Everytime I come here my whole dash is about white/black/american social problems and I’m sorry, I can’t stand it anymore, it’s too much. I’m really sorry about the good people there, they really deserve something better than that society. I can’t even understand how racism or homophobia still exist in USA, but I’m at the point I’m going to unfollow blogs because this is getting out of hands.
I thought USA was something different but now all I see is lots of dumb people, machistas, racists and homophobic irrational weirdos (not all the country is like that but damn).
I can’t understand how being black is wrong, being gay is wrong but being white is wrong too or being heterosexual is also wrong. What the hell? What do I need to be? A fucking cat?
I’m sick of this since the concept of “white people” is getting out of USA now and estadounidences (America is a continent not a country) need to see there’s lots of white people out there who are not like them. Being white, black, yellow, pink, blue, red idk, doesn’t make you better or smarter, being gay, asexual, straight, whateversexual, being transgender, bigender, nongender— it doesn’t make you more interesting, it does’t make you cooler or “normal”.
You are you and that’s all.
I’m so done and I’m sorry but I hit my limit.
If we are mutuals and you are going to unfollow me please text me so I’ll unfollow you too. Thanks.
If you are a blog that reblogs photos, art, music, whatever please tell me and I’ll check your blog since I need new blogs to follow.


      [( First of all, I have to say, I am extremely happy with how far this blog has come. I never expected to get over 200 followers and I’m already close to my 450 mark. What is it about Isobu that makes people wanna follow him? Even though the bijuu are rather the main plot of Naruto, they are still side characters. Kurama, Gyuki and Shukaku outshine my baby turtlebuns, but yet I still have so many supporters. (/cries) I can’t tell you how happy I am. There are so many people on here I could thank and would support for the rest of my life, even if our paths go different ways! I appriecate all my followers and  even if we are not close, I am always here if you ever need a shoulder or someone to talk to. Sometimes I connect with people more occ then Isobu connects with their own characters! I actually do care guys! So below, in no particular order, are people I have come to admire and love during my time here. If you aren’t here I’m sorry, just 400 people is soo many, and its late when I make this, just can’t think of them all! But I loves you all and stay awesome for sure!)]

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Mun regrets nothing in her life

The Emerald Tablet.

“The origins of Western alchemy can be traced back to Hellenistic Egypt, in particular to the city of Alexandria. One of the most important characters in the mythology of alchemy is Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the Thrice-Great). The name of this figure is derived from the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth and his Greek counterpart, Hermes. The Hermetica, which is said to be written by Hermes Trismegistus, is generally regarded as the basis of Western alchemical philosophy and practice. In addition, Hermes Trismegistus is also believed to be the author of the Emerald Tablet….” http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/legendary-emerald-tablet-001956#sthash.iBI3O0yu.dpuf

“The Tablet probably first appeared in the West in editions of the psuedo-Aristotlean Secretum Secretorum which was actually a translation of the Kitab Sirr al-Asar, a book of advice to kings which was translated into latin by Johannes Hispalensis c. 1140 and by Philip of Tripoli c.1243. Other translations of the Tablet may have been made during the same period by Plato of Tivoli and Hugh of Santalla, perhaps from different sources. The date of the Kitab Sirr al-Asar is uncertain, though c.800 has been suggested and it is not clear when the tablet became part of this work…”


anonymous asked:

so have ya seens fnaf3 yet?


Yes I have.

I also have seen some of the hidden images that rarely show up when you start the game… which is that of an actual person inside Spring Trap.

Just. WHY. WHY, Scott? Why you do this to me? All the nightmares. Now excuse me as I hug a pillow and sob from all this terror—

oh and I might draw more of Spring Trap!Rena, if you guys want me to ewe