Don't install the newest Nvidia driver, it's breaking PCs
Everything from freezes to melted cards, Nvidia. If you’re an Nvidia graphics card user, you might want to hold off on installing the latest driver. The 364.47 driver was released yesterday, and is meant to include optimisations for The Division, Hitman, Need for Speed, Ashes of the...
By Joe Parlock

[EDIT] Hi, thanks for checking OP. This was relevant on March 8, 2016. Since then, Nvidia has released driver 364.51. Responses have been mixed from what I saw, but overall it seems to be a lot better than 364.47. Also, problems seem to be common among multi-monitor setups (explaining my crashes). However, everything I have said here all just came from general observations. Your mileage may vary from theirs. 

The more time passes, the less relevant this gets. If you’re still not sure, do some research, or stick to the safest driver until you plan on getting another AAA game (or until after a few weeks/months). Also, remember those links at the bottom; they’re a good place to go back to whenever you get a bad driver.

Point is, this is becoming more outdated as time goes. Take it with a grain of salt.

I’m actually on version 359.06 because their recent drivers have already been causing me trouble (Seriously, a blue screen in TF2?).

But for those of you who were fine up to now, here’s a warning.

If you find yourself downloading the 364.47 driver, you can always roll back by downloading previous drivers on Nvidia’s websites.




The Large Pixel Collider: The Most Redonkulous Gaming Rig Ever

The PC Master race just got another reason to be smug. From the twisted machinations of PC Gamer magazine (formerly the world’s premiere source of demo cds and demo cd based news) comes this mammoth machine that was created for the sole purpose of running and capturing high-end PC games at resolutions beyond 4K. The actual cost of the machine is almost a parody of PC gaming excesses. It has 4 Nvidia Titan graphics cards costing $1000 a pop and the 64 GB of onboard RAM alone is priced at over $3300. The whole rig needs a custom-built liquid cooling system, and will have an electricity bill equal to that of South Korea. What’s really impressive is, as is true of all high-end gaming PCs, it’s a great preview of what specs your phone will have in 20 years.

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Sorry for the geek moment :D…But I got a pleasant surprise in the mail today I got my new GTX 1060 6gb version video card. I wasn’t expecting it to arrive until early next week. It’s been difficult trying to find a decent one for a reasonable price but they either sell out quick or are overpriced. I was almost going to go team Red and go with an RX 480 but it seems I’m an Nvidia fanboy lol. I found this in good old newegg.com and with a coupon code I didn’t have to pay for tax so it was a great deal. It’s a nice upgrade from my old GTX 660TI. 

So time to play some warframe since it’s been more than a month since I’ve played anything in general :D. 


Made a video with for fun with my sister Mo at E3! :)