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Riyaku, you made Kota cry. Now, I know you didn't mean it, but to make it better I think you should give him at least three head-pats

Riyaku: *pats head* “Kota… I-I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to leave you out… we were actually about to invite you!”

Kota: *sniff* “I…it’s okay, ‘aku nii-san. I just want to play with you guys next time!”

You know what I just love? Original characters

I love seeing these creative new characters I’ve never seen before and I love learning more about them. I love making my own characters too.

I wish OCs were more celebrated here on tumblr and just in general. Fan art is great and a fantastic way to practice, but I just love knowing there are more than just characters you see on tv and in video games. There’s less of the filter that shows have before they air and there’s something more personal and raw that I love about it.

It’s also important to point out that every character from a show or piece of media STARTED as an OC. Every character started as a little person or thing creators doodle on the sides of their pages and in the margins of their homework. Popular characters don’t just come out of no where, and ocs are just as important.

I just love original characters. I love hearing about them and I love seeing them. I wish I could see more of them :/


Well, as it turns out I can still draw. It’s kind of crazy because I really don’t regularly draw and having gone away from it for years I really suffered some setbacks. But the skill itself seems to be around still, it’s just getting my hands to receive the signals (and learning a new art program).

ANYway. Redrew Bishop with some more specific information. Here’s the old version:

This time I wanted him to read as ‘bearded dragon’ and ‘sapioid saurian’ I mean.. I like it. They’re both good designs but in terms of teratophilia the new one gives him some more um…human-compatible oral capabilities. Plus I always see him as being blunt and bulky. Probably going to blend the two together and ‘stylize them down’ for a final look.

Speaking of, here are Bishop’s ladyfrens. He doesn’t know them at the same time (decades apart actually) and the one on the left is not supposed to look like Cinderella. It’s just RPing, I totally didn’t realize that ‘blonde updos’ and ‘favorite color: robins egg blue’ would look this way.

Miela, aka Honey is on the left. Primrose, aka Rose is on the right~

Enjoy my sketches I guess?


@norcumi​ set me several prompt, and I misread one of them. Mixed with another one (the settings one where a group of cadets wanders out of the youngling’s area), it looks like this ! Thanks for the prompts !

(Also introducing some of my clones OCs, because the opportunity was too good to pass)

CT-03-2501 wanted a name. He wanted to leave Kamino with his squad, and join his brothers, and win the war, and meet and protect HIS Jedi, but most of all, he wanted a name.
He knew he was young, not five yet, and that most of his brothers didn’t find their names until they were at least eight, or even not before they left and fought and lived, but he wanted one.

But nothing sounded right.

He did not love computers and data and electronics as Slicer did. He was not one-in-two-bodies as Twins was. He was not a blaster-maniac like Melt, nor a sticker to the rules as Law was.
He liked to fight, yes, and was good at it, but so were hundreds of his brothers.

He did not spent all of his time thinking about it, but the thought was never far from his mind, and he waited for the day something would resonate with him on a deep level, and he would just know his name.

CT-03-2501 was studying along a bunch of others cadets in one of the libraries when Melt, Slicer and Twins ran into the room, their gaze searching before settling on him.
They grined.

« Come on ! You have to see this ! » said Melt, bouncing.
« What ? » he asked. 

But he was already putting his datapad aside.

« You’ll see ! Come on, I don’t want to miss more of it ! »

He looked at Twins and, as always, his two brothers had the exact same smile, inclining their heads in unison.

« You’ll like it. I… »
« …believe you should all come, but… »
« …be discreet, we’re not supposed to go there »

Used to his brothers’ way of speaking, CT-03-2501 rose from his chair, definitely curious.
He was not the only one, and soon, a dozen of cadets were following Melt in the corridors of Tipoca City, Slicer opening doors that they were not supposed to open, until they ended up in a large viewing room.

And CT-03-2501 fell in love.

« I do believe we have admirers. » said Obi-Wan as he retreated for a few seconds, swishing his lightsaber back into a guarding pose.

« Do you ? I’m pretty sure most of them are looking at you. » smiled Shaak Ti. « They are used to me. »

The two Jedis jumped toward each other again, their lightsabers clashing and hissing, sending flashes of light through the room, blue against blue almost becoming white.

« So, is it the novelty ? » asked Obi-Wan while ducking under her ‘saber.
« Do you always talk so much while fighting ? » smiled Shaak Ti as she jumped backwards.
« Anakin is a terrible influence. » deadpanned Obi-Wan, following her.

The togruta snorted.

« Yes, of course. Not your fault, then. »
« Absolutely not. »

The two Jedi exchanged several blows before Shaak Ti, sensing her fellow’s Master curiosity, answered at last.

« I believe it’s more the fight than the new Jedi. They have seen holos, but a real lightsabers’ fight can be spectacular. »
« Quite. » agreed Obi-Wan.
« And you are way flashier than I am. »

Obi-Wan protested but, since he did so while twirling his saber and smirking, she laughed and attacked anew.
He blocked, his guard as perfect as ever as she followed with several blows, ending up with their blades locked up above their heads, the flare of light almost blinding.

Above them, in the viewing room, the cadets were quietly cheering, encouraging either their instructor, the other Jedi or both of them, as they watched the fight with bright, fascinated eyes.

CT-03-2501 turned his head, tapping Melt on the shoulder.

« Thanks, I really like it. »
« It’s awesome, isn’t it ? They are so powerful… » said his brother, stars in his eyes.

The young clone nodded.

« Yes. »

He inspired, feeling that this was right, then smiled.

« You know, I found it. »
« Oh ? »

He felt glad that all his friends were here to hear it, all of them quietly paying attention, Melt and his excited look, the silent gaze of Slicer and Twins turning their heads in one smooth movement towards him as well.

« Yup. My name is Lightsaber. »

(Yeeeah, so I misread “Shiny as a Lightsaber” as “a Shiny as Lightsaber”…)