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Friday, 9 December 2016

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I know I shouldn’t care or anything, but can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong on here? My life has been hectic for me personally, and I have this blog of David Tennant to help ease myself away from all the shit and negativity going on in it, and sometimes I just need a place to vent out and relieve my stress. But I also feel like maybe people think that I should only and just only focus on David Tennant and what they want, but I can’t do that, I am sorry, but I can’t. I am a human being, and my blog is first and foremost an extension of myself, and I love everyone, I really do, and I try to put people needs in front of my own, but this is the one place I like to be selfish regardless if it deals with David Tennant or not. Anyway sorry, I will shut up now.

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Mechanic 5: The Forest

Sorry for the delay! Heads up, this is an extra long chapter so heads up. Will be cross posted at my account as well.


Pyrrha hummed happily as she walked back to her dorm. Normally Mondays were always a bit rough, having to get back to work after a weekend of free time, but she was in a cheery mood. After all, she couldn’t wait for next Saturday to start training with Jaune.

There was definitely a lot of potential lying in wait within that boy in her opinion. How dedicated he was, how much Aura he had, he seemed like a bundle of raw potential that just lacked proper instruction. If she was honest with herself, Pyrrha wasn’t completely positive she’d be the best teacher, but she would do her best. She was reading through some books on teaching in the library when she took a break from schoolwork in order to prepare, but she had realized she forgot one of her textbooks in the dorm.

As she opened the door, she found her book sitting on the desk, exactly where she expected it. Grabbing it, she was about to return to the library when she remembered her scroll. She had forgotten to plug it in last night, and it had died so she left in in their room to charge. Figuring it was good by now, she grabbed it from her bed, noticing a few messages. Checking them, she nearly dropped her phone in terror.

Ditching her textbook, she took off at dead sprint, dashing down the hallways, yelling apologies to anyone she nearly collided into.

The rest of Team JNPR and team RWBY were already around a table, diligently working. At least some of them were. Blake was lost in one of her “romance novels”, Nora was passed out, and Jane was face down on the desk, groaning in bitter defeat about not understanding any of the text. Ruby was in a similar situation, but Weiss was showing her pity and helping her work through it at the moment. The all jumped to attention as they saw Pyrrha come sprinting in, out of breath. Pyrrha always had her composure, and would never be as disruptive as to sprint into a library so they all assumed something had to be wrong.

Pyrrha just held up her phone to the group as she rested her other hand on her knee, catching her breath. The dorms and libraries weren’t exactly close.

Yang took the phone, reading the messages out loud for everyone.

“It’s from Jaune” Yang said with a teasing tone at first.

“Do you, and your friends, want to come over tonight? I want to make you guys something special as thanks for helping me.” She started off, raising an eyebrow at Pyrrha. “Helping him?” She said with a smirk.

Pyrrha just rolled her hand, indicating for yang to keep reading as she finally managed to return her breathing to normal.

“Oh, shoot! I’m out of Sap for the pie. I found a special local recipe that I wanted to try…” Yang continued.

Weiss sighed. “He should check things like that before sending out invites.” She said, shaking her head.

“There’s another message.” Yang said. Her eyes widened as she read ahead.

“The stores are out of stock, but the sap can be found in Forever Fall. That forest is just north of Vale so I’ll just go collect some, so if you guys want to come over, just head over tonight and I should be back by then. Don’t worry I’ll bring my sword and shield to be safe. Either way, let me know if you guys can make it! Thanks again.” She finished.

Weiss had her head in her hands, Blake was already packing up as Ren woke up Nora and quickly gathered their teams stuff. Jane was the first to speak up.

“He… he wouldn’t go off into Forever Fall alone right? Sure it’s just right outside Vale, but the forest is still littered with Grimm. A student going in alone is dangerous, but a civilian is just suicide.”

Pyrrha just looked grim, “His dad doesn’t get here till tomorrow, with the rest of his family so I’m pretty sure he’d go alone. He probably doesn’t know how dangerous the forest is.”

Ren took a deep breath. “Maybe he just stayed near the edge, right near the walls are pretty safe and watched for travelers so he could be back by now.” Ren offered, only half convinced.

Pyrrha paced back and forth. “I called him and he didn’t pick up. By the time we get to the store, if he’s not back it will be a long time before we could make it to Forever Fall, but we cant wander around Forever Fall looking for him if he’s home.

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the math professor softly quotes a 25 year old Rage Against the Machine song to himself as he battles a Pokemon gym. He is waiting for the bus into work.

“Yeah we got to break it break it break it break it down…. Awwwwwwwww SHIT (taptaptaptap)”

He is clad in a charcoal-grey woolen overcoat and is currently the least badass human on the entire planet. He has packed a healthy lunch of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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