OA Angels

Why the OA is Amazing

-deals with realistic symptoms and family dynamics of someone who has escaped being stolen
-dealing with disability
-Diverse realistic characters without shoving Hollywoods stereotypes down their throats
-amazing story telling
-nonsexual innocent relationships between characters of all different age groups
-a pure powerful romance that didn’t involve sexual behavior to be strong (OA/homer)
-a sci-fi that also deals with the supernatural and spiritual beliefs
-healthy strong friendships
-dealing with overeating
-a boy in high school having to raise his family
-a boy who tries to change his life around (dealing with metal issues I think(Steve))
-a boy raised without parents and is staying strong


Obsessed with The OA? The story of the angel on Earth, Prairie Johnson, and her epic journey came from filmmakers Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij who created, co-wrote, and co-produced the series together. This isn’t the first time the duo brought cerebral mysterious thrills to their audiences. The two had their filmmaking start together at the Sundance Film Festival! Marling and Batmanglij first came to the Festival in 2011 with Sound of My Voice and again in 2013 with The East. Both films are directed by Zal Batmanglij, star Brit Marling, and are written and produced by the two together. 

Trailers: Sound of My Voice, The East

© 2011 Chelsea Lauren/WireImage, Film still courtesy of Sound of My Voice,  © 2013 Jason Merritt/WireImage, © 2013 Jamie McCarthy/WireImage, Film still courtesy of The East