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OASE Version 2 is OUT!!!

List of Version 2 Changes:

1) Difficulty Mode: The game is too difficult? No worries, now with Normal and Easy Mode, you can win the game with ease! 

2) Ending List: Collect all 60 endings and they will be saved in Galleria!

3) Grammar/Typo Fixes: The entire script has been rewritten! A few major and minor dialogue changes have been made for smoother reading experience!

4) Bug Fixes: All the previous known bugs have been fixed.

5) General Difficulty Tuning: In general, the game’s difficulty has been reduced. For example, now you only need to score 80 to win Chena’s Figure Skating. Some difficult to find items can be more easier to find such as Lichanti’s Lie Detector, etc.

6) New SFX: Several new SFX has been added to enhance your experience!

7) New Gallery: 2 New Galleries have been added in the Extra Gallery, Dude Artist Painting List and Unused Arts.

8) Game Compression: I didn’t compress the file this time, so the file size is a lot bigger, but in exchange, you will get much more crisp artwork and music.

This has been the largest V2 upgrade I have ever done. I’m very happy with the result and I hope you all will enjoy the changes.

Upgrading to this version is FREE if you have already bought the game! This offer will last until 20 October 2013, so hurry up and upgrade by dropping me an email at zeiva@hotmail.com. Please include the email you used to purchase the game!

Thank you all for your patience! Hope to bring you better games in the future! ^o^/

Oh, we have a new OASE demo for those who have yet tried this game: http://zeiva.net/oase/demo.html