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Is Sebastian the only one that we don't know about yet? Or is there someone else still missing?


laughter is the shortest distance between two people

the like. 12 hours leading up 2 a concert are the slowest most boring hours of your life. this is scientifically proven by Science and Scientists

I’m officially going to see Bobcat twice when he performs here in June

I’m gonna cry I’m so excited

I’m going to his first show with one friend and then he’s doing two shows on his last day and I’m going to the first one of those with my other friend I’m

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How would peniel react if he found your old tumblr from when you were a fan?(you are dating)

Uh oh. So awkward. He’d go over in his mind about how to ask you about it. Should he bring it up? Should he mention tumblr and see if you mention it? Depending what’s on there, the level of awkwardness around him would reach a breaking point until you just asked him why he was being even more awkward than usual. He’d tell you and you’d shrug, whether you choose to explain or not is up to you. But he’d definitely feel kinda awkward until you talked about it.


My roommate is fighting with her mom over the phone right now and the walls are so thin I can hear everything. Oh this is so awkward, there are tears involved….we were supposed to go grocery shopping..

guess who’s forced to go to the school camp day after tomorrow for 3 days even though their anxiety has literally never been this bad before????? me!!!!!!!! isnt life gr8