OFFensive commentary

many people often fall into the thinking of “i am not offended/hurt by thing, thus thing must not be offensive/harmful.” which disregards other people who are indeed offended/hurt by a thing.

just because i have never seen a worm-sized blind snake in person does not mean that it is less of a documented animal. similarly, just because many people do not personally experience the brunt of offensive commentary, that does not mean it does not exist.

masteraquatosic  asked:

Just curious as to why you think that the new season of RWBY is "trash". I was a bit disappointed with episode 4's treatment of Yang's PTSD (they were doing so well in episode 3), and I've seen way too many giggling villains for Tyrian to do anything but bore me, but the season has been fine if not amazing so far. What issues are you having with it?

Nono, friend, you misunderstand. I wasn’t saying the new season is trash. I’m saying the show is trash, and as a longtime fan who will continue watching no matter what poorly fleshed out “““““writing””””” they continue to throw at me, I stand by that commentary.

Such offenses that I have been trying for a long time to excuse and get past but are finally piling up to the point where I no longer can include:

  • Poor time management.
    • I mean, the pacing on this show has been consistently a mess, for one; the plot stands still for three decades then suddenly everything happens at once.
    • They knew Pyrrha was going to die? They knew that was going to happen. They knew they had a very limited time to actually flesh her out and create emotional payoff for that sacrifice, and they gave only her, like, half a season of focus. I was one of the few who didn’t mind Jaune’s arc and actively enjoyed it, but oh my god, knowing what I know now, prioritizing a character who they knew would be around for many more seasons vs one they knew was going to die soon was honestly the most foolhardy choice any writer could ever make. The time spent making us understand Jaune’s struggle should have been spent making us understand Pyrrha as a person; her goals, her plans, the relationships she was forming and how she became actively close to RWBYJNR.
    • Little to no attempts to actually flesh characters out in a way that makes sense.
      • I’m sorry, Blake “If you can’t fight you can’t survive” Belladonna, Blake ‘doesn’t even know how to properly react to a hug’ Belladonna, Blake ‘trusts no one and is an insufferable loner’ Belladonna has actually had two loving, caring parents worrying over her this whole time? A comfy, cozy mansion back in Menagerie from the time she was 12? She acts like she had to fight tooth and nail for everything she ever got growing up, but she had two parents fighting for her??? And where the hell were they while she was dating her mentor which is never a good idea?
      • Again, Pyrrha. Why did Ruby react so violently to watching her die, I don’t think we’ve actually ever seen them hold a real conversation directed at each other? Why did we only see one episode of how Ren and Nora function in relation to her? What the fuck?
      • Listen to me, listen to me. Adam Taurus was always going to be an irredeemable asshole. Blake wouldn’t have left otherwise. The man wanted to murder an entire train car full of Schnee employees who were just trying to get a paycheck and had no decision-making part in the systematic screwing over that the SDC was enacting over faunus. Blake wouldn’t be so wary of other people becoming like Adam if he were redeemable or good. But here’s what we did know about him: he let her go on that train. He called off the search party for her. He cared about her wellbeing so much that he, an experienced fighter who would know better, took his eye off the enemy to make sure she was safe and got attacked for it. So tell me, how does that line up with a man who has gone so far BEYOND ‘irredeemably bad and refuses to see reason’ to ‘WILDLY MANIPULATIVE AND ABUSIVE AND SUDDENLY DETERMINED TO HUNT DOWN ANYTHING RELATED TO THE GIRL HE WILLINGLY LET GO’??? My god, there’s a balance?
    • Complete insensitivity to anything ever.
      • Back to Adam, why is the face of a desperate, marginalized people who are supposed to be a metaphor for real life oppression a literal devil with no redeeming qualities? That’s not how you create a metaphor for prejudice. The people who are oppressed that just want something better don’t do it because they’re sadistic and evil, they do it because they see no way out, why do they not make Adam irredeemable but empathetic unless they want you to know “If you’re marginalized and you’re angry you’re awful”???
      • “We have an (yes, an, as in one (1), wow great job RT) LGBT character, but we want to introduce them to the story in a natural way instead of a forced way.” Being LGBT isn’t forced! Ever! Yang was in this show, like, 2, 3 episodes before she started ogling the guys in the ballroom, making it clear that here we have a woman who’s attracted to men. Jaune was in the show not much longer before he put the moves on Weiss, making it clear that here we have a man who’s attracted to women. It would have taken exactly as little effort to put in something as SIMPLE as a woman winking at a woman in a SPECIFICALLY romantic way rather than a friendly one (Sun’s first appearance, already establishing him as a man attracted to women vs Yang’s wink which was woefully platonic), or Scarlet blushing upon noticing a man holding a poster of him, or my god just background LGBT couples at the dance or something.
    • The fucking deception. They wouldn’t even let characters say fuck for three seasons, actively called RWBY a children’s show and marketed it as such, and then brutally murdered characters onscreen out of nowhere. That’s not a twist, it’s a fucking lie.
    • The complete disregard for what Monty wanted. I get it, not everyone believes Shane’s letter even though Kathleen Zuelch, who has been involved in though is no longer employed at Rooster Teeth since the very start, confirmed it and Sheena seemed to passively agree with it as well, but here’s the thing. Monty actively did not want Maya over Poser: the second he died, they switched to the program he fought against and butchered the animation style (and there’s not even a big enough improvement in animation to justify it, the movement is so blocky and awkward now), they booted his wife out the door and won’t let her work on a show she was so thoroughly involved in from the start.
    • There is no semblance of consistency.
    • I could go on. And on. And on. For ages. But this post is overly long as it is.
    • If I weren’t so attached to the characters, and if I weren’t capable of entirely shutting my brain off to superficially enjoy the surface level show, I would have rage quit for all the shit this show is.
    • That’s actually a lie the real reason I’m still watching is because if there’s even a snowball’s chance in hell that I get to watch Blake Belladonna put her mouth on Sun Wukong’s mouth then you mother fucking bet I’m not leaving until I get it.

    and this is why Joji and Max are my faves, these boyz know how to stay out of problems. they know limits, how to be reserved and discrete. no wonder why there are not anymore so many videos together. 

    Transgender model Andreja Pejic just took a bold step in the fashion world 

    Andreja burst onto the modelling scene in 2011 and was an instant hit for her androgynous look and ability to model both menswear and womenswear. She was also the target of some offensive commentary; her gender-fluid modelling work invited a great deal of tired and insensitive media coverage that focused obsessively on her sexuality.

    “My biggest dream was to be comfortable in my own body” Follow micdotcom

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    Some fem!Corrin/Ryoma fluff? Super special awesome bonus points for working in a comparison to a lobster.

    He’d initially come into your room looking for some tactical advice, but what Hoshido’s firstborn found was you, sitting on your bed, hair slightly mangled and tears threatening to spill from your very frustrated face. Your fingers were trying to work through strands of the botched style, and he refrained from making any possibly offensive commentary.

    “…I can come back later, if you’d like.”

    You started at the sound of his voice, head turning to see the Ryoma standing in your doorway. However the sudden turn had yanked on your hair, and you winced in pain. He noticed, and stepped forward, trying to decide whether to help or not.

    “N-no, no. It’s okay. I was just…trying something new.” You explained lamely, slipping your fingers out of your hair with a heavy sigh.

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    Charli XCX fires back at sexist DJ who accused her of masturbating on air

    The offensive commentary began when Beelen asked Charli to record herself saying “Good morning” in “the most sensual way” possible. Before she could respond, he asked, “Do you have your hands now on your body?” The shocked pop star said her hands were actually behind her back. The DJ pressed on: “I thought you were fingering yourself or something.” Playing along, Charli retorts, “I wouldn’t do that for you." 

    Her anger spilled out into her tweets after the interview. Follow micdotcom 

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    What to Do When You Encounter Transphobia in Social Media

    Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover has put trans lives and issues once again in the center of public discourse. As I have shared, I think that the conversation has largely been a positive one, but unsurprisingly there has still been plenty of less than supportive coverage and commentary. My social media circles tend to be fairly carefully curated, and since I both do not have television (beyond Netflix), and have been a little more removed from media since I have been traveling my exposure to some of that negative commentary has been more limited (thankfully), but it is obviously still there. And having heard from a handful of people about uncomfortable and offensive commentary in their own social media worlds, I thought I would share a few simple suggestions for how to manage some of this stuff effectively.

    1. If you can, say something. There are good reasons why this is not always a possibility, but if you feel like you are able to - speak out. Share that you support trans people and their identities, and comment (when appropriate) in response to others.
    2. Share trans voices. Laverne Cox was featured in Rolling Stone in a great piece, and there have been numerous other examples of trans folks talking about Caitlyn Jenner, her story, and trans issues in general. As always, virtually anything I share is fair game to share.
    3. Be the better person. This can be really challenging. But I strive to be civil, even when I get questions or comments that are far from friendly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, but at least you were the better person.
    4. Do not read the comments section. I am totally guilty of violating this rule, but on virtually any comments section on the web you are likely to encounter nasty comments. Especially on LGBTQ topics. If this stuff bothers you, or you are having a particularly rough day, just skip right over.
    5. Be quietly supportive. If you see someone receiving some difficult comments, or you know someone might be struggling it is always nice to reach out, even quietly. I know I always appreciate kind notes. Just saying “I care about you” can be a big deal.
    6. Step back when you need to. Unfollowing, hiding, ignoring, or just checking out of social media altogether for a while are all reasonable things to do. You do not need to speak up or be engaged all the time every time. Pick your battles, and step back when you need to.

    Hope that is helpful!

    The Things They Don't Know
    There are probably a bunch of really awesome things that you’ve done. It might be a grade, a club, an award.

    The thing is, as a student, most of what is really impressive will be included on your application. It’s in the commonapp and on your recs.

    The trick is to ignore what’s impressive and tell them what’s interesting. You need to take all those things, and then tell them something they don’t know.

    Your essay is meant to show off who you are as a person. So do it. And do it well. 

    Don’t waste that space telling them or elaborating on what they know. You have 500 words of blank canvas. Tell them something new. Something that is interesting. Something that’s shaped you or shows off your view of the world. 

    Everyone is obsessed with having an impressiveessay. But that’s not the point. Your grades, your resume, etc. That should very well be impressive.

    Your essay is to show off your humanity. So do it by talking about how you found adulthood by being held accountable for a big mistake for the first time in your life. Or tell them about how you overcame your two left feet because you wanted to experience your John Hughes moment at prom.

    Tell them a story about you. Something that matters to you, no matter how insignificant. Something that won’t bore them to tears. Something that will make them sit up in their seat and take notice, rather than skim for offensive commentary or funny typos.

    Use that blank canvas.