Witchsona 2015

Slavic Witch. 

Slavic witches were women who were smart, bright and have a lot of skills. Before Christianity they were very important society members. Legend say that the first witch got her knowlegde from God of magic - Weles. By a simple trick she made him say all his secrets. 


I am glad to announce my first printed Doujinshi! ' U ' It's a collaboration project of Sion & me and we were working on it during the last weeks. 

by aiSion (collaboration aishishii & machine-gun

"Curiosity kills the cat" as the old saying goes and it never seemed to be so fitting. When Shou managed to sneak into a secret underground laboratory  he didn’t anticipate the chain of unfortunate events that were right about to follow his actions. An incautious guy in an laboratory full of monsters has danger written all over it. He’ll learn first hand that sometimes you have to "watch your step" if you don’t want to get into trouble.

BoysLove-Doujinshi,rated 16+, B5-Format
40 Pages(27 Story + Extras)
Englisch, japanese reading direction
~ 8,00 € / Euro

We will sell it on the Leipziger Bookfair 2015 at our tables MK101/102. We might consider selling it online as well, but it mostly depends on how many books will be left after the bookfair (and the general interest of course : > ). 

Personally I am also thinking about international shipping, if people really want to get their hands on this little story. If you’re interested in a copy , just send me a message and let me know ♥

Thanks for your attention, we really are looking forward to peoples reaction and hope they’ll like it. This is such a big step, not only for me but for Sion as well! And we’re really excited! ♥ : D

*!! important information to avoid confusion !!

This story isn’t related to BLANK, even though one of the protagonists is an older version of Shou. It’s a crossover between original characters and some kind of alternative universe. There’s no Shuthus, no Mr. Nameless, no Umbras, nothing. WYS is just a little crossover sidestory with a good friend of mine ♥