Hey everyone! I need your help, things cost money and I don’t have any. 

Here’s some basic Info:

All transactions will happen through Paypal

Things I will draw

-Mecha, Armor, your characters from whatever, cool ass shit.

- A lot of things! Like really just ask.

- even NSFW

Prices will go up if you are requesting NSFW

Things I wont draw

- I cannot draw furries. Or anything related, I just do not know how. It is not my specialty. 

  • Send good reference pictures and be clear about what you want!  Being vague will only make it harder for the both of us.
  • If I accept your commission, please pay upfront and once you pay I’ll start working on it right away! 

Please email me at zeitknight319@gmail.com OR send me a (non anonymous) ask// message if you are interested and we will discuss what you’d like!

Feel free to message me any questions you have.

I understand not everyone can afford to do this, but it’d really help me out a lot if you could reblog this to get a signal boost. Thank you!