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Hello, I've been having a rough time because my grandma died yesterday. And I was wondering if you could draw a comic of fem! America punching fem! England in the boob in the American Revolution attire?? It seems really funny and it would really really make my day. I love your art so much and I look forward to when you post! Keep doing what you're doing! The best of luck. 👏👏👏

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nyo!talia halloween costumes?

This was so cute to write! I only did the Allies, lemme know if you want the nyo!Axis!~ Admin Sarah

America: Rosie the Riveter
Stereotypical or not, Amelia would feel empowered to be the iconic Rosie the Riveter, and it would fit her personality very well. Loud, proud, in-charge and not afraid to kick someone’s ass.

England: Victorian Era Steampunk
Alice would love to rock a Steampunk dress, most likely one that resembles old Victorian Era fashion. A tight brown leather corset with a black fitted skirt; gears decorating her dress as well as her accessories. Her outfit would not be complete without a parasol that matched her outfit, and a top hat atop her head.

France: Audrey Hepburn

Francine is all about grace, style and beauty. With that being said, she would love to be seen as Audrey Hepburn. Though, Francine would keep true to herself. She would get the perfect dress, necklace, gloves and the perfect cigarette holder

Canada: Madeline

Madeline (Maddie) would be Madeline, and not for the name. Madeline is an iconic small book series that takes place in France. Madeline is a little girl that goes to a Catholic boarding school, and has a similar personality to our Maddie.

Russia: A Pinup Girl
Anya would love to be a pinup girl, especially because Anya is typically seen on the chubbier side, she would love to embrace her body with a confident outfit that would make her comfortable, confident and feel good about herself. Also, what’s more iconic than a pinup girl? Not much.

China: Chun Li (Street Fighter)
Chun-Yan would love the idea of dressing up as Chun Li. Not only does Chun Li’s style match her own, but Chun Li was also the first female fighter in the game Street Fighter, so in her eyes, that would make her pretty cool, at least in the video game world. Chun Li would also be one of the first characters Chun Yan would be able to compare herself to, giving her a boost of confidence as she puts the costume on.

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He can be a gentleman 


Oh yess~ There’s a few I wouldn’t mind~


There might possibly be one or a few others, but that is the one that is probably most prevalent…






I guess some are more manageable than others.