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Hey! Quick question- who is Val and Sal’s mom? I’m assuming she’s either human or a non-turtle mutant since you said that Val takes after her and if she’s a human that makes sense, and if she’s a mutant but not a turtle that would make sense as well. If I misread something completely, I’m so sorry. If I said anything that offended you I’m sorry for that as well.

Hey there, no worries! Everything’s good and thank you very much for showing interest in my OC’s and my stupid little ‘next generation’ AU which I’m just too weak for, it literally means the world to me ;; 

But yeah I’ve shown their mom in the past! She’s the first OC I introduced, and I haven’t shown her or talked about her in a while - especially not here on tumblr  - so I am not surprised people have forgotten about her. But here she is again! 

Her name is Stella and she’s from the mystic city. I do not want to spoil TOO MUCH about her because I have some things in the planning/making so long story short, her mentor/adoptive dad  Scarpheus tricked Leo into something and that’s how they got to know each other. While at first Stella’s not really interested in the concept of ninja turtle brothers, she’s intrigued by their dynamic and through them also learns that there’s more than just the mystic city - which is where she grew up.
She ends up taking her heists to New York, where she will meet the turtles who will try to stop her from doing wrong stuff. And while that’s going on she and Leo have this mutual game of teasing and challenging going on. Here’s another WiP of a short comic I have going on.

So yeah, lots of Wip’s, lot of ideas! I will show more about Stella in due time! But yeah you were right, she’s a mutant/yokai, a sorta lizard-type girl!

I have a lot of ideas but I lack the time to put them all in place so gomen, I hope this reply suffices -for now-! I promise there’ll be more in the future!

And thanks so so much again for being interested in my silly little oc’s ;; <3 <3