OFF spoilers


just felt like doing some parallels of my two favorite characters from OFF and undertale shrug they’re both very similar if you think about it (and they’re both super fun to draw too) i added some useless annotations to the pics btw

they both break the fourth wall a lot (the judge knows about the player and addresses us DIRECTLY calling us the “puppeteer” and the batter “the puppet”; sans knows about SAVES and RESETS and knows when we do those in our files too) they both have younger brothers who they adore (valerie in the judge’s case; papyrus in sans’) they both lose said brothers too (valerie is killed by japhet; papyrus can be killed by the player) they both judge our actions and calls us out on our bullshit, and they’re both the final bosses of their games (in sans’ case, if you do a no-mercy run he is basically the game’s final boss) they’re both badasses who’re always smiling too

yep that’s all i’ve got OH ALSO all dialogues were taken from their respective games