Things I’m mulling over rn:

  • Making a Wish Demon OC
  • Making a Fate OC based on Asmodeus 
  • Making a blog for Shiomi Gen (Iwao)
  • revamping some info here

A picture I drew for my dear friend. I can’t fathom her attraction to Joe the Pilot Fish from Help! I’m A Fish! (That animated movie about fish becoming people and people becoming fish) but she likes him and she likes writing him as domineering and cruel to her, so Asmodeus obviously has a thing or two to say to him about that.

Asmodeus will ALWAYS lead in ballroom dancing no matter what. And in the Paso Doble, she ain’t your cape, she’s your bull and she’ll win the bullfight against the matador.

Closed starter w/ the-oc-girls

(Asmodeus was walking around town listening to his music not paying attention to where he was going. Which led to him bumping into someone. He quickly took his headphones out to make sure the stranger was ok) Im so sorry! Are you ok? the-oc-girls