Soooo last week totally randomly I watched all of the Tell-Tale Vlog series, which is a short webseries about a hilariously socially awkward Edgar Allen Poe and his friends, who are in various stages of living and dying etc. It was hilarious, and made by a creative team, Shipwrecked Comedy, that clearly cares a lot about literary webseries, fandom, and the YouTube community. 

You should stop reading this post and go watch it! It’s super-quick, I’ll wait!

The director/producer/co-founder of Shipwrecked is Yulin Kuang. She’s done amazing work including Irene Lee, Girl Detective, Kissing in the Rain, and I Ship It. She’s apprenticed with Ron Howard! And her work was a winner in the Twilight stories fan film contest! Basically she’s a really cool human! Anyway! A Tell Tale Vlog is co-written by Yulin and Lenore actress (and Shipwrecked co-founder) Sinead Persaud! Who is incidentally hysterical. Awesome ladies doing hilarious comedic work! Score!

Except then I got to the end of the series and I was super sad that there wasn’t any more. And that was last week.

Oh, and this webseries is two whole years old so I was all sad because clearly that meant there was never gonna be any more to—

WHAT THE SHIT RAVENS WTF hokay seriously look at this shit, I only got to this party last week but I am ALL OVER THIS. Basically they’re kickstarting season two and they’ve already raised a bit for a bunch of guest stars but it’s only been a day and they have a long way to go, and they have a lot of dinner guests to invite

so Lizzie Bennet fans, IF YOU WANT TO SEE ASHLEY FUCKING CLEMENTS MOONING OVER MR. ROCHESTER and Mary Kate Wiles bringing the adorbs as Annabel once again, and if you want more of this like vintage daguerreotype steampunk shit and MORE RAVENS and like, agoraphobic alcoholic no-fucks-given Emily Dickinson please contribute to the Kickstarter and join this train, because if they make it to their goal there will probably be ravens and it will be amazing, and because I fucking want to have dinner with all of these people, and because you know one of these writers is going to be Oscar Wilde which means you and I will get to ship Oscar Wilde/Edgar Allen Poe and that is very important, and because I only just watched this 2-year-old series last week so clearly there is some cosmic force directing and guiding my life and IF THERE ISN’T A SEASON 2 I WON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS


ETA: I have been encouraged to clarify that I will be shipping Oscar Wilde with Edgar Allen Poe, and not Poe Dameron. However, since we don’t know who else is on the guest list, but we do know Poe Dameron undoubtedly has a literary spirit, the possibilities are, at this point, basically endless.

Oldest embryos ever found in Uruguay and Brazil show that prehistoric reptiles were viviparous

This is the oldest embryo ever discovered on Earth, found in Uruguay and Brazil. They belong to a baby mesosaur, a group of small aquatic reptiles from the early Permian. According to the researchers, they’re the earliest known case of viviparity. The study — published in the journal Historic Biology by Graciela Piñeiroa, Jorge Ferigolob, Melitta Meneghelc and Michel Laurind, from France’s National Center for Research — is very important. Until now, scientists didn’t have such an early record of viviparity, which is key to understand the evolution of vertebrates. The unborn baby fossil — partially articulated and well-preserved — was discovered inside their mother and it had no recognisable eggshell. This discovery demonstrates that, instead of laying eggs in which the animals develop from the embryo stage, the embryo actually grew up inside the body of the mesosaur mother, eventually leading to live birth.

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greys anatomy! and ouat. and pll. sorry haha its a lot

greys anatomy

  • The first character I first fell in love with: george!! baaabbyyyyyyyyyy
  • The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: ALEX!!!!!!!!! bae. and cristina. and callie
  • The character everyone else loves that I don’t: arizona lmao. and meredith and derek
  • The character I love that everyone else hates: uhhhhh i don’t even know
  • The character I used to love but don’t any longer: ummmm meredith i guessssssss
  • The character I would totally smooch: izzie. bae
  • The character I’d want to be like: IZZIE BAE
  • The character I’d slap: arizona lmao
  • A pairing that I love: george/izzie, izzie/alex, owen/cristina
  • A pairing that I despise: ummMmMm none really?? i mean meredith/derek are so annoying but i don’t despise them


  • The first character I first fell in love with: aria and spencer
  • The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: omfg hanna! and caleb
  • The character everyone else loves that I don’t: mona lmao
  • The character I love that everyone else hates: alison i guess??
  • The character I used to love but don’t any longer: umMmMmMm toby. i mean i still like him but not as much as i used to. 
  • The character I would totally smooch: aria. and caleb
  • The character I’d want to be like: spencer
  • The character I’d slap: alison and mona
  • A pairing that I love: emily/alison, hanna/caleb, spencer/toby, aria/ezra. and aria/jason
  • A pairing that I despise: uhhhhhhhhh idek. i guess emily/paige tbh

and i’m only on season 2 of ouat so i can’t answer a lot of the questions