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acknowledge what your personal fave or muse did. acknowledge josh’s errors. emily’s errors. mike’s errors. jess’ errors. ashley. chris. sam. matt.  don’t sympathize them or say the prank was just a prank. because even then ,, hannah and beth still died , mistake after mistake after mistake. josh has a lot of things going on with him in his mind. he see’s this as simple as this: my sisters are gone. i can’t handle that. it happened because of a prank. and in the darkest parts of his mind, he thought revenge was the answer. it’s not.  see that , but don’t mistake that as something to excuse.  ( he thinks by living in movies, or going by them, hiding behind a mask , that these things will get resolved. but they don’t. josh didn’t know about the wendigos, he didn’t know people we’re going to die. but upon your choices to act , to shoot nature off its balance , yeah. you could end up with a really bad ending. even after portraying him for over a year i still don’t understand him completely. ) don’t put anyone on a pedestal. don’t excuse these people, these … kids , don’t sympathize them. acknowledge their actions. josh did a lot of things to be seen as illegal and just so fucked up, but what did the peanut gallery do?( minus sam and chris )  writing a note to hannah, “from mike” to meet him in the guest room because “you look so damn hot in that shirt, but i bet you’re even better out of it ;) XXX Mike ” because it’s so funny to humiliate a girl on camera about her crush, but hey why not record the whole thing right? ( you’re kidding if you don’t at least think Josh would be upset about any of that. ) no. they probably didn’t know han would run out , beth after her and then they die. but if you’re sympathizing and saying it was just a prank, you’re saying it’s completely fine to be a bully. because that’s what they did to hannah.  everyone did stupid shit. no one is innocent. josh’s actions weren’t right and no one should say they were. but no one should sympathize the prank either.  if we’re going to put anyone on a pedestal, its going to be hannah and beth. 

It’s honestly such a shame that Oliver Wood graduated in Harry’s third year because can you just imagine him at Hogwarts during the Triwizard?

Like on one hand they cancelled quidditch which would have him going insane (They don’t even play that many games? And there’s only three tasks? Just don’t let the champions play? But whatevs)

But on the other hand Viktor Krum international quidditch Superstar™ is there like Oliver would be the fan boy to beat all fan boys

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Your LOTRO elf Halordin is kinda cute. Does his name mean anything in elvish?

one who has questionable kinks and makes bad decisions