#the100dayproject: Day 44: Kue Mangkok. Translated literally into English as cupcakes. However these Indonesian snack isn’t baked, they’re steamed. Made from rice and glutinous rice flour, not wheat flour. My husband first came across these in our wedding ceremony in Jakarta. The pink ones are meant to be ‘lucky’, so they’re used regularly as part of the offerings brought up to the altar of the ‘God of the sky’ in Indonesian Chinese ‘religious’ cultural practices. After the ceremony is over, people are allowed to eat the offerings, and my husband LOVED them. I had them way too often as a kid, so I don’t really enjoy them at all anymore. He told me to draw them as someone fluffy and delicious and light as a feather, and the image that came to mind is a baby with curly wispy blonde curls and a white baby blanket. 

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