I am not violent.
                                              I am not malicious.
                                                                                           I am a result.

Cloneclub, you need to see this.

I think I just got something really cool while rewatching Orphan Black season 1.

BBC America just released a teaser for season four in which we see a human eye blinking and turning into a prosthetic/robotic eye. Here’s a gif:

(gif credits to @itberice)

Now, back in season 1 episode 6, when Cosima and Delphine are watching Leekie’s Neolution lecture, in the middle of his speech he approaches Cosima about her glasses, with the following lines: “Your glasses, for example, make you somewhat, um, platonic. But within the very near future, I’ll be able to offer you the ability to see into a spectrum never before seen by the naked eye… infrared, x-rays, ultraviolet.”

This is the camera shot:

Notice the hologram behind him, a normal human eye turning itself into a prosthetic/robotic eye, just like in our s4 teaser. Now, I know Neolution is going to play a big part on season four since we discovered that they are in charge of everything, but this has gotten me really pumped for the next season.