they say “here comes a hurricane
trouble is her middle name”

crossover graphics: hero’s duty x mass effect
someone had to do it pls don’t kill me


shouldn’t there be an angel on the other side?

Is it kinda bad that all I want to see now is a Persona 4 AU where in the Accomplice Ending Adachi actually regrets getting into a partnership with the MC because it turns out the MC is actually more fucked up and sadistic than Adachi is? And it makes Adachi super uncomfortable, like the tables are turned and he’s no longer in control of the situation??? Now the MC is the main bad guy for manipulating everyone for a little fun, and it’s just backstabbing everywhere and muffled investigation team sobbing in the distance.


“You know there’s a big… bellarke world out there, to put it out there, that um… doesn’t want us to be together. So I don’t know. I’d love to, um, just because I feel like… ‘cause they, you know. They share this huge secret that no one knows about, if you think about it. And Raven has only brought it up once while she was mentally possessed. So, it’s kinda like, I think it’d be really interesting for them to actually be open and vulnerable with each other, to what happened and where they were and who they are. Because they are very similar and they do respect each other on such a level that– It’s a certain dynamic she doesn’t share with anyone else and I don’t know if he shares the same– You know, he sees Clarke differently than he sees Raven. So yeah, I think it’d be interesting. I’d love more scenes!”
- [Lindsey @ SDCC16]

[Caption: four black and white gifs of Lindsey Morgan in an interview. She’s smiling as she says: “I’m a… I’m a ravenbell? / I ship us. / Braven? We braven? / I’m braven.”]

I was watching the men volleyball semi-finals. Italy won against USA. It was such an intense and emotional match. Can you believe the Italian libero scored a point????And now Italy is in the finals asdfghjkl