out for two weeks medical leave). There’s a slight possibility that I might have to work all day Saturday and come in for a couple hours on Thursday lmao which would make my 5 days off not be 5 days lol. Anyways I am off tomorrow and I get to sleep in and that’s all that matters!!

Thursday I’m going to lunch with an old coworker/friend of mine and I’m so excited to see her!! It’s been like 6 months since I’ve seen her. 

I have September 2nd-9th off for vacation and my girlfriend and I are thinking of driving down to DC for a couple nights. I’d be back by Wednesday so I can go to therapy on Thursday cause with my limited time I don’t want to be missing any more sessions.