To Pimp a Butterfly has CULTURAL significance (not pop culture but black culture significance), in which the white people on here don’t understand and can’t relate to, and THATS why Frank Ocean was mad and brought up Taylor. I could sit here and write this whole ass post explaining why that is and y'all STILL won’t get it cause all you see is someone not agreeing with the fact that 1989 won and not the bigger picture with how the Grammys have treated black artists nominated in that category. And please for the love of me don’t try to sit here and say if Adel wins tomorrow over Beyonce people won’t be equally as upset because all hell will break loose and let’s not forget Beck even got ripped a new one when he won over Bey in 2015.


Honey you are a rock and I am your land and we will grow
Before the sun dries us up and turns us to sand
Do you remember when the ocean went mad and we were to blame
We ran to another world with lives to save

             Honey You - The Dead South (x)

The Hanged Man

Can we talk about the Hanged man for a sec? I never had negative conotations with this card. I always saw it in a fairly neutral light both upright and reversed. Until I got my Prisma Visions Tarot. Look at this card:

Has a pretty sinister look right? Well there’s more. Here’s the book description:

a man hang suspended in the ocean mad eyed piranhas descending upon his flesh unperturbed or unaware of the danger the man gave his motionless above the water to the Stars he exudes the serenity of a martyr and his final moments the bones of the man and the fish are clearly visible suggesting a transparency on the surface allowing us to see the inner mechanisms underneath

Also not so pleasant. This deck has completely changed how see this card and honestly it kinda freaks me out.

What are your thoughts on the hanged man? Share them with me! I wanna hear how people see this card!

We Got What? (1)

Originally posted by 4jiminnie

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre:!WeGotMarriedAU, Fluff, (VERY)Slow burn, eventual smut, Noona Romance, !idolYoongi

Word Count: 4k (forgive me T.T)

Description: You moved to Korea with only Namjoon, your best friend, to lean on as you started your new life as a YouTube streamer and aspiring MC. Befriending the rest of the members came as natural as breathing due to their friendly nature, except for the quiet and distant Min Yoongi. When you finally admit to having a crush on someone so much younger than you, you attempt to distance yourself from the handsome rapper. Months pass, and you find yourself thrown into a chaotic mixture of unexpected opportunities to achieving your dream, and getting married to Min Yoongi himself. The marriage itself may be a fake one on the popular show ‘We Got Married’, but something tells you the stolen glances, playful whispers and gentle touches you share are anything but. Will you push away your feelings and continue to lie to yourself? Or will you indulge in the possibility of what could be?

Bold fonts are for dialogue in English. :)

A/N: This is my first ever fic, and I’m a little shy to share it. Feel free to tell me about typos or if you just wanna hit me up for a chat. Also, this fic is an absolute guilty pleasure for ARMYs who are a lot older than the members. So, I wouldn’t suggest reading it if that bothers you. If you do read it, let me know what you think!  

Edit (12/10/2017): I cut up the first chapter into 2 for the sake of the flow of the story. Sorry for any confusion caused!

Chapters - 1 , 2 , 3

We Got What? 1

2 Months Ago

“Y/N-sshi, we’d like to invite you, along with a celebrity, to be the next couple in 'We Got Married’ starting next season.”

You were sitting across your manager as well as the producers of MBC’s most popular reality show. That morning, you were urgently called in to talk about an invitation without any idea what it was about, until now.

“Wait, me? You want me, a rookie in this industry so technically a nobody, in the show?”

“Y/N you’re being dramatic. You co-host for ASC, how can you be a nobody?” your manager mused with a smile.

Okay, so maybe you were a bit dramatic but can they blame you? Who on earth would want to watch a rookie cosy up with a celebrity? That’s no different from buying yourself a one-way ticket to Hate-ville.

“I’m sorry if I seem ungrateful, in fact, I’m flattered that you would even consider having me be part of the show. But, I don’t see what good I can do for your ratings. I don’t have much of a reputation.” Your manager chuckled and gave you a look.

“You’re aware that you’re close with one of the most popular k-pop groups in Korea, right?” your manager fiddled with his phone a little before showing you a list of NAVER articles with your name and the boy band BTS on it. He left his phone on the table as if to prove a point. You frowned at the device.

Yes, you were indeed very good friends, if not best of friends, with BTS leader Namjoon. So apparently, it naturally became everyone’s business to know that.

They’re going to use their fame through me. Typical.

“I don’t understand, why not just invite one of them to the show instead? Why beat around the bush and go for me? ” you laid back on your chair, arms crossed over your chest and not giving a single fuck about your obvious irritation painted vividly on your features.

After a moment of tangible silence, one of the female writers for the show leaned forward to speak up. “Y/N-sshi, this goes both ways. Your manager wants to help promote your name, and I think this show can do just that. We want the public to know who you are as an individual. In return, we get more ratings by using your connections to garner audience interest.” The writer gave you a small smile and leaned forward even more to express her sincerity. “Also, I’m a huge fan of yours. I’ve watched your live streams since before you came to Korea. I think this will do you some good.” her smile turned shy which warmed you inside a little.

She’s sweet, and I do appreciate her honesty. I have to admit; she makes a lot of sense…

The room fell silent again as they waited for a response from you. It wasn’t long before one of the producers checked his watch and spoke. “Y/N-sshi, if you like you can have a week to think about it. If possible, we’d li-”

“I’ll do it, but I make no promises that BTS will show up in any of the shooting. I will not even persuade them, that’s their decision to make. If you’re fine with that, I’ll do it.”

Your manager had the biggest grin on his face, and you scoffed at his open satisfaction. The two of you didn’t always get along, but you knew he had your best interest at heart which made agreeing to this a lot easier.

“We’ve already contacted BigHit, and the boys have agreed to cooperate if you ever said yes.”

You sighed. Of course, they did. You had a feeling that they’d be happy to as long as their schedule allows it. Deep down you prayed that they’d be too busy.

“So, will I know who I’ll be working with?”

Your manager took his phone and placed it back in his pocket and gave you a wink.

This smug bastard…

“You’ll know when you start filming.” said the producer, nodding at both you and and your manager. The two exchanged knowing glances with a smile on their faces.

You quietly dread the possible shit storm you just threw yourself into. You were about to meet an absolute stranger, and somehow make it look like you were enjoying married life with him. This was going to be one hell of an experience.

1 year ago

Today is the beginning of your new life, a fresh start. You left all the comforts and familiarity of home for this, and your mind raced with all the possibilities presented to you in this new country. You were a streamer back home with dreams of hosting your own show one day, and since you were bilingual, you thought about starting from the bottom at a new and exciting place. That place was Korea, at least that’s what your best friend suggested. He promised to take you in until you get on your own two feet and that he’d start you off with a new circle of friends. The thrill of it all rushed over you like a tidal wave, and you merrily skipped your way through the gates.

You had only just taken a few steps around a corner, and before you was a sight you couldn’t even believe possible. You stopped right in your tracks with your suitcase limping at your side, all enthusiasm from before washing away.

In front of you, was a sea of what seemed like a crowd of people. Actually, it looked more like a war zone with the deafening cries of adoration from women and even more women. Amidst the ocean of madness was a small circle, maintained by a human chain of security. And that was when you saw Kim Namjoon and three other ridiculously good looking men behind him, standing there with an air you swore felt like nobility. Except for the fact that Namjoon was looking at you with an incredibly apologetic look.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” you muttered to yourself. Then, as if Namjoon heard you, he slouched over mouthing an “I’m so sorry” then gave you a weak wave hello, signalling you to come over.

As if you had rudely announced your arrival to the entire airport, all eyes turned to you. Even the three men that were waving and making nice with the crowd turned their attention to you, and you felt like a deer caught in the headlights. Oh, shit.

There was no hiding now. You dragged yourself over, ignoring the crowd snapping pictures of you with their phone and a whirlwind of ‘who’s that?’. Namjoon immediately grabbed your arm and dragged you and his friends out of the airport with the valiant aid of the security.

“Welcome to Korea?” Namjoon chuckled weakly, aware of the death glare you were drilling into the back of his head.

The path to the van was an awkward struggle to get away from the crowd as fast as possible with your heavy luggage behind you. You were later thanking a tall dark-haired man, who you now recognized as the youngest member Jungkook, taking your luggage and giving you a shy smile with Seokjin and Taehyung waved hello next to him. You smiled back at all three and said thank you as you let Namjoon drag you through the airport.

Once in the van, you exchanged pleasantries with the boys and chatted away with your best friend. For the entire ride, you struggled to restrain yourself from seeming overzealous -that’s one way to describe how you feel about them. It was a secret to no one that you were an ARMY. If anyone watched your streams, they would know that you were probably obsessed with everything related to them. You were worried this might make them uncomfortable around you, but after talking to them, you were relieved to find them relaxed and casual.

Oh my god, I’m really here. I’m seriously doing this.

You stood in front of a tall building tucked somewhere in a maze of roads that made you worried about your future commute around town. The three men were already carrying your luggage into the building before you could offer to help and Namjoon placed an arm around your shoulder.

“You okay, Y/N? Nervous?” he smiled and nudged you a bit.

“I’m very nervous, Joon. I probably just started some serious scandal having you pick me up so yeah, I’m fucking nervous. I’m sweating buckets like a sinner in church, like my go-” you were about to go off rambling until Namjoon shushed you.

Okay, calm down. I’ll be living here with you so relax!”

I can’t just relax. I’m still a fan! Wouldn’t this be super awkward and like, a breach of privacy?? Oh my god, now that I’m saying this out loud…I want a motel, Joon.

Seriously?? Just stop. The only thing they know about you is that you’re a friend who needed help. Besides, I found out and here I am.” he smiled at the memory, calming you down and making you smile back.

“That’s because you’re an egotistical maniac that feeds on all my praises.” you playfully poked him in the cheeks. Namjoon rolled his eyes and started leading you into the building, keeping you in a headlock when you told him to give you a minute.

“Spend one day with Jin hyung and tell me who the real maniac is. Also, they’ll love you because I love you. They kinda don’t have a say in it.”

You laughed at his ridiculous pep talk. Leave it to the philosophy king Namjoon to effortlessly make you feel better. You cheerfully reached the door to the dorm and readied yourself to greet the rest of the members. I’m ready, you told yourself. I can do this.

Honest to God, you felt like you were ready for anything.

Anything, except for this. In your defense, you don’t think anyone would be willing to walk into a living room with their luggage wide open, a bundle of lacy bras and lingerie scattered on the floor; shorts draped on Taehyungs arm and five very red faced individuals desperately trying to put everything back in.

Oooookay,  not ready.

“…” you wanted to say something, but the thing about being rendered speechless is that you’re not sure if you can or if you refused to.

The first to move was Jungkook, your red boxer panty in his hand. The poor kids’ ears were tomato red before he threw it at Seokjin’s face and ran to his room.

Taehyung gave you a box smile and quietly muttered it wasn’t me while pointing at Seokjin, who then slapped Taehyung’s accusing hand away and continued to pluck your shirts and various other delicates off the floor.

Your eyes fell on an orange haired boy, Park Jimin, and he was picking up your treasured BTS concert shirts and hoodie that pooled around his feet. He was about to say something when a figure walked into your line of sight, and you recognized him as Jung Hoseok.  

“We’re sorry but, the kids were playing a bit, and Jin hyung somehow tripped so…” Hoseok gestured at the mess on the floor. He turned to look at you with a bashful smile and fiddled with his fingers. “Oh and welcome!!“ he spread his arms wide, jazz hands on display then eyeing the boys behind him to join in.

Within seconds, Taehyung dropped your shorts and ran to join him with an excited giggle, Jimin looked embarrassed but did as he was told anyway, Seokjin was still picking up your stuff but joined them in unison with a big WELCOME!

Next to you, Namjoon tightened his arm around shoulders for a side hug and gave you an ’I told you so’ look.  

"We were supposed to do this when you walked in,” Jimin explained to you behind Hoseok, smiling at you shyly with his cheeks all puffed up like sweet mochi. “Sorry, Noona.”

Namjoon plucked one of your shirts from the floor and handed it to you. “Think of it this way, at least they’re getting to know you better.” he teased.

You couldn’t have thought of a better ice breaker even if you tried. You laughed so hard that tears started to trickle down your cheeks, you thought you probably looked ridiculous right now because it wasn’t long before everyone else started laughing too. At that moment, you felt that you could live with these people and for the first time since your decision to move here, you didn’t doubt that thought at all.

The gang had started chatting you up after practically dragging you to the couch to get to know you, Seokjin had already finished putting your luggage on the side, and now he brought in a tray of drinks for everyone. Things were going great, and you could feel all your inhibitions fade. They were so sweet -a fact that you knew already- but it was even more humbling to see them treat you with so much care and friendliness.

“I feel awful for Jungkook. The kid looked like he was going to spontaneously combust! Shouldn’t I go in and say something?” you looked at Namjoon, then at the door Jungkook retreated to earlier. Namjoon shrugged, telling you not to worry about it. You couldn’t help feeling a sense of guilt for having such a good time without him, so you placed your drink down to get up.

That’s when you heard the door swing open with an embarrassed Jungkook dragged out of the room by the ear. You quickly recognized the mint-haired grump pulling at the kid as the spitfire rapper, Min Yoongi. “Can someone take this kid away? He’s driving me nuts clinging onto the fucking door.”

“Hyung!” Jungkook whined, looking down in embarrassment. He freed himself from Yoongi’s grip and made a beeline to the kitchen, avoiding eye contact as he passed by you.

“What’s up with him?” Yoongi took a step forward then stopped when his foot landed on something soft. Your face burned red as you watched the rapper bent over to scoop the piece of fabric off the floor. He looked up, and when your eyes met, his face was still as stoic as ever. Then, as if he only just registered your presence, his gaze went from your figure to the fabric he held up.

Realization only took two seconds after which he tossed your underwear back to you, and kept his head down as if the floor was a fascinating thing to admire.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N-sshi…enjoy? Hope you enjoy your stay.” Yoongi cringed, probably at his words, then gave you an awkward wave before turning to retreat to his room.

In the kitchen, you could hear Jungkook laugh. “Pft, and he called me a baby.” He hopped on the couch next to Seokjin and went straight to grab his drink. All shyness and embarrassment from before long forgotten.

You slumped back down on the couch, both hands on your face to hide. “That was so horrible. Kill me already.”

The gang laughed and teased, then went back to hollering and merrymaking in celebration of your arrival. You could already feel their contagious energy affecting you, and soon you were having fun with them, even if your mind kept drifting back to the mint-haired rapper who locked himself away in his room.

2 months later.

Months passed and many interviews later, you finally landed a teaching job that pays well enough to get your life started. 

Your time with the members has been nothing but roller coaster rides on getting to know them. You’ve argued and laughed together, played and fought with them and grew to love them more than ever. That is, except for Min Yoongi who is adamant on keeping a certain distance from you.

You’re not sure if it’s intentional, but all your efforts to try and spend some quality time with him were either politely turned down or ignored. Yoongi was either asleep or away every time you were around. It wasn’t long before you got the hint and thought that maybe he wasn’t comfortable with you being there in the first place, so you kept your distance. Until one night, you found yourself unable to sleep.

You were already gaming on your laptop when you heard a door creak open, and light footsteps were approaching from behind. You were surprised to see Yoongi, half asleep, walking out of his room. He blinked as if to double check if you were there sitting at the table then politely gave you a lazy bow. 

He stood for a moment as if pondering what to say until he murmured. “Hungry.”

You wanted to laugh. This was undoubtedly the most adorable look you’ve seen on him yet. His mint green locks were everywhere, his shirt fell a bit off his shoulder, and his shorts hung loosely on his hips.

“How about I cook you an omelette?” you giggled as you walked towards the kitchen counter.

Yoongi grumbled words that sounded like “No” and “I will do”. You grinned at his endearing attempt to say 'No, let me do it.’ in English. His brain must be working at a minimum to try his luck at it randomly.

The pasty-skinned mess of a man walked weakly towards the counter and lazily shooed you away from the fridge with one hand while scratching his belly with the other. When he paused, and maybe even hissed at how brightly the fridge light shone, you snickered. You gently pushed him aside when he started grumbling ’stupid fridge’ with the grumpiest face you’ve ever seen.

“Let me. Really. You might accidentally burn the place down.” You grabbed some eggs and milk from the fridge then immediately got to work, ignoring Yoongi protesting silently with narrowed eyes.

“I think you have me confused with Namjoon.” He mumbled while holding back a yawn.

You smiled. This was nice. It was nice to have a conversation outside the regular 'Good morning’ and 'Goodbye’.

“How could I when you’re not even as tall as him?” You joked while ruffling his minty green hair. Yoongi mouthed a mocking 'Ha Ha’, allowing his warm breath to tickle your cheeks.

Oh shit, too close.

You moved away almost a little too quickly for it to look natural. Your 'friendship’ with Yoongi never actually reached the stage -or any stage- where physical contact is welcomed, so it felt a bit awkward when you realized your gesture of companionship might not have been wanted. 

You quickly muttered a quiet 'sorry’ then went straight to tying your hair up into a ponytail to start cooking, and that’s when you caught him smiling at you a little bit.

Okay, so maybe your heart didn’t really skip a beat. Maybe.

This was probably the first time you’ve ever seen him smile.  You started to wonder if you could make him laugh next. Warmth flooded your cheeks when a sudden tap on your shoulder snapped you out from your thoughts. 

There, Yoongi stood next to you with the same smile you briefly thought you had imagined seeing.

“Thanks, Y/N-sshi.”  

Was his voice always this dee-

You tried to smile back, suddenly hyper-aware that you look like a complete mess right now. In an attempt to look natural, you turned your focus to the stove and got to work on the omelette. Yoongi lazily walked back to the table where your laptop sat and waited quietly. You couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous with the idea of him watching you cook.

“Why are you up so late? It’s 4 in the morning.” Yoongi squinted at the bright lights of his phone when he checked the time, opening and shutting his eyes to adjust to the light.

“I’m having trouble sleeping.”

“Stress?” Yoongi had a little slur in his words, and it took your brain a moment to process what he asked.

“Oh! No, no, nothing like that. I just can’t find the regular rain BG SFX I fall asleep to. I think they took it off the net.”

Yoongi hummed a lazy sound, whether he was thinking or acknowledging what you said, you’re not sure. So when the familiar silence filled between you, you got back to making the omelette. You passed him his plate once you were done and he got up from his seat to take it after thanking you. You sat down next to him and went back to playing your game.

“Oh no, you too?” Yoongi rested his cheek on one hand as he tilted his head to watch you play your game. You nodded with a grin. Jin had got you playing this new musical game where you tap the correct keys to the song. You were browsing through the song list when Yoongi suddenly placed his hand on your arm. You pretended not to notice how rough his hand felt.

“Hold up, I didn’t know you could play this song here. Can I watch?” There was a hint of excitement in Yoongi’s voice, and this was the first time you’ve seen him excited about anything you do. So, you gladly clicked on the song and readied your fingers on the keyboard. 

At first, it started off with a few easy combos, but when the chorus came, the tempo picked up, and you had begun to tap away like crazy.

“Oh my god this is so hard!” You laughed a little as you started missing a few keys.

“Move, I’ll take this side you take that side.” Yoongi’s hand slid next to yours, and the feel of his skin sent goosebumps up your spine. Weird.

By the time the second verse came in, you were both staring very intently at your screen and tapping away like mad men on a mission. At some point in the game, you would both tease each other and sometimes push the other off the keyboard, leading to uncontrollable laughter. The final part of the song got so fast that you couldn’t help but giggle and gave up, leaving it to Yoongi.

“GO! GO! Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bong Bong!” You playfully pat his shoulder to cheer him on which made Yoongi laugh and ’what the fuck, how do you even know about that nickname?’. 

Your eyes fell to Yoongi’s hand that kept on tapping away at lightning speed, his slender fingers moving to each key with precision and wow did it look graceful. Damn, dude got skills! You looked up and saw a wide gummy smile on his face. 

It was at that moment that you decided that gummy smiles on him are the cutest thing you’ve ever had the chance to see. Happy Yoongi is the best Yoongi.

The game must’ve ended without you realizing it since Yoongi raised booth hands up in triumph. “I win! I’m a genius! You’re welcome!” He then patted himself on the shoulder with a smug look on his face. “Ya, good job, me.”

You smiled and laughed. “You mean WE won. I played the first half myself!”

“Yeah, you handled the easy part pretty well,” Yoongi smirked and smugly took a bite out of the omelette that he had forgotten before playing. You were filled with glee seeing Yoongi unwind around you. It’s like the walls he had before never existed.

“Oh my god, Min Yoongi is a smug ass. I should’ve known.” You gently punched him in the shoulder.

“You wound me. I’m hurt. I’m suing you.” He said, then casually went back to eating his omelette.

“Har, har. Bite me.” You made a face and stuck out your tongue.

A pause. It was brief, but you could feel it weighing heavily down on you like it was something tangible. Then, the mint-haired man smirked with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“Want me to?” He said before taking the last bite of his meal then placing the fork back on his plate.

You blinked once, then twice. Your cheeks turned a little pink. You must’ve sounded like a blabbering idiot since you unknowingly switched back to English from being so flustered. “Wha- I didn’t-That’s not what I meant!” You shoved him a little from the embarrassment you failed miserably to hide.

Your face turned a deep shade of red when Yoongi’s smirk turned into his big gummy smile from your reaction. “Cute.”

You were about to say something to wipe that smile off his stupidly handsome face when he suddenly got up to bring the plate to the kitchen sink. He then walked straight towards his room and only turned around to face you when he reached his door.

“Thanks for the meal, Noona. Good game.” He said as he disappeared into his room.

Wait, did he call me 'Noona’?

a place in time - chapter viii

Summary: Emma’s an agent working to reunite missing people with their families when the biggest missing persons case of all time appears in front of her in a flash of bright, white light. Thousands of missing people from throughout history, including one particular pirate, appear on the shore of a lake in the middle of winter: none have aged a day since their disappearance and, with no memory of their missing time, must venture into a strange and uncertain future. Loosely based on the TV show “the 4400.”

Rating and Warnings: Teen. For now.

Check out the artwork by @queen-mabs-revenge, and the gifset by @swanscaptn; they’re beautiful!

Catch up: ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, ch5, ch6, ch7

Read on AO3

The isolation room is as quiet as Killian remembers.

He lies on the thin cot in his cell, staring up at the ceiling with his arms crossed over his chest. It’s late in the morning on his fourth day of returning to the isolation room, and apart from the meals shoved under door from a disgruntled guard and the two times Belle has come to see him, Killian’s been alone in the silence. Like last time he was in this isolation cell, his only company is his mind and its twisting, racing thoughts.

And twisting they are.

Though it was apparent from the moment he stood on that cold lakeshore that this world is different than anything he’s ever known, Killian has spent a lot of these last few days ruminating on his long-held beliefs that he’s finally accepting no longer hold.

Well, mostly one particular belief.

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Hackney Empire III-Michael Gray

Hackney Empire pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | alt. ending - Michael Gray

You didn’t see Michael again until 1928.  

By then you had been living in New York City for almost five years. You had done exactly as Thomas Shelby had instructed and stayed far away from London. At first you had thought about returning to your family home in Birmingham but your brother-in-law had  close ties with Derby Sabini and you knew he would rat you out. His men would find you no matter where you went and they would drag you back to London. So you left England altogether. The money you had saved from pawning Sabini’s gifts afforded you passage on a ship bound for America.  

New York City was the farthest into America you got, settling into a room near a factory where you got a job. Even having crossed the Atlantic Ocean you could feel the long arm of Sabini. You lived in fear that he would find you somehow. You didn’t attempt to contact anyone back home to find out what Thomas Shelby did with the information you gave him. Instead you did your best to settle into life in America.  

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The Deep South [S2 E16] (dir. Bret Haaland)

“Ocean madness. Yeah, right. It’s always something, ain’t it? It’s her! Bender, wake up! She’s here! Wake up!” - Philip J. Fry

I’m fucking shaking right now. Don’t ever tell me that you’re scared of sharks without a viable reason for it. All because of Jaws and the Shallows, sharks are put in such a negative light and that’s why people think that it’s reasonable to be petrified of sharks. Sharks do not eat humans. Let me say it again. Sharks do NOT eat humans!!! Unless they are starving and haven’t eaten in weeks, a shark will not eat a human. The so called “attacks” (more like accidents) that occur are due to humans provoking the shark or the human resembling a seal or some other type of food the shark preys on. So now because we all have this notion in our heads that sharks are mindless killing machines, it’s all of a sudden okay to kill millions of them every year for our own benefit. To put this in perspective, sharks kill about 6 humans every year on average. We are slaughtering hundreds of millions of innocent sharks every year. And for what exactly? Shark fin soup, “medicine”, sharks jaws as decorations, squalene or liver oil. Which by the way, if any of you use makeup with liver oil or squalene in it, you now add to the murder of these creatures. We have forced the open ocean subspecies of sharks to decline by 90%. Sharks take a while to reach sexual maturity and once they do, the gestation period is equal to that of humans or longer. And nobody wants to do the research to find out how the decline of sharks is affecting the oceans ecosystems. Let’s put it in simple terms. We have a simple food pyramid for our coral reefs. Coral reefs are on the bottom. Smaller fish that make their homes inside the coral and eat the algae which harms the coral above that. Then we have slightly larger fish such as grouper above those fish. And on the top we have an open ocean species of sharks. Let’s say we wipe out that entire species. Now we have groupers reproducing at an alarming rate because there are no predators to eat them. These grouper eat the smaller fish which means the algae could take over the coral reef. Eventually there will be no more fish for the groupers to eat which will cause a decline in groupers in that area. Now we have this habitat that is completely destroyed and that’s what’s going to happen to all the shark species if we don’t stop it. Most humans rely heavily on fishing to help sustain our needs. So no more fish means a decline in our food supply. So please please please do your research and realize how beautiful these creatures are and how much they need our help. I’m so fucking worried about them and about their future so please don’t just read this and do nothing. Help these creatures and help our oceans.

askwrathspiderman  asked:

(Siren AU) Peter is a young scientist on ship in the middle of the ocean on a mad journey to study Sirens. Some either say they don't exist and he's chasing fairy tales. Other say he's insane for wanting to do this.

*There’s quiet rippling in the waters. In the distance, there’s a soft, singing voice. It sounds beautiful.*


One of the most tragic and inspiring things about Steven is how he’s constantly facing life or death situations despite his young age. For the sake of his friends and family he consistently puts his life on the line without a second thought. No matter how dangerous things get, Steven never lets it get to him. Steven always manages to keep a positive attitude and never complains about the perilous life he leads. Steven keeps pushing forward despite the risks and that’s one of the many reasons why he’s such an amazing character.