Elon Musk thinks We are in a matrix. I think we traveled across the Galaxy and landed on Earth. A terraformed Planet that is a solar battery for conscious energy. Once the conscious energy reaches enlightenment it becomes powerful enough to shoot out of the Galaxy instead of expanding it. Returning the conscious energy or soul back to the Heaven’s to join God’s universal energy fields😇😇😇😇😇 (at Ocean Shores, Washington)

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The architecture at @grandvelascabos absolutely stunning. This is a photo of the lobby with a phenomenal view of the Sea of Cortez right through the middle. When you stay here, you’ll be treated to modern details at every turn, beautiful art work and displays, and all of the amenities you could ask for - all with an ocean view! This has been such a wonderful stay in Los Cabos! (at Grand Velas Los Cabos)

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WrA thirsty af. Making brothels and trying to sleep with anyone and everything. Orgies and god forbid you try to RP a friendship most homies will drop you immediately for their next piece of tail chase. Not enough water in the ocean for the thirst, yo.

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“Tell me something. Why were you crying?”

InuYasha  {Sentence Starters}  | accepting

The question caught her off-guard. Time when she allowed herself to cry were not that uncommon, but the girl was always careful to find a place where she would just be in solitary until her tears dried off. Finding a place and moment to do so in a ship as big as this one wasn’t all that difficult; most of the occasions came at night, when the ocean breeze muffled any sneaky whimper and the darkness of the night covered her face in shadows. She wouldn’t expect anyone to be awake to witness her either. However, it had to be Sanji who found her and she had not even realized at the time.

His questioning left her mute for a moment as she worked up an answer. Far too many unpleasant thoughts crossed her mind and revealing them felt akin to being an ant under a magnifying glass in a sunny day. She did not wish to lie to Sanji, but the complete truth was not something she could easily tell. 

Ah… I, u-uhmm…A bashful smile showed as an attempt to soothe her own feelings and to reassure the cook that she was mostly fine nowI… I guess it just gets a little lonely s-sometimes… Maybe I’m just homesick… Bu-but it’s fine! I’m fine, s-so please don’t worry about it.

So Good to Me (Lin x Reader)

Summary: You’d always known that you wanted to fly. The open seemed so inviting from the safety of the rooftop, much like the ocean: the tide lapping gently at your ankles, calling out to you, a soft and soothing voice whispering to you from the void. It convinced you that it would be okay, that it would catch you if you were to fall. Perhaps it would have done so, but thanks to Lin, you’d never know.

Warnings: Suicide/Depression

A/N: i apologize once again for posting something that isn’t a Kiss it Better update. I’ve been working on the write-a-thon fics all week and haven’t had time to edit kiss it better, oops. this was going to be for the write-a-thon but i realized while writing it that it didn’t really fit into any of the categories so i’m posting it now. also there are titanic and finding nemo references so basically i hate myself, and the title is a song by the 1975, why am i this way

You’d always thought the word ‘overdose’ to be an unnecessarily harsh word, and the reaction it invoked in people was, to say the least, not exactly understanding. Whether it was the word itself, or what the word conveyed that unnerved them, you didn’t quite care. Either way, you’d always known that an overdose wasn’t the way you wanted to go.

No, you wanted to fly. You wanted to hear the whistle of the wind as you fell, feel the sensation of the air rushing by you. You wanted to feel that small ounce of freedom that came with being utterly unattached from everything. Nothing to tie you down or hold you back.

You took a trembling step forward. The open air in front of you called out to you. Much like the sea, the sky seemed to be a source of comfort when you were so distanced from it, with such blatant unfamiliarity with the terrain.

Soft, yet menacing, the wind continued to pull at your frail body, demanding surrender. All you had to do was give in to the tempting pull of the air. Let yourself fall.

Below you, the rest of the world continued on with it’s business. Everyone with their own lives, their own friends, their own loved ones to worry about. And no one to worry about you. Not for that night, at least.

You could fall. You could allow yourself to surrender to the winds and plummet to your death, and the world beneath you would continue on as it was. Nothing would change, not until the next day at least. Not until Lin woke up and saw that you were gone. Not until your parents got the call the next day that you’d jumped from the top of Lin’s apartment building.

It wasn’t that you were sad. It was quite the opposite, in fact. You couldn’t feel anything, let alone sadness. You’d grown numb to the whole ordeal of life, and it seemed as though you were simply putting yourself through the motions of living without the capacity to pay the slightest bit of attention.

You could see the rest of your life stretched out in front of you, a tundra of monotonous greys and whites. Nothing particularly sad, but not the sort of life you’d aspired to live.

As you took a few more steps forward, you became acutely aware of the way the moon shone on you, almost like a spotlight highlighting your every move.

The edge was close. Too close, perhaps. You swayed precariously, knowing that one wrong step could send you plummeting into the open air.

You took a sharp breath in as you peered over the edge of the roof. The city gleamed brightly beneath you, as if mocking you. Telling you that it was your fault that you were so unhappy. If only you’d surrounded yourself with more people, brighter lights, taller buildings.

It was too late for that. No point in finding taller buildings and brighter lights now.

You felt a stab of regret as you prepared to jump. You hadn’t even left a note for Lin. You were going to die, and you hadn’t even bothered to leave something for your boyfriend. You felt as though you owed it to him to explain, but you couldn’t very well go back.

What would you have said anyway? That you couldn’t continue on because you simply didn’t care about anything anymore?

No, perhaps it was best if you kept your thoughts a secret from him. It would have been too hard to try and explain it to him, not to mention the devastation that would accompany seeing the look on his face.

You stood at the edge of the building and took everything in.

The night was silent, the sky dotted with stars.

It was 2:14 am, and the world should have been asleep. At least Lin was.

You let out a soft sort of whimper as you took a few steps back. If you truly intended to do this, you were going to get a running start so you couldn’t stop yourself.

Don’t hesitate. If you hesitate, you’ll start to doubt yourself.

You backed up until you were roughly ten feet away from the edge. You heard a thump from behind you, but you didn’t dare look back.

A soft voice cut through the bitter cold air, disrupting the silence of the night. “Y/N?”

Without having to turn around, you knew without a doubt that it was Lin.

Fuck. No.

“What are you doing? Are-” Lin’s voice trailed from mere confusion to the deepest understanding. “No! Don’t!”

You’d been certain he was asleep and that he wouldn’t notice your absence until morning, but there was no doubt that the voice belonged to Lin.

You tried to run, a desperate and final attempt to go through with this, but a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist, preventing you from moving.

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👠 What was my muse’s last serious relationship like?👰 Would my muse ever get married?


Last Relationship: Josh Mankey. He was cool as a high school boyfriend, but not overly ambitious so they ended up parting ways before going off to college

She’d def get married yeah


Last Relationship: Amelia never really had a serious romantic relationship. None of them were ever going anywhere for her. Truly the only serious romantic relationship was with the sea

Perhaps in the future


The ocean



Didn’t have serious ones

Yeah, definitely. Have the family he never had


Again nothing serious

Probably? She wouldn’t think it was like necessary but parties and dresses are fun


Probably not? Probably depends on his partner if he ever settles down


With her college professor and if you’ve read the bio, ya’ll know how that ended 

At the moment I don’t think she wants to. I mean at one point she did like duh she was engaged but yeah

The signs as symbols of their element
  • Aries: sunny days
  • Taurus: soil
  • Gemini: cold breeze
  • Cancer: ice
  • Leo: unbearably hot sun rays
  • Virgo: marble
  • Libra: warm wind
  • Scorpio: ocean storms
  • Sagittarius: the fires that burn in Hell
  • Capricorn: strong rocks
  • Aquarius: tornadoes
  • Pisces: deep waters