i took an energy shot and i hate those things bc they’re so nasty tasting and like on one hand i think it worked a Little bc i can concentrate but on the other i know if i closed my eyes i’d be asleep. like i still feel like i’m dead exhausted just with slightly more functionality. like my body feels all twitchy and everything because i am just so damn fucking tired


you know, i love t/ats and i have an overabundance of ideas for some, but at the end of the day, i feel like… idk. if i wanted to dress/feel cutesy/girly it might look weird? like some sort of g///ot///h/i//c lo///li///t///a instead of just… idk. It just makes me feel like I’d end up sporting a Me///la///nie M///ar///tin///ez look, and while it can be cute, it’s not that kind of thing I’d be going for. Idk, can u do casual h//ip//ster girly outfits like this or 5///0s dresses like this w a bunch of t///ats and not look like…. this.

anyways i was going to continue this with examples or whatthefuckever but my fl///oam arrived and its fuckshit as fucking hell and i want to kms soooo :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i hate everything and want to die


In seara asta dupa cum vedeti am chef de scris. Ca spun bazaconii sau nu tot spun, dar na cica tumblr e un loc al nostru, fara critici, prejudecati, judecati, ura, răutate..etc.

Mi-am lăsat trecutul in urma. Adică: Facebook nou cu oameni cu care vorbesc si pe car chiar ii cunosc, sters numere din agenda care stau acolo degeaba, sters mesaje neimportante… Gataa! Sa începem o viață nouă și mai frumoasa.
Fara trecut rau, oameni rai, oame falsi mincinosi, gânduri rele.. Tot ce nu ii bun.

Sa fiu mai puternica, mai optimista,mai fericita, mai luptătoare, mai treaza la minte… Bine gata, intelegeti voi ❤

Si in caz ca nu v-a spus nimeni, va spun eu Noaaapte buna!💞
Iar dacacitesti asta dimineata sau in timpul zilei : O zi frumoasaa ca tine sa ai!💙❣

i feel like this needs saying honestly because i see it way too much

if someone with bpd makes a post exclusively about their experience with bpd and other people with bpd are relating and reblog it DO NOT reblog it/comment on it/say you relate to it if you don’t have bpd. borderlines often deal with fears that they’re somehow faking their illness and have anxieties about their identity and dealing with who they are and when someone not with bpd says that they relate to a bpd feel then they’re ONLY MAKING IT WORSE

as someone with bpd i personally find the bpd community comforting because i can finally contextualise how im feeling and have a place where i can talk openly about bpd and my experiences but when neurotypicals or non borderlines start involving themselves it triggers the sense of “holy shit i must be faking?? ohm ygod wh oam i what the fuck do i feel " 

go ahead and reblog posts about spreading awareness and how to help your friends with bpd or how bpd people can self care, and reblog nice encouraging posts for your bpd posts but if someone says "bpd feel: etc etc” dont reblog like “dont have bpd but i can relate!!” you could trigger a borderline really badly like just dont do it



Olympian All Male performing at Dance For a Cure 2012.