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I'm sorry that you aren't in a good place now but I hope you can find a happier place soon, and that things start to look up for you. You deserve happiness, and I'm sure you'll find it. You're a lovely person and you have a way with words. Good luck.

thank you for being so kind to me it really really means a lot, there are a lot of things I am struggling with currently but I think I’ll maybe figure them out soon

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Hi friend. 50cal isn't too much. You deserve to eat. At least please snack on some toast. Please. You deserve and need food.

!!!!!! oh my gosh i didn’t expect messages oh my god oh my god

I was saying what I used to think!! I’ve started my recovery roughly a month ago, actually! I’ve had an eating disorder for less than half a year but it did strain me. Thankfully my friends stopped me in time ;v; I still count calories and restrain myself sometimes, not gonna lie but I’m eating and exercising, everything’s okay! <333333 Nggh these kind of messages help so much I don’t know you, annonie, but I hope you have a wonderful day, I love you so much <33