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can I request nct neighbour au for jaehyun and mark just like the seventeen one? those are so good. but take your time :) thank you!

a lot of you wanted some more nct stuff on this blog, plus jaehyun’s birthday is tomorrow so!! take this as a little gift for the lovely boy of nct~ (and mark heh)


  • smiling sunshine, dimple angel of the apartment building that is so nice that he smiles at everyone and then ends up walking straight into the front door,,,,,,,jaehyun please looks where you’re going more often you clumsy kid
  • whenever he’s coming home, the kids from the nearby park will call out his name and ask him to join them
  • and if he has time you can find him holding a jump rope or helping one of the kids reach the basketball net
  • other times you can see him running down the straight, obviously late for his bus and trying to juggle his notebook, backpack, and phone
  • and he has this really childlike obliviousness about him,,,,,like he’s always just smiling and positive 
  • and if he does anything to embarrass himself he just laughs it off 
  • and if he meets a neighbor that might be in a bad mood, just talking with him usually makes people feel so comfortable and at ease,,,,,,he’s literally got a healing smile
  • keeps a lot of sports memorabilia in his apartment and it’s cute he like has the flag from his favorite national teams up on the wall and he invites people over to watch games with him
  • he likes to keep things clean, but his desk is always over piling with notebooks because he keeps forgetting them at home and then buying new ones to write in and in the end he ends with a huge stack on his desk that taeyong is always nagging about when he comes over
  •  but other than that,,,,,,it’s a really normal apartment and jaehyun never worries about like decorating or anything. he cooks for himself (decently) and so the only thing he spends money on is sports + groceries 
  • and you’re ,,,,,,,,,, not the best cook to put it lightly and you know jaehyun because whenever you bump into him at the grocery store he actually looks like he knows what he’s doing while you’re just like ???????!!!!!!!
  • and it’s like your third attempt at trying to make edible ramen,,,,that you just break one afternoon and you end up ringing jaehyun’s doorbell and when he opens the door you’re like “Save Me”
  • and he’s like “???? IS THERE A FIRE??? ARE YOU GETTING ROBBED? ILL CALL-”
  • and you just put the packet of ramen in his hand and you’re like “i suck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at Cooking”
  • it takes him a second but he burst out into that heavenly laughter and is like “so you need help?” and you’re like “please,,,,,,im so hungry” and he’s like “ok, ramen is easy. i can teach you in no time”
  • and you stand beside him as he boils the water like an expert and tears open the ramen and he’s telling you about how you should add in other things aside from flavor packets, like maybe vegetables or spices
  • and he’s doing this so effortlessly and in your head you’re like: how
  • but then also you peek up and you see how relaxed and happy he looks
  • the handsome set of his jaw, the way his eyes are a soft chocolate brown 
  • and you realize only when he goes “almost done” that you’ve spent the last five minutes staring at him and not paying attention
  • and you’re like “o-oh yay!” and jaehyun invites you to try it with him
  • and he dips the spoon in and carefully blows on it before offering it to you and you want to take the spoon
  • but he’s like “i can feed you!” 
  • completely oblivious to how he’s making your heart race and you taste it and ofc, it’s amazing and you’re like “how are you so good at everything??” and jaehyun’s like “im not good at EVERYTHING” but you’re like
  • “well you’re good at sports, cooking, and you’re cute that’s basically everything-”
  • and jaehyun grins but then his eyes widen a bit and he’s like “pardon me, but did you just say cute?”
  • and you’re like OH mY G OD ,,,,,,,, i did,,,,,,,,,and you’re like “WELL ILL BE GOING NOW”
  • but jaehyun is like “wait we should eat this ramen together-”
  • and you’re like dkjsfkdlf thank you for teaching me,,,,,i made a fool of myself i must go,,,,,,,,,,
  • but jaehyun’s face softens and he’s like “i think you’re cute too, so stay and have some ramen?”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,w,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,but also how can you say no to him and so you sit down beside him and he pours some ramen into a bowl for you
  • and as you’re sitting you’re trying not to blush TOO much
  • while jaehyun’s just thinking to himself,,,,,,that if if two cute people cook ramen together, does the ramen also become cuter?????? whatever, he just hopes he can cook with you sometime again soon~~~


  • always has someone over at his place because his hyungs don’t trust him living alone 
  • taeyong is basically his damn roommate
  • he doesn’t spend too much time at home so he never has the opportunity to make it messy, except if he has like haechan over,,,,,,then he ends up with something from his closet missing and like half his supply of snacks. gone
  • he has like one poster on his wall of his favorite Canadian hockey player and it’s important to him because his brother sent it over when mark moved,,,,,,taeyong is like “it’s crooked” whenever he sees it but mark is like “hyung,,,,,,,it’s the sentiment that counts.”
  • sleeps just about anywhere in his apartment,,,,,,,like most people go to sleep in their bed but mark just knocks out where-ever. the couch, the floor, the kitchen table, while he’s brushing his teeth,,,,,,he just lives a very hectic life
  • his refrigerator gets covered in polaroids that jisung and jeno insist he put up and mark isn’t one for decorating, but he lets his younger friends do whatever because like why not 
  •  he gets nagged on by them for being “boring” but mark is like i just don’t have time to do anything ????? i barely had time to eat my morning bagel???? 
  • you think mark is really cute, ever since you moved in down the hall but like????? all the other neighbors are always like “we don’t know anything about him because he’s never around.” and you kind of get sad
  • because you get a glimpse of him like every two weeks and even then you can’t even properly introduce yourself because he’s either running out of the building or talking with a friend whose coming over
  • and you know,,,,,it’s not like you’re going to try and press the issue. you just smile whenever you two happen to pass each other even in those three seconds of interaction
  • and mark always smiles back,,,,,,,,,,,because he’s sweet
  • and you don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or just confusion but you hear someone trying to unlock your door when day
  • and when you go over, you open up and you see mark - shocked to see you
  • and he’s like “why,,,,,,,,are you in my apartment?” and you’re like “um,,,,,,,i live here. this is my apartment, you’re over there down the hall.”
  • and mark blinks and looks at his key and then at you and he’s like “thaT’S WHY it must have not opened up??? i kept putting my key in but it wouldn’t turn!!!”
  • and you laugh into your hand and you’re like “yeah, that’s probably why” and mark apologizes and you’re like don’t worry but then you’re like,,,,,,this is my only chance to ever talk to him so you’re like
  • “we haven’t ever,,,,,introduced ourselves but im your neighbor!” and you tell him your name and age and he grins and tells you his age and you guys just chat for a bit
  • and then out of nowhere he goes “you don’t have any chips do you?” and you’re like “i do, why?” and he’s like “i wanted to buy some on my way home, but i totally forgot and i just remembered because the hockey game is on later tonight and a friend of mine ate all my snacks the last time he was over”
  • with that mark rolls his eyes and mumbles haechan’s name but you’re like “oh, ill give you mine! hockey sounds fun - ive always wanted to learn more about it”
  • and mark perks up and he’s like “im from canada, hockey is like religion to us!! you should come over and watch the gam-”
  • but he stops himself and reddens and is like “it must be creepy for me to just ask like that, like who’d just come over to watch a game with a stranger haha”
  • but you shake your head and you’re like “i’d love to!”
  • and you get your chips and that’s how you end up sitting on mark’s couch, mark pointing to the players on the TV and explaining positions and goals and soon enough the two of you are literally sitting on the rug, nose in the TV, watching the game so intently and sharing chips
  • and when the team scores, you and mark burst into cheers like you’re literally in the rink with the fans
  • and you’re high-fiving each other and grinning  
  • but also,,,,,,,once you look into each others eyes there’s a little hint of embarrassment because,,,,,,, you guys are still new to each other but also like ,,,,,,,,,, interested in each other
  • and neither of you says anything
  • until the door opens and in walks doyoung whose like “oops am i interrupting a date?”
  • you and mark: A WHAT NOW 

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How do you make stickers?


For the uhhh singular straight on the paper stickers you’re gonna need label paper, pencils, inking pens, coloring supplies, tape, aaaaaaand scissors.

Step 1: Sketch out your sticker whether small, medium, or chubby.

Step 2: Ink it so it looks like you printed it out lol

Step 3: Color in that bad boy so it looks like a real cartoon

Step 4: Tape it up for protection. Don’t leave any gaps or else it gets wet somehow.

Step 5: Cut it out and stick it somewhere nice. It’s @apocalispwins‘s oc Platinum! YAY!! \(^o^)/


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Hogwarts AU headcanons for RFA+Saeran? :o

My first ask yay! Let’s get this party started!  



♬ Hufflepuff 

♬ is very proud of his house and ready to fight you over it

♬ is a Pureblood but not the judgemental type

♬ his parents, however, are

♬ he doesn’t return home after fifth year because of it

♬ joined the Frog Choir, Muggle Music and Music his first year at Hogwarts

♬ is the most dramatic singer and everyone stares at him during the annual performance

♬ his favourite subject is Muggle Studies and he especially loves this thing called ‘movies’

♬ despite not being his favourite subject his best subjects are Transfiguration and Divination

♬ his worst subject is Care of Magical Creatures

♬ he’s not a big fan of animals in general and on top of that he’s allergic to a lot of them, magical or not

♬ his Patronus is a wolf

♬ he eventually joins the Quidditch team as a Seeker

♬ he kind of sucks at it, mostly because he constantly has one accident after the other

♬ still he fills the stands with swooning girls at every match

♬ even girls from other houses cheer for him

♬ Zen likes that a lot and signs whatever they want him to after the game


★ Gryffindor

★ doesn’t know what to think of his house, since most people see him as a whiny wuss

★ Muggleborn

★ cannot believe that technology isn’t allowed at Hogwarts

★ They use quills instead of freaking pens?!

★ There are no lamps, just candles?!

★ NO COMPUTERS?! → no Wikipedia for assignments and not more LOLOL

★ he’s a top grade student but doesn’t really enjoy a lot of it

★ despite being muggleborn he’s not as fascinated with magic as most people would be

★ mostly because he doesn’t see a point in a world where you refuse to acknowledge and use technology

★ his best subject, for obvious reasons, is Muggle Studies

★ his favourite subjects, however, are Astronomy and Defence Against the Dark Arts

★ he feels like a warrior whenever he has it

★ he really doesn’t like History of Magic

★ History is boring, be it muggle of magic

★ it’s far too dry for him

★ his Patronus is a mouse

★ he befriends another Gryffindor, Saeyoung, and constantly get’s in trouble because of him

★ somehow Seven (that is how he wants to be called for some reason) can talk him into anything

★ once he told Yoosung he wanted to visit his twin brother in Slytherin and they should sneak into the doorms

★ in reality he just wanted to steal a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

★ they got busted and each lost their house twenty points

★ he still continued to trust Seven for some reason…


♨ Ravenclaw

♨ likes the quiet and peace of it

♨ Muggleborn

♨ absolutely fascinated with the magical world

♨ she wants to learn anything and everything

♨ compared to Yoosung she finds it very romantic to use quills, candles, books  and such instead of technology

♨ her parents both died so her and Zen usually spend the big summer break together as they have nowhere else to go

♨ she’s the top student in every of her subjects

♨ some people are mean to her out of jealousy, no one in Ravenclaw though

♨ they actually admire her

♨ she doesn’t care, there is far too much to learn to bother with haters

♨ she is both Prefect for her house as well as Head Girl later on

♨  she is very proud of both and takes them extremely serious

♨ sometimes she overworks herself though

♨ then again, doing so for her passion makes her happy

♨ she really likes History of Magic, it’s her favourite

♨ Muggle Studies, however, she doesn’t enjoy as much

♨ mostly because she already knows all these things

♨ she drops the elective soon after

♨ she’s not very good at Charms and has to work hard to get the good grades she wants

♨ her Patronus is an owl

♨ she joins the Quidditch team during third year

♨ she plays as a Beater for her team and has a mean hook

♨ it surprises her when people come up to her after the game and tell her they cheered for her

♨ it always makes her blush


♛ Slytherin

♛ enjoys the luxury of his house

♛ Pureblood

♛ possibly stricter than his own father

♛ focuses on only the things he considers practical

♛ he doesn’t bother with things like Muggle Studies, any kind of Arts or Divination

♛ his favourite subject is Care of Magical Creatures

♛ his best subject, meanwhile, is Magical Theory

♛ he doesn’t suck at any subject per se, since he has to keep up appearances, but he’s not particularly good at flying

♛ he doesn’t even consider joining the Quidditch team despite the offers

♛ instead of bothering with flying he excels at Apparation 

♛ his Patronus is a cat

♛ he too is both Prefect as well as Head Boy

♛ he is very strict about those and will take points from you if he finds you sneaking around after curfew

♛ he is a registered Animagus – a snake

♛ he’s very popular amongst Slytherin (and other houses) girls but doesn’t acknowledge any of them


☼ Gryffindor

☼ freaking loves his house

☼ Half-blood

☼ both parents were magical, but his fathers mother was a muggle

☼ could have graduated very early

☼ decided to stay and let all hell break loose instead

☼ loves pulling pranks on any – and everyone even especially his best friend Yoosung

☼ attempts to give Jumin aneurysms on a daily basis

☼ constantly loses his house points

☼ is still well liked though, for whatever reason

☼ despite being a genius stinks at many subjects

☼ not because he doesn’t understand them, oh no

☼ sometimes he mouths off

☼ sometimes he purposefully acts dumb

☼ sometimes he doesn’t study and fails

☼ most of the time he pranks teachers or pisses them off otherwise

☼ very talented wizard, though

☼ his best subjects are Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms

☼ his favourite subject used to be flying, though

☼ he finds Herbology utterly boring

☼ he is particularly bad at Care of Magical Creatures, because he smothers them too much

☼ known Metamorphmagus

☼ his Patronus is a cat as well

☼ Jumin hates that

☼ loves to turn himself into a girl and flirt with boys who don’t know

☼ constantly misuses his powers in general

☼ joins and gets kicked off the Quidditch team

☼ not because he is a bad player, but because he constantly breaks the rules and doesn’t show up to practice

☼ despite not playing, he collects brooms


☀ Slytherin

☀ also loves his house

☀ Half-blood

☀ did graduate early

☀ mostly because he couldn’t stand being around his own brother

☀ finds the idiot to be a disgrace and embarrassment

☀ for a while attempts to clean up after his brothers mess, only that their family name isn’t dirtied

☀ after that stops when he realized that him losing points is only good for Slytherin house

☀ professors love him because he is very obedient

☀ and doesn’t get caught when he does attempt something that isn’t allowed

☀ he is also both Prefect as well as Head Boy once Jumin is gone

☀ hides is ‘illegal’ activities behind those titles

☀ taught himself Dark Arts

☀ constantly reads things in the restricted section

☀ he is very talented at jinxes

☀ his favourite and best subject is Potions

☀ he doesn’t care for Astronomy

☀ which makes it his worst subject as well

☀ also known Metamorphmagus

☀ simply changes his eye and hair colour from time to time

☀ his Patronus is a unicorn

☀ Saeyound teases him mercilessly

☀ he won’t be laughing once his unicorn impales his brothers filthy cat

☀ joins the Quidditch team in second year

☀ makes a mighty fine Chaser


live blogging my reaction to everything that happens


•she has his jacket awh
•fuck you possums
•dead bodies hanging from a tree aight coo
•tiny alligator WAA.
•mountain of tiny alligators WAA.
•"old and grey like you" savage
•they killed her omg that’s dark
•damn commercials.
•young moon looks so much like star omg
•they’re so young and cute awh
•if i had just awoken after 300 years i, too, would immediately want candy
•apology meat pt. 2
•damn commercials.
•taco delivery bird.
•ludo’s reaction to the wand hand is how i handle every situation ever
•"so this is probably not one of my favorite things that’s happened to me" lol me
•"i hurt in places i didn’t know i had"
•glossaryk trying to roast the pudding but it keeps melting off is an excellent metaphor for my life
•he finally cooked it
•i get ludo’s supposed to be evil and all but sometimes i feel bad for the guy.
•damn commercials.
•ew back hair.
•for a second there i thought River missed his wife and then he goes and throws a party
•make that two parties
•river, stop being a dumbass.
•okay now he misses her.
•high key feel bad for the monster for walking all that way for nothing.
•damn commercials.
•shit this things 2 hours long.
•"ima snek" “lol fuk u snek”
•star you can’t just NOT HAVE A PLAN
•damn commercials.
•anyone notice the flags on the castle resemble toffees hand with the missing finger??
•marco, now is always the time for butter.
•ruberiot is my two favorite things. patrick stump. and svtfoe.
•the mime is an artistic genius.
•ruberiots voice is sex.
•*casually scratches armpit with foot*
•damn commercials.
•star possumfly
•stars voice coming out of ludo’s body is uncomfortabl
•damn commercials.
•"she’s gone" SHE CANT BE GONE
•moons eyes welling up with tears made my eyes well up with tears
•just kiss already jfc
•oh it’s over okay.
•i like the old ending theme song better.

"Eternity, I have waited"

Bucky x Reader

A lil’ Sneak Peek!

“So, we’re friends, right?” She asks again, this time her voice was timid as her hand came up to rest on his shoulder.

“M-Maybe.” He smiled, showing off the window in his mouth. The little boy had lost two of his front teeth in the same week. The girl giggles, covering her mouth.

“Okay, listen to me closely. Promise me, you will never tell anyone about me, that I’m your friend. Promise me, Bucky.” he wraps his pinky finger around hers, when she stuck it out for him.

Still grinning widely Bucky nods, his little brain not registering the fact that she just called him by his nickname when he hadn’t even told her anything about himself yet.

“But why?” he finds himself asking, as they start walking out of the park through the thick green bushes.

“Because, no will believe you if you tell them that you talk to a dead girl.”

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Any rainy day kiss headcanons or scenarios for our chocobros and their s/o's? :) thanks!

Yay, first request! I’m gonna do them as scenarios if that’s okay!


One thing you came to know about the prince–he loved to fish. At any time, in any weather. So when he decided to bring you to his favourite fishing spot one day, you were not surprised when it started to rain and he didn’t exactly rush to stop.

“Noctis!” you whined, unprepared for the rainy weather. “I’m getting soaked! Please hurry!”

Noctis was hastily packing up his fishing gear, as he was already soaked to the bone. Once he had everything, he grabbed your hand. 

“Quick, we can wait in here until the rain passes,” he said, bringing you into the abandoned cabin that had once been a small fishing store. Once you were inside, you had a full-body shiver. Noctis came closer. “Cold?”

You shivered again, your arms hugging yourself. “Yeah, a little.”

Noctis wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed a kiss to your lips, his tongue dipping into your mouth. You let out a bit of a squeak as the kiss deepened, and you looped your arms around his neck.

After a while, he pulled away. “How about now?


Prompto had taken you to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. The day started off great–the sun was shining, the sky seemed clear. He laced his fingers with your and excitedly brought you from one attraction to another. Around mid-afternoon, though, the sky started to get dark. You looked up and frowned at the heavy storm clouds that loomed overhead.

As soon as the first droplet hit Prompto’s nose, he immediately yelped. “My hair! We’ve gotta take cover!” He dramatically pulled on your arm and started running towards the closest cover, but the rain had already come down in droves, as if someone had dumped an entire bucket of water over the carnival. 

By the time you reached a covered bridge, Prompto’s hair was limp and he sported a disappointed pout. 

You giggled, stepping closer to him. “You still look cute, if that’s any consolation,” you grinned, giving him a peck on the cheek. He still pouted, so you showered his face with kisses until he became a giggling mess. 

He pulled you close and just as you were about to kiss him again, he shook his hair out like a wet dog, earning a scream from you. He laughed when you smacked his arm lightly, but then he kissed you again and you instantly forgot why you were mad in the first place.


You hadn’t expected so much rain on your weekend camping trip with Gladio, but there you were, trapped in the tent with your boyfriend, the zipper flap opened ever so slightly so you could see the droplets falling onto the stone landing outside.

It had rained for two days straight, and it was the evening of your last day at camp. You wished it had been more eventful, with more hikes and maybe even a hunt or two, but the rain had kept you at bay for most of the trip.

“Hey,” Gladio snapped you out of your thoughts. He was sitting back, one of the books he brought in hand. “C’mere.” 

He motioned for you to come sit in his lap, and you complied. You sat between his legs, your back pressed against his chest. He wrapped an arm around your middle and held his book in the other, and began to read aloud.

The baritone of his voice rumbled against your spine, causing heat to shoot up into the pit of your belly. You turned your head to look up at him. He stopped reading his passage and leaned down to kiss you. It was meant to be a chaste kiss, but once you tangled your hands in his hair, his book was abandoned and…well, let’s say the camping trip wasn’t a total loss after all.


On your first date with Ignis, he’d taken you to a quaint little cafe down the street from your apartment. It was one that you’d heard of, but never actually visited before. It served fancy coffees, fruit pastries and macarons. The two of you had been so deeply engaged in conversation that you barely noticed the rain coming down hard against the cafe’s window.

You looked outside and frowned, realizing that neither of you had brought an umbrella. “Not to worry,” he said, removing his suit jacket. “I’ll cover you.”

You protested, but he merely shook his head with a smile. Once you’d finally decided to brave going outside, he held his suit jacket over both of your heads (but mostly yours), and the two of you made a mad dash back to your apartment.

You hadn’t remembered the last time you’d laughed so hard from just running in the rain, but being with Ignis made your heart flutter. At your front step, he shook some of the rain water from his jacket and turned to you.

“I had a lovely time,” he said, taking one of your hands in his. “I’d like to see you again, sometime. Perhaps on not such a rainy occasion.”

You blushed. “I’d like that.” Ignis turned to leave, using his jacket to once again shield him from the rain. He’d made it down the first few steps when you called out his name to wait. He turned, and you stepped out of the cover of your front porch and kissed him, your hand coming up to stroke his jawline.

Once you finally pulled away, you saw how red his cheeks were. “You’re all wet,” he said finally.

You bit your lip. “Wanna come upstairs and dry off?”