Can We Talk About...

The ultimate headcanon for how Emma finds Killian in the Underworld.

Picture it: After searching the Jolly, the docks, Granny’s, and everywhere else that they think Killian might be, Emma finally builds up the courage to knock on her own front door. It’s terrified her to think of doing it, because she’s afraid of how she’ll feel if he isn’t the one to open the door. But alas, they’ve looked everywhere else and came up with nothing. So, while the others wait at the bottom of the porch, Emma wraps her hand around the ring that hangs from her neck and clenches it tightly in her fist. She takes a deep breath and taps her knuckles against the door. She immediately hears the last thing she expects to, a dog barking, and her heart already starts to sink. Her hand shakes around the ring. She sees a black dog through the glass that surrounds the door, but then she swears she can hear footsteps. Her breath hitches in her throat. She hears the locks click, and the door slowly swings open and it’s….

not him. She can feel the tears forming, and is about to turn around, but then the man who opened the door speaks. “Can I help you, lass?” He says. She looks him in the eyes for the first time, and the man’s face is warm. His eyes…they felt familiar somehow. But yet, she knew she’d never seen him before. 

She realizes he is waiting for her to speak. “Umm,” she stammers, “Does…does anyone else live here with you?” she asks, “I’m…looking for someone.” His expression changes briefly, from warm to somber and back, and Emma is terrified of his answer. No, he says, and the breath she’s been holding whooshes out of her lungs, and she can’t stop the tears from slipping down her face. “I’m sorry, lass,” he tells her, his tone genuine. 

She looks at him one last time, releasing the ring from her fist as she releases the last bit of hope that she clung to. “That’s alright. I’m sorry that I bother-”
she starts to say, but his eyes are fixed on her necklace when he cuts her off suddenly. “Wait,” he says.

She looks up at him inquisitively, her breath catching once again. Suddenly he’s leaning forward, and in normal circumstances, this is where Emma would back away slowly from a random stranger’s advances, but for some reason, she held still. The man extended his hand, and carefully picked up the ring, holding it delicately in his fingers. His eyes are wide. “Impossible..” he mutters under his breath, before he looks up into her eyes again. She is still crying silently. There is a beat of silence before he speaks one more word.


A new wave of tears overtake Emma as the smallest bit of hope is reignited within her. She knows there’s only one person other than Killian who would recognize that ring. She nods with vigour, and he suddenly takes her hands in his. At this touch she is certain. “Liam, have you seen him?”

“Come in, love,” he says to her, “He’s upstairs.”