I meant to put this character for sale, but I just couldn’t do it. (*/▽\*) Sooo~ I decided to keep her. I named her Tonka. She’s a vampire (saying this just in case it’s not obvious, duh). ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌



Penny: Let me explain; meanwhile I was travelling all around Equestria and beyond, I noticed that all these mind-altering substances, for instance, alcohol or different kinds of drugs affect the magical aura negatively. When a unicorn takes them, they may have stronger and more dangerous magic at first, but then the magic just gets weaker and weaker. Thus, an alcoholic unicorn can’t cast spells at all. Well… This might be because casting spells requires concentration and this is how the body prevents the user from causing trouble… I’m not sure. I need to do more research.
Also, truth be told… for unknown reasons, I have problems with casting spells. It kinda stresses me out, but I’ll manage. At least I can focus on my condition.

 Anyway… this is why I don’t drink. I already have problems with my magic, and even though a little bit of alcohol won’t hurt much, it still causes damage and I just… can’t risk that. 

//Don’t take it seriously, it’s just my own headcanon about unicorns and alcohol ‘v’

Questions by @thepowerfullfred and @fina1vers3

“War! Children, it’s just a shot away… “ Nope, it’s not a title for this art. It’s just a part of lyrics for this song -> 
Paul Brady and The Forest Rangers - Gimme Shelter. Big THANKS to all SOA (Sons of anarchy) Stuff. It was my, inspiration… Kinda of? But who really cares? Okey so, this is my newest OC. His name is Tell. And, he’s cool. :T Dunno what to write more. But looks, he is cool. And have cool spirits and… And… Okey. I hope you like it!