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[text: Mais] You’re lucky I’m pissed with him too right now.
[text: Mais] Like Christ- he can’t just fucking decide to drop our covers and expect everything to be okay.
[text: Mais] That sounds like a bad idea, but I’m really down for bad ideas right now.

[ text: tigress ] i have to burn a whole id now!
[ text: tigress ] my ids are my trade, and that was one of my favorites
[ text: tigress ] and now i have to start from scratch again
[ text: tigress ] we have to redeem this trainwreck of a
[ text: tigress ] month, really
[ text: tigress ] and now i’m angry all over again. swing by the flat, we’ll head out from there
[ text: tigress ] i’ll probably already be high by the time you get here

i would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | i dislike you or you annoy me. | i would like to get to know you better. | i pity us. | you confuse me. | i feel indifferent towards you. | i would be friends with you. | i would fight by your side. | i would hug you or hold your hand. | i would kiss you. | i would sleep with you. | i would lie for you. | i would protect you. | i would fall in love with you, even the dark twisted places. | i would kill for you | i respect you. | you are my family. | i don’t know you.

sentence starters –> team starkid part 2

  • “You are a worthwhile person.”
  • “I’m just going to curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days.”
  • “Don’t laugh at me, you overall failure!”
  • “With a wave of my hand, I can give a command, but it’s just like… whatever.”
  • “I’m just a sidekick but I love being at your side.”
  • “Look, I know that you’re a boy, so you like bugs, and boogers, and peeing standing up and shit.” 
  • “Oh man, now two people are mad at me!”
  • “I see a skeleton in a robe going ‘come here’…”
  • “My true passion is fanfiction!”
  • “It’s pretty dangerous to be one of my enemies. That’s why it’s a good thing that we’re… we’re friends.”
  • “Alright, gang, I’ll ignore that some of you are late if you ignore that I’m the latest.”
  • “Being an adult means being able to put sprinkles on ANYTHING YOU FUCKING WANT!”
  • “You and I are the two stupidest people I know.”
  • “I ate nothing but protein shakes, falcon eggs and rocks.”
  • “When the world sucks, just dance.”
  • “Can’t is a word for someone who has been beaten and broken, and that is not the man I see lying in a heap before me!”
  • “I don’t want my life to be like Spiderman 3, I hated that movie.”
  • “I’ll be in the drawing room painting a picture of the stupid look on your faces.”
  • “I heard one time a dementor kissed her… and it died.”
  • “There is nothing more badass than being who you are.”
  • “I want all of you, ______, and all I have to give you in return is myself. I wish I could give you more.”
  • “I see it now - you never were my friend.”
  • “There’s no ‘Being Gay for Dummies’ book, I googled it.”
  • “You know, I used to think looks weren’t important and now I think they’re more important than anything.”
  • “Ow! Don’t slap me with a pizza!”
  • “Wanna hold hands?”
  • “If money can’t fix it then I haven’t found it yet.”
  • “I am having the best day - this morning when I woke up, there were cookies.”
  • “Get some food in your belly!”
  • “You’re probably thinking ‘she’s got everything’… Well it’s true, ‘cause I do.”
  • “I just want everything and more.”
  • “You never once were nice. You never cared at all.”
  • “I’ve got places. I’ve got friends - I’ve got Joey, Ross and Chandler.”
  • “I wanna take off my clothes with you!”
  • “I like your twisted humour.”
  • “Good think that I’m around to keep your ass in line.”
  • “Never gonna win ‘till your enemies are dead - that’s the American way!”
  • “I think the girl with the dragon tattoo was on my bus…”
  • “Being an introvert is so nice! I feel like we’re all part of a nice, quiet club.”
  • “I’m gonna pass you a puppy under the table.”
  • “I’m laughing so hard I’m sweating!”

anonymous asked:

So now that we've seen what they look like after they've been missing together for about a week, do you think it's safe to say that Louis loves clean shaven Harry, and Harry loves scruffy Louis?

i think it’s more like harry loves having his thighs burn after louis’ been doing his work down there and louis loves being able to feel harry’s smooth, freshly shaven face as he licks, kisses, and nips at his jaw, so they make sure to do what they can to please the other ;)  hahaha  oh man, these two saps!

anonymous asked:

Hhello!! Im a rlly shy person so sorry for being anonymous!! Hh I wanted to thank you for this blog Because you literally saved my ass yesterday haha" I felt bad that day and i found your blog And OH man WHAT an amazing feeling to find someone who loves these two cinnamon rolls the same as I am!! And all gorgeous pieces of art i saw here I literally started crying Im probably overreacting but honestly i absolutely fell in love with your artstyle!! And probs you're my fav hetalian artist <33 ILY!

!!:O omg? I don’t even know what to say? I’m glad that my blog can cheer you up! and I’m happy to find someone that love the cinnamon rolls that much.
They also always bring me a good feeling when I draw or see the originals. 
So I’m very happy to hear that someone may have this from my drawings!
This is really encouraging. Do not worry because anonymous, it doesn’t matter, I’ll send you my love anyway <3 ILYT and I hope y have a nice day!

fried--stars  asked:

I hope u know that Aone's birthday was on the thirteenth of August. Cry over the pure tol son with me.

OH MY GOSHG I FEEL THAT AONE FEEL I didn’t have the time to draw something on his actual bday because I had to do some work bUT friend I am 500% there for you I am here to cry over the sweetest loveliest teddy bear of a datekou middle blocker Aone Takanobu I thank based Furudate sensei everday for the existence of Aone Takanobu wHAT A GOOD CHARA C T ER

oh man im two days late but hAPPY BDAY AONE SWEET SUMMER CHILD

I logged into twitter and saw “While you were away….” followed immediately by a tweet of Daniel saying “mantis shrimp is sexy” and then I immediately logged out of twitter again.

Richmond Marathon W6D6

16 Miles 

 Oh man this run was interesting. It was very much a tale of two halves. For the first half I felt great. I started a little slow because it was still pretty warm out, but as I got into my groove and the temperature started to cool, I really started to hit splits that I was feeling great about. Then I hit the half way point and even though I ate a Honey Stinger gel, I started to feel things fall apart. 

My legs just started to get tired, I couldn’t maintain my pace, I was starting to get dehydrated, and at mile 15 my groin started to hurt. So much so that I had to slow to a walk and apply some pressure to the pain so that I could keep going. I think maybe some of this was from starting my workout and yoga routine this week as well as not hydrating enough throughout the day and also this was my longest run in a while. I’m hoping as I start to get into more of a routine these long runs, that are only going to get longer, will get a little easier.