Telethia - Starbound Magic

Drew Telethia in a similar outfit as to what she wears in SB atm, replacing the Manipulator with a magi-tech gauntlet, as it fits her theme better. And then I just kept adding details.

My (Upgraded) Flame Portal Staff is ♥ - cost me a lot of resources to enhance and still takes a good while to channel the spell, but each fireball hits for like 126 damage :Dc
Thank god for mods.

Ingame she is human, since I didn’t have any mods at the time when I created her, but it’s not like I can make a race that both looks accurate and also has the right height for her (since she’s about ½ the size of a normal character) anyway :P

Potentially may have to look into getting some pixel art for her hair and ears as a hat and back item (since the pigtails should move while running XD)

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So here’s a quick drawing of my final design for Percy. Since he and Weejay aren’t in the Don’t Starve fandom anymore I wanted to change him slightly but still keep him close to his old self. He will still have his shadow form as well but with two arms now. I also wanted to keep his iconic flowy hair.

The premise of their story is that Percy is a shape shifting demon stuck in an artifact in which Weejay one day consumes, thinking it’s food. The artifact breaks and gets absorbed by Weejays body hence making Percy stuck to this simple minded creature. He can’t kill weejay either since the artifact he treasured is now weejay himself.

Art/Percy/WeeJay © ZombiDJ
[Please do not use or alter]