some tentative designs 4 a thing?? i’m not sure abt this guy yet

pls don’t tag with fandom stuff or things abt ur ocs, ty!! also pls don’t copy the design if u could.. i see some of u reblogging my stuff tagged w/ ‘omg inspiration for my ___ species’ and straight up recoloring my ocs lol… i see ya’ll being naughty


Okay the advil kicked in so i’m gunna go to bed finally but i drew some Very Important OCs and wanted to share real quick. Meet Alex and Runner!! (Runner being the little bean with the mole.) Alex belongs to Macy but they’re both dumb spy boyfriends and equal balls of sunshine and I imagine you’ll all see them again soon okay BEDTIME for this exhausted achy grouch goodnight

"The Light shines brightest in those it consumes."

Talking with punishandenslavesuckers about this helmet (cone of shame?) prompted me to finally finish this WIP because it’s been in my folder for way way too long

anyway, 6er after he killed his fireteam - go Helm of Inmost Light woo!