“National Anthem at O.co Coliseum” 

I might never fully understand how the world works, or what lies are behind the truth, or the truth behind those lies that are behind the truth. I break my mind sometimes trying to make any sense of it, day after day, more questions than before. But there’s a few moments in life, in which all of my thoughts are frozen in time…a sense of peace. From the moment I hear, “Oh, say, can you see…”, to the moment in which the last out is recorded, I live without worry. I live in peace.

11/19/16 - Oakland, CA. 

Yo baseball fans

i’m trying not to focus on how stressed anxious and depressed i am lol so @ baseball fans reblog this and tell me all of the mlb stadiums you’ve been to and which one was your favorite

i’ll start

- wrigley field
- comiskey park/us cellular field/“"guaranteed rate field”“
- commerica park
- o.Co coliseum
- busch stadium
- target field

of course wrigley is my favorite, there isn’t anything better. hoping it still looks the same in a few years with all of “renovations” and dumb new expensive looking shit they’re adding to the park and the neighborhood

Raiders lease extension at Coliseum approved for 2015 season

The Oakland Raiders will play at least one more season at O.co Coliseum in Oakland as the board that runs the stadium approved a lease extension for the 2015 season.

The Joint Powers Authority on Friday approved the extension that had previously been agreed to by both sides. The Oakland City Council and Alameda County Board of Supervisors still must vote on the lease.

The Raiders will pay the same rent as last year, and the team will get money from stadium signage and concessions.

The extension gives the team and the city more time to try to get a new stadium approved in Oakland. If the efforts fail, the Raiders have alerted city officials that they will request NFL permission to move to Los Angeles where they’re working with the San Diego Chargers to share a stadium.