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Christian gay pothead zombies sued for $104 million for hate speech stunt
The group handed out literature filled with graphic photos of emaciated AIDS patients and fake medical claims about the dangers of gay sex.

Last month a group of anti-LGBT activists infiltrated a Canadian pride parade by dressing as “gay pothead zombies”and distributed homophobic pamphlets disguised as condoms. The group registered under the fake name “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumer’s Association.” But the activists may soon need to catch a buzz to fend off a massive case of the blues. Former Deputy Premier George Smitherman and local business owner Christopher Hudspeth have filed a class-action lawsuit seeking $104 million in damages.

“As a long time gay activist I am outraged that a notorious homophobe infiltrated our pride parade in order to spread his lies and distribute his pamphlets,” Hudspeth told reporters at a news conference in Ottawa according to CP24-TV. “Pride needs to be a safe place for everyone. We put up with enough homophobic messaging every day. We deserve a homophobic free zone at our pride parade.”

Led by the notorious anti-LGBT activist Bill Whatcott, the group handed out literature filled with graphic photos of emaciated AIDSpatients and fake medical claims about the dangers of gay sex.

“If you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead,” Whatcott said after the publicity stunt. “But, give them some whackadoodle thing that looks like a condom and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had 3,000 out in 20 minutes.”

Whatcott pulled a similar stunt in 2014 at the Vancouver Pride paradewith the alias of Matthew Davidson with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He also organized a Heterosexual Pride Day parade in Regina in 2001, which was not renewed for subsequent years due to its focus on anti-gay sentiment. Hudspeth says the lawsuit will allow lawyers to find out who is actually supporting the activists anti-LGBT attacks. “There is no doubt in my mind that some fundamentalist group, either here or in the United States, is backing these activities. We need to smoke them out,” he said.

“We need to get right to the heart of the matter, which is the financial resources that allow for this disgraceful person to continue his act, which is hurtful to the thousands and thousands that it has impacted,” Smitherman added.

Whatcott can’t understand why he’s being sued instead of Black Lives Matters activists who protested at the parade.

“I just read the statement of claim. It seems to me the poor homosexuals are angry at God and the Gospel,” Whatcott said in a statement to Daily Xtra. They should have welcomed me in their parade as a much needed truth teller and indeed I was far less disruptive than BLM [Black Lives Matter]. Not sure why the homosexual activists aren’t suing them.”

rustyhealer  asked:

{{ Insult my muse. Make them cry. }} You're a HORRIBLE sire, Wheeljack. Your son is injured because of you, and your disability to handle the truth!

Insult my muse. Make them cry.

🔱|| Cyan optics widened as they began to gradually swarm with indignation; rage. The chief medical officer of the Autobots stationed on Earth, was not greatly known for his “overbearing” compassionate tendencies; Wheeljack knew that perhaps a little too well. The Wrecker could reluctantly admit that his ability to deal with various “truths” wasn’t always steadfast, but he’d never allow anyone the opportunity to make him appear lesser than he was.

“Ya’ wanna’ come over here and say that?”

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On The Strength Of Being Vulnerable
This for those who have been told they are resilient and are tired with strength being equated with stoicism.

It took a lot of nerve to delve a little deeper into my past like this, but I find this topic incredibly important. There is some strange notion that you cannot be resilient unless you appear to be made out of stone. Also, that you cannot be both vulnerable and strong. I say nay’ Here is my tale on juggling feeling every emotion on the spectrum and validating each and every one of them.
(I feel like @undiscoveredstory would appreciate this!)

Self promo.

                                         B  E I  N G   C U T E

                                            D O E S    N O T   

                                  M A K E  YO U   L E S S   F E R A L 

                                  I T  J U S T   M A K E   E N E M I E S 

                                       L O W   T H E I R     G U A R D 

anonymous asked:

Hey, for those of us who are a bit stupid and/or lazy, what ciphers did you use (besides morse code)? I've tried several and can't get anything legible out.

So where can I find some sort of cipher to translate your posts because I actually wanna be able to understand the stuff going on and actually read shit

You’re not stupid, Anon! And don’t worry, it’s mostly just been shitposting.

I used something called a keyword cipher.

Essentially, you take a word that has no repeated letters, stick it at the front of the English alphabet, and then continue as normal.

One of the morse code posts -I’m too lazy to link it- translated to ‘SOMBRA IS THE KEY’





I prefer using words that have a ‘z’ in them because then no letter is the same, but Sombra fit with the theme.

If you want to translate some posts but don’t want to do it by hand, you can use this! I can do it by hand, but it takes ages.

“Do You Hear the Ultrons Sing?“ 

Tony: I definitely don’t remember these being part of the Blasting Range. Must be a change Fury approved or something.

Steve: I think the robots are getting more out of hand and this isn’t helping.

 Tony: Oh, boy. What are they doing now?

Steve: They’re watching Disney movies and quoting lines while they work. At first it was cute, but they’ve been getting progressively more cryptic..

Ultron A: W H I S T L E  W H I L E  Y O U  W O R K… 

Ultron B: K E E P  M O V I N G  F O R W A R D…

Ultron C: T O  I N F I N I T Y  A N D  B E Y O N D!

Ultron D: B E  P R E P A R E D…

Ultron E: W H E N ‘S  I T   M Y  T U R N?

Ultron F: W E  T O Y S  C A N  S E E  E V E R Y T H I N G…

Ultron G: N O… S T R I N G S…

(Seriously guys. This is a tad messed up. These guys are at least partially sentient and we do this to them? At this point, I feel this scene from Toy Story exemplifies how the Ultron Revolution is going to go down: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gthEMHhS9zI )

anonymous asked:

R H O J K B N N M S P U K G Y V D F V O P E J K M V Y U O P F H K V B I Y W Q A S D X N B C B A E V Z B Q A Y P N F N L A S T U Q Z P N E Y W Q A D L S U O P Q A H H I P W U O P P Encuentra la palabra pizza ๐Ÿ• -๐Ÿ‡

Perder 20 minutos buscando la palabra y darte cuenta que no esta


“Seriously?” Victoria made a disguested face. “EWW! That’s gross!”

N o t    m y    f u c k i n ‘    f a u l t .   H a v e n ‘ t    d o n e     i t    i n   t h i r t y - s i x    y e a r s     a n d    I    a i n ‘ t     g o n n a    s t a r t    n o w .

anonymous asked:

The British government shouldn't have invited and asked for former common wealth workers, to join the UK, to help re build the UK after the war then. Your view isn't representative of the UK's, many native/ancestral Brits welcome and embrace multiculturalism, it's no wonder that so many have adopted cultures of immigrant/or ethnic minority Brits especially Caribbean/black music and pop culture influences

Repeat after me, kids: 

C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .

C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .
C U C K I N G  W I L L  S P A R E  M E  F R O M  T H E  S C I M I T A R .

“You have me. Until ever last star in the galaxy dies. You have me.”

C L O S E R || The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey)
R O M A N - H O L I D A Y || Halsey
F I R E - N - G O L D || Bea Miller
Y O U T H  || Troye Sivan
E A S Y - S I L E N C E || Dixie Chicks
G R A D E - 8 || Ed Sheeran
H E L P L E S S L Y || Tatiana Manaois
M E D I C I N E || The 1975
A - S K Y - F U L L - O F - S T A R S || Coldplay
T E E - S H I R T || Birdy
A N G E L S || The xx
M I R R O R S || Justin Timberlake
D U S T - T O - D U S T || The Civil Wars
C A N ‘ T - H E L P - F A L L I N G - I N - L O V E || Haley Reinhart
T H I S - L O V E || Ryan Adams
C A L L - Y O U - H O M E || Kelvin Jones
W H O - Y O U - L O V E || John Mayer ( feat. Katy Perry )
S W E A T E R - W E A T H E R || Sarah Close
F A L L I N G - I N - L O V E - A T - A - C O F F E E - S H O P || Landon Pigg
O N L Y - L O V E || Ben Howard

Listen [ HERE


N o ,     I    j u s t    l i k e    k i l l i n ‘ .   I t ‘ s    g r a t i f y i n ‘    b u t    t h e r e ‘ s    n o    t y p i n ‘    f o r    t h e    f o l k s    I    p i c k    o f f .” You answer, picking at your teeth as you lie in the shade. Brushing some of your hair back into the sand, you let your eyes close. It’s nice to listen to the rustle of the beech trees. 

Why are you even at the beach? You can’t remember.

It’s nice to feel the wind in your hair when you don’t have to keep your mind on the road.

It’s nice to remember that you exist off of the highways.

– « V I L L A I N » –

                   ❛ You know how  A M U S I N G  the stories are,
the ways that they  t h i n k  we survived–
          some of them even  e n d  in laughter an a  K I S S ,
                                    L I T T L E  F A N T A S Y  L O V E R S . ❜

               Sherlock remained on the other side of the glass  P R I S O N ,
Moriarty sat inside, their eyes hooked on one another’s, challenging the other
to the little dance they always  shared. It  was  a  d a n g e r o u s  game  they
loved to play, but Moriarty was the one person to keep  him  entertained,  the
one person who knew how to  P L E A S E  him.


VIOLA & ATTICUS ROWLE + Atlantis by Seafret ( feat. @atticus-rowle )

i t ’ s   a l l   b e c o m e   t o o   m u c h , 

          m a y b e   i ’ m   n o t   b u i l t   f o r   l o v e . 

                     i f   i   k n e w   t h a t   i   c o u l d   r e a c h   y o u ,   

                                                                                            i   w o u l d   g o …