“And you’re right here in my arms.”

A few episodes later…

“I cradled you in my arms!”

What I’m saying is that the Broganes have a serious problem with stealing Lance’s pick up lines.

wow, who would’ve thought a season where splitting up the main protagonists of the show, putting the titular protagonist with a screentime black hole character, and trying to resolve like 6 different stories at once would’ve resulted in a mediocre season
Wow, no one saw it coming :^)

Based on this post by @vikturi-katsforov

Ok now, I’m sorry I swear I didn’t know what was I doing, or maybe yes, just for to do something but study. Aaaaand that post inspired me really hard… lol

Oh look, another dumb crappy comic! lmao Seto ranting about some shit. Probably involving Yuugi and his friends. This is it. This is the show.

This was way funnier in my head. I had this idea a while back and wanted to scribble it out before I forgot about it again. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head, it’s just a matter of digging through them. I’ll need a shovel.


Now that I’m at it, I might as well post these.

Quick “how do I draw these guys” sketches of Mordecai and Brick. Originally doodled on a piece of paper but decided to make better sketched of them now that I can use my tablet again.My art style doesn’t do justice to Brick but dammit, I tried!

anonymous asked:

maybe that's why its write 'bots destroyed' and not 'killed' because theyre nnot 'alive' ? idk im still upset lmao that i seen ' no civilian harmed' and big letter, like humans were all that matters and bots are 'casual' lost

I mean, Blizzard didn’t think farther than the distance between tapestry and wall when they wrote that headline and drew that picture. What they wanted was to say “look how badass Doomfist is! Efi was there! Get excited people!” and that goal they did reach. The way omnics or non-sentient robots are depicted in it is likely unintentional.

But I still want to hug every robot, omnic and AI over a gap of sixty fictional years. Bigotry against artificial life is probably the most realistic prediction about the future Overwatch has made.

And leading to that is how we use language to make or break oppressive behaviour and I’ve given that some thought before.

My headcanon is that using ‘destroyed’ instead of ‘killed’ or ‘died’ is a way to deny an omnic their claim of sentience. Machines are destroyed, people are killed. It’s similar to how we see some media in real life refer to minorities by the worst thing they can find (”Ex-convict saves kid.” rather than “Brave man saves kid.” for example)
So omnic rights groups would work on getting people to use ‘died’ and ‘killed’ when talking about omnics losing their lives.

And there would be a lot of that language that is either intentionally hurtful (Tin can and bot as anti-omnic slurs) or subconsciously human-centric that in a world we’d share with sentient people who are not human would have to be reexamined. 

Imagine someone wanting to tell an omnic to be more kind and saying “Find your humanity!” and everyone’s like ‘really, dude?’
News speaking of the ‘inhuman treatment of prisoners’ and an omnic wondering if they’re just using that word as they always have or if it’s a dig against his kind. It’s probably the former but if you’re surrounded by that kind of language you can’t help but become more sensitive to it.
How often do we use ‘human’ as a synonym for ‘people’? In real life we can, because they are the same thing, there’s no aliens or AI to include, but in the Overwatch universe it’s not that cut and dry anymore.

Thanks to the Law Of Conversation Of Detail we only have one fictional news source for the entire Overwatch universe (Atlas News) so we can’t really compare how different local news groups would have shown the event.

Pro-omnic Numbani where the attack took place might have used something like “Airport security lays down life to protect civilians from vicious attacker.”

In anti-omnic England the headlines could read “Bot gone rogue? Seven omnics destroyed in rampage. Software malfunctions are being investigated.”

In the scientific hotbed of Oasis it would say “Hardware of Numbani Airport Security dangerously out of date! Seven omnics taken out of commission by superior force.”

Lol what does Steph get yelled at for today?

Not making a medication list for the cat in a timely fashion, even though I said I was doing it at least 6 fucking times before I left for work. All these medications and their directions are neatly lined up in one spot in the kitchen, btw. Where anyone could write them down.

Again, working today. Because I control my own schedule. (Newsflash: I don’t).

Not being able to predict if the body shop is going to call me about my car and if the insurance is going to approve it being seen by a mechanic.

Not sitting on hold with my insurance company before going to work.

Shutting the door while brushing my teeth.

Shutting the door while getting dressed.

Not being able to explain why another one of our cats was just diagnosed hyperthyroid or being able to give accurate odds of that happening in a 4 cat household.

Leaving what she perceived as late for work and gonna get in trouble because I had to write a med list for my cat for her to take to the vet. I was on time. Btw. 13 minutes early actually.

Now I’m at work and my boss who likes to yell in everyone’s faces for fun comes in in approximately 4 hours. I work with him for 6 hours. I can’t wait to see what Stephanie gets bitched out for today!