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Ok but McCree walking in on his s/o listening to country music and theY JUST SLAM THEIR HAND DOWN ONTO WHATEVER IS PLAYING IT AND GIVE HIM THE MOST CLEAR "don't you DARE tell anyone" FACE

- McCree would just be standing there, not being able to help the corners of his lips turning into a smile even though he is trying so hard not to

- he would just be smiling like such a dork and start laughing and say that he can’t believe they have been hiding them liking country music from him!

- would come on over and struggle with them to turn it back on and would take their hands and start to dance, smiling and laughing trying to get them to lighten up

- “oh come on Darlin’ just dance with me~ it’s the least you could do for hiding this from me!” And it would be more of them kind of just slow dancing and smiling while he laughs and makes jokes trying to get them to smile and enjoy it

- he definitely would tell mercy and all his other friends and tell them not to tell his s/o and someone would defiantly tell the s/o

35. “I’m very busy right now and you are distracting me.”

a/n: so many amazing ships in this movie. just wish i could have found the gif of pav checking out jaylah from behind. ;)

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“I’m supposed to very busy right now and you are distracting me,” Jaylah sighed as she lay against her bed. Pavel lifted his head from the assaulting kisses on her neck, grinning cheekily. 

“Oh really?” He looked back to her open books on the desk. “Do you want me to leave so you can go back to studying?” He started to retract his body slowly as if to make a point, surprised when she gripped his arms almost cutting off circulation, thrusting him back on her. 

“I heard from other students that this…” she pointed between the two of them, “…can take the edge off.”

“Kissing?” he supplied.

“Yes, kissing.” she affirmed. Pavel’s smile widened. 

“They also talk about ‘more than kissing’.” 

“Sex?” he tried. She nodded and Pavel felt his cheeks flush. While he had enjoyed the seven months he had spent Jaylah - eager to do more - he didn’t want to rush her into something that she may regret. They had only started kissing the past month and she was still fairly sensitive at times to the changes that came with her Earth experience.

“What is wrong, Pavel?” she watched his face change. “Did I say something wrong?”

He shook his head. “No, Jalyah, it is fine.” He lifted her hand and brought it to his lips kissing it. “But as for sex - I think we should give it time.”

this week four years ago naya posted this picture on facebook and heather commented with “in love always”

this week three years ago heather said “I think Naya and I are a pretty powerful duo on and off set” in an interview for Scoop Factory

that same week naya took heather as her date plus one to the maxim hot 100 party



Where does that name come from anyway?