New OC Time!!!

Okay how about this:

A fat sausage dog named Richard Simmons who wears a waistcoat and a top hat. He can speak, but can only say one line in a British accent which is:

“Fortuitous timing, gentlemen.”

A compilation of describing some kingdom hearts characters in the laziest way possible

Sora: “The Boy Who Lived”

Riku: Sasuke Uchiha

Kairi: wears pink, a Damsel In Distress™

Goofy: #1 Dad

Donald: *doesn’t heal you*

Mickey: #2 Dad

Minnie: The Queen™, barely gets any screen time

Daisy: barely gets any screen time either

Pluto: a living cryptid, where will he be next

Chip and Dale: tiny mechanics

Merlin: he’s a wizard

Leon: don’t call him Squall

Cloud: Sasuke Uchiha - The Sequel

Aerith/Aeris(?): #1 Mom

Yuffie: ninja enthusiast

Tifa: you’ll probably die if she punches you

Sephiroth: Maybe It’s Maybelline™

Cid: Grumpy grandpa

Maleficent: apparently can time travel

Pete: why is he even here

Naminé: Self-Insert OC (DO NOT STEAL)

Roxas: “The Boy Who Lived Vicariously”

Xion: too many “who?” jokes

Axel/Lea: A porcupine

Terra: Accidental Villain™

Aqua: just trying to keep her boys alive

Ventus: “The Boy Who Fell Into A Coma”

Vanitas: Shadow The Hedgehog

Eraqus: It’s ‘Square’ spelled backwards

Yen Sid: It’s 'Disney’ spelled backwards

Ansem The Wise: he’s not that wise tbh