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Ìsèse- A Wisdom Tradition

Ìsèse is a point-of-view; a way of seeing and being in the world.

The Ifá literary corpus, the “Word” of Olódùmarè, is a body of knowledge that allows us to take situations that occur in our lives whole and to successfully  deal with life’s inevitable conflicts without resorting to aggression. Odù Ifá is a collection of teachings collected over many centuries by lineages of Ifá adherents and practitioners.

A specific odù is knowledge for a particular situation or set of circumstances.

The work of a babalàwo/Ìyánifá is to seek  to work with the universal/natural laws of the universe that bind positive and negative to achieve the balance (polarity) that is preferred.

To make èbó (sacrifice) is to ensure victory for “battle.”  What manifests as difficulty, or resistance in the physical world, sources from the Invisible, or Unseen Realm, Ikole Orun, in Yorùbá. Èbó is efficacious and to make èbó is to influence the Source of the “friction,” with the knowledge that things will improve in the physical realm as a result.

In Ìsèse approach to life, the practitioner assumes the perspective or View of victory (Ìségun) beforehand thus reducing adversaries and conflicts to opportunities to engage and take leadership.